Dinner And A Movie


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Scene Title Dinner and a Movie
Synopsis After a crappy week that includes screwing up a hostage situation and arresting a guy she got reamed for arresting, dinner in and a DVD sounds like heaven.
Date March 6, 2009

Elisabeth's Apartment

Alec sips from the Chateau Monteleve Chardoney he bought for the evening, grinning a bit as he watches Liz eat the veal parmasean he spent the last hour and a half perfecting. "So…?" he asks for the fourth or fifth time, seemingly never tiring of getting her opinion on the food. The greek salad that came before was easy enough to make, but looked and tasted impressive, the Italian dish that is the main course is excellent, and he ran all the way to his place to get a wee blowtorch just so he could make the creme brule properly for dessert. He's full service.

Whatever it was that caused her to be a bit late getting home was obviously more than a little upsetting. She hid it reasonably well, merely sitting and enjoying his company, watching him work in her kitchen with shuttered eyes. By the time dinner was done, however, she'd relaxed enough to have put it behind her, it seems. She smiles at him around another bite, swallowing before answering, "I already told you it was wonderful, tasty, and magnificent. I don't think I can come up with anything better than 'delicious' this time. And fililng," she admits, setting her fork down. "I don't think I can eat any more."

Alec makes a pouty face at her, "But I made dessert!" he appears distressed.

Elisabeth grins. "Well, now, what woman in her right mind turns down dessert," she admits. "Bring it on!" She sips from her wine glass, settling back in her chair to give dinner a few moments to digest. "Did you do anything interesting today? New, exciting microfractures anywhere?"

Alec snorts, "I had to glad hand a Chinese investor that's worried about the money the company is sinking into this project and then I spend the entire rest of the day, doing my damned job, which is working the bridge project. I almost killed a man with a jack hammer though. Even I have my limits when it comes to stupidity and I work with construction crews." he stands to go fetch the yummy sugar coma that awaits her.

Both eyebrows shoot up. "Do I dare ask was the jerk with a jackhammer did wrong?" Liz asks mildly.

Alec smirks, "He said we shouldn't worry about the fractures, that it's more important he has a quick way outa town for when his mother in law visits. Luckily I didn't reach for the jack hammer. I just fired him. Seemed to sober everyone else up and get them back to work in a hurry. One good thing about a down economy, everyone's willing to work harder."

Elisabeth jerks her head around to look at him in surprise. He fired him for making a joke? He's clearly a good bit more stressed than he appears if that's the case. "Working harder's not a bad thing," she replies, careful not to criticize how he does his job. That's not her place. "How bad are the fractures out there? Anything salvagable about the support pilings?"

Alec sighs, "Most of them are surprisingly sturdy, but a couple will have to be reinforced, at least one replaced entirely." he shakes his head, "I can't begin to explain to you how tired I am of people telling me to 'hurry up', as if I could make concrete dry faster and the work progress with greater haste. One more person tells me not to worry about the supports, we'll fix them later, I /am/ going to reach for a jack hammer."

"I'm not an engineer — not even a science-type girl — and even I know that's ridiculous. If the supports aren't stable, the bridge doesn't survive. And maybe kills hundreds of people when it collapses during rush hour. And who takes the blame? You, not the people bugging the shit out of you," she says with some sympathy. "I'm sorry, Alec." She's totally sincere in that.

Alec shrugs, "It's okay. Same song and dance as always, only this is New York, so there's more preassure to do it faster and with less then I should. Luckily I have a fun and wholesome way to relieve my stress. Smile Detective Harrison, your efforts to keep me level headed and calm in the face of great adversity serve your city well and may in fact save lives." the last sentence is put out there in his best 'announcer' voice.

Alec, of course, means the copious amounts of sex.

Elisabeth waggles her brows and grins wickedly. "Glad to do my civic duty," she comments on a laugh. "So what're we watching for movies tonight?

Alec chuckles, "I brought Breakfast at Tiffany's. To girly?" he asks with a minor wince. "Don't take my man card, I promise to belch or something later to make up for it."

The 'aw!' expression crosses her face. "Nice," Elisabeth grins at him. "C'mon, bring the sugar coma with you," she says, reaching to carry both of their wineglasses into the living room. "We can eat dessert and watch at the same time."

Alec makes a happy sound, "Woman, if you keep this up I might just be forced to move in here with you." he teases, packing away food which should give her plenty of time to set up the DVD stuff.

"Pffft!" Elisabeth comments easily. "Forget it. I don't share my apartment. Takes away all the mystery when a guy watches you wash out your undies in the sink and stuff." She grins in his direction, setting up the DVD player, bringing the wine bottle in to finish it off refilling the glasses, and generally getting things ready for movie-time.

