Dig Those Crazy Cats At The Cradle


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Scene Title Dig Those Crazy Cats at the Cradle
Synopsis Brynn checks in on Aunt Eve and fixes her cat problem.
Date March 2, 2018

Cat's Cradle

There’s silence for the most part this early afternoon, the sun is peeking out of dark, grey clouds. Cat’s Cradle is just opened but there aren’t any patrons, the bartender on schedule was out in the back but the owner, was in the front and she was not happy. Or..

“Noooo the wall is not a metaphor!”

Eve is standing at the side alley, one of the walls of Cat’s Cradle is located there and.. There were kids who had taken to graffiting.. A horse on the side of the wall, today in a deep red color on the brick wall. The seer has her hands on her hips, dressed in a pair of loose fitting pants and a long flowing dark blue shirt Eve is ready to get her hands dirty.

Someone’s gotta clean up this mess.

Brynn knows the Cat’s Cradle is opening soon, and she's curious to see what it's going to look like. After all, Aunt Eve is freaking weird and hysterical sometimes — it's well worth checking out. And some it's daytime, she doesn't have to drag Lance or Joe along (not that they ever feel dragged; it's far more likely she had to escape Joe’s watchful eye than anything).

As she rounds the corner near the place, Brynn's eye is drawn to the wall for two reasons: One, Eve is glaring at it like it's offended her somehow; and two, well… they weren't very talented graffiti artists, were they?

The deaf teen makes a point of snapping her fingers to get the precog’s attention and grins at her. No point in signing — Eve always seems to ignore it anyway!

“I told them to draw it in chalk.” Eve sounds exasperated and is again hands on hips until she hears a snap snap behind her and she whirls around. “Billy I told you to use ch- Ahh Brynn!” The woman’s eyes light up in excitement as she spots the girl and looks over at the wall and then Brynn again. “You wanna- Ah..” she takes a nearby paintbrush and dips it in the white paint she has. Help? Is written in small letters on the wall.

The older woman sighs, she loves Brynn but talking can be hard. She doesn’t know the sign language. But Brynn is cute! So so cute and precious, Eve often felt like Joe and Lance would influence the poor girl to color someone’s insides are something.

Light gray eyes stare into Brynn’s blue ones as Eve tilts her head and then thinks to add. Hungry? Cookies.

Eve loves to bake cookies.

Nodding enthusiastically, Brynn grins at the other woman. She's a teenager in a time of food shortage — she's ALWAYS hungry. Moving forward to the wall, she tilts her head and studies the mess. Then instead of bringing out one of the small notebooks she's always carried, she reaches out for the wall and writes on it with a fingertip in brilliant blue. Wow … is that supposed to be a giraffe? I would have thought you wanted cats, Aunt Eve.

It was supposed to be a HORSE. Don’t do drugs sweetie, these children running around must have took some acid. And Eve did not give it to them. She doesn’t dose kids, but adults? Fair game. You think you can make this pretty? It’s a simple question and a simple request for the girl. A breeze lifts up the loose strands of her dark hair in the wind.

Pursuing her lips and looking skeptical, Brynn studies the ‘horse.’ Tilting her head sideways, she sighs. Then she reaches up as high as she can and starts drawing with nothing but her fingertip. The outlines of the horse begin to straighten themselves out, smooth lines and graceful, realistic curves taking the place of whatever that stylized swath was supposed to be.

The outline takes her nearly ten minutes to complete, and her attention during that time is totally on the image in her own mind that is taking shape on Eve’s wall. Though she hasn't adjusted the colors themselves yet, the ‘sketch’ is complete when she steps back from it. Biting her lip, she turns to the older woman and signs, Good?

The querying expression that accompanies the sign should at least tell Eve that she's being asked if she likes it.

Originally Eve was going to ask for a flower or something to be replacing the not horse but.. Brynn is talented a fact that makes Eve proud. Of all the LHKs, it was a village effort making sure they honed their gifts, and their spirits. Her eyes are bright as she nods towards the girl, yes yes that's it.

The seer marvels at the younger woman's talent and she leans against the wall lighting a joint as she does so, smoking it. She blows smoke out of the corner of her mouth and as Brynn turns to look at her asking for her approval.

Eve hops up and down and claps her hands excitedly the joint hanging out from her mouth. “Magnificent!”

She hurries up to the wall and writes very small in the corner of it. Beautiful.

Eve holds up a finger as she rushes back into Cat’s Cradle’s main entrance. She's gone for a few minutes before running back out of the place with freshly baked cookies. Aunt Eve knew Brynn was gonna stop by. Almost let them burn.

Brynn studies the outlines of the horse while Eve runs back inside, pleased enough with it. But honestly? She hates it. So while Eve is gone, she instead just puts her hand on the brick, wipes the entire surface clean with barely a thought at all, and begins fresh. By the time Eve comes out, there’s a whole new image taking shape on the wall in brilliant shades of hot pink, yellow, and orange with black outlines. It’s a very bohemian sort of feel — and there’s the beginning of what looks to be a cat with shades on and a cradle-shaped something.

When the cookies arrive, the deaf girl stops what she’s doing and turns to take the plate, hungry and far happier with the image that is starting to form.

Aunt Eve stops as Brynn comes for the cookies her eyes on the latest artwork that Brynn is placing on her wall. “Oh..” a hand goes to her mouth in shock and she grins over at Brynn showing all teeth. “This is wonderful. This is amazing,” she laughs a little as she comes closer to the cat in the cradle and stomps her feet in excitement. Running to that corner of the wall she write messages in.


Aunt Eve believes in encouraging the kiddies, it's the best way.

Brynn munches on her cookies, watching curiously to see what Eve writes. But the huge grin really tells her all she needs to know about the fact that the precog likes what she’s doing. Setting her plate down, she uses her ability to scrawl with her left hand on the wall next to Eve’s writing. You like this one better? When you said the place was ‘Cat’s Cradle,’ I couldn’t help but think of this. You know, that sort of ultra-cool guy in the pointy black beard with the crazy shades? The kind that reads creepy poetry in those old books? She grins around the cookie and helps herself to another. She’s not worried about the words on the wall — she’ll just color over them.

Ooh! And then another thought hits her and she shovels the second cookie into her mouth whole. Racing over, she scrawls on the wall, Do you want him to have a whole band of little cool cats, like playing cellos and stuff?? Like jazzy stuff??

Ahh ahhh I love that idea. Yes please, I'll send you home with a batch of cookies. Share with the boys if you like, you earned these!

Eve grins widely and takes a cookie for herself, munching on it as she watches the girl work and she puffs on her joint. She leans against the wall and watches Brynn with delight. She's not even thinking about the whispers. Not even thinking about anything of her visions.

Content with the art and young companion.

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