Diner Violence
Date September 15, 2010
Relevant Logs Not On The Menu

Around 7 o'clock on September 15, several customers of The Nite Owl diner had a very unexpected evening. Almost everyone in the diner suffered from delusions and severe paranoia of some sort, intense enough that it resulted in one person being stabbed with a dinner knife, while two others appear to have been shocked from an unknown electrical source. Luckily, none of the injuries was life threatening.

The waitress, who wishes to remain anonymous, stated that she was taking orders when she was simply overcome with an intense fear of one of her customers, for no reason that she can name. The cook corroborates her story, stating that just a minute later, the customers were shouting and screaming at one another, and violence broke out.

Due to the nature of the incident, along with the suddenness, an Evolved is suspected to be responsible, though, at the moment, there are no suspects.

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