Alec comes out with snackies and grins at her, "Funny. I thought the mystery was all about shot after the third time I had you naked and collapsed on… Huh. The third time, what were you on? The couch or the table over there? I forget things easily." he grins impishly, proof that he's forgotten nothing. He flops down and hands her her creme brule with a spoon and wiggles to get comfy.

Rolling her eyes at him, Liz settles in next to him and takes her dessert and spoon as she curls her feet under her. "The mystery is never quite shot — a woman's life is a deep ocean of secrets. Where George gets hidden when company comes over, for example, and whether I use tampons or pads on a regular basis,…. you know, all those things men don't want to know about a woman's life." She grins impishly at him.

Alec doesn't even bat an eye, "Tampons. You left the box out by the toilet the first night I was here." he says this with a straight face. "And you hide George in a box under the bed." even if they were guesses, statistically they're likely to be right, or at least close. He makes an exagerated 'SHHHH!' noise at her and points as the credits start for the film.

Elisabeth just laughs. Even when she tries to scare him off a little, he just bats it back into her court. She nibbles at the sweet confection in her bowl while the movie starts, feeling more than a little guilty that he's becoming a friend the way he is. In truth, he makes her miss Norton—like the officer, he's easy to be around and he makes her laugh and feel at ease about herself and her life in general. That thought brings with it the concern about the upcoming raid, and the hope that Abby and Norton are going to come out of there in one piece — Deckard's minus an eye, what damage are the others going to come out with? But she forces all that to the back of her mind — there is nothing she can do until Wednesday. When she's finished with her dessert, she sets the bowl down and takes up her wine glass, setting her head on Alec's shoulder while she tries to concentrate on the movie.

Alec's arm slips around her comfortably, making a better place for her head. He tugs her in against him lightly, the move seeming more automatic then forceful, the sort of motion that just invites cuddling without being demanding about it. He grins a bit as he licks his spoon and the movie starts in force, Holly Go Lightly does what she does best.

Watching Audrey Hepburn be the flighty, half-crazy Holly Golightly makes Elisabeth smirk. "She's a twit," she comments mildly. "I always thought so. No one's that innocent, even in 1961."

Alec grins a bit, "Eh go easy on the doll, she's cute… in that 'lock her up in a kennel' kinda way." His fingers toy with her hair automatically, twining a little bit through them without thinking.

Elisabeth giggles softly. "Oh, she's funny and cute and quirky enough." She doesn't move from her spot, telling him the same thing she told Norton when they watched the movie. "She's just a complete ditz. If you're gonna hook up with criminals, it's always better to know what you're getting into. Assume they want to use you for something and choose whether you're willing to do it — if you are, then you go into it with full knowledge that you might go to jail for it if you get nabbed and you work a little harder not to get nabbed. But hey, it was 1960."

Alec chuckles softly at the pure irony of it all, "Come now. You know as well as I, no one hooks up with criminals anymore, not like this anyway. Now it's all drugs and ponzy schemes on Wall St. Or so says the news."

Elisabeth glances at him and just smiles, one of those easy expressions of honest amusement. "Tell it to the informants that I work with," she replies mildly. Yeah… if he only knew.

Alec nods his head, "Touche." He smirks a bit and draws her in closer and kisses the top of her head fondly before grinning, "We should shut up now, there is a film on." he smirks and turns back to the TV, showing every sign of being as comfortable as a human being can be.

Elisabeth settles back in with him and watches the rest of the movie, her thoughts somewhat dark and amused by the previous topic of conversation. Hepburn does manage, however, to keep her chuckling the rest of the movie, and truth be told, by the end of it, she's drowsing lightly against his shoulder. Been a long month or so.

Alec glances at Liz as the end credits roll, and he smiles a bit. "Come on you. Lets get to bed." He reaches carfully for the remote and clicks off the TV before eyeing her again. He doesn't think she's out of it enough to justify carrying her, so he speaks again, "Up and at 'em soldier, there are soft sheets that call."

With a mild grumble, the blonde rouses herself and smiles. "You sticking tonight, or heading home?"

Alec grins a bit, "I think I'll stick around." he yawns a bit, "We'll just have to save the fun stuff for the morning. I'm beat." he noses at the side of her neck and lays another kiss there, "If you don't mind."

Elisabeth shakes her head slightly. "Not a bit," she replies mildly. "I'm up early tomorrow for work, so if you wind up not able to sleep, just wake me before you go … I like to at least say goodbye," she adds with a smile. Sleep! Sleep is good.

Alec grins a bit and helps her to her feet easily and nods, leading the way to her bedroom by walking backwards, and tugging her along playfully by the fingertips. Once there it's a short trip to the bed and a tossled pile of mixed clothing near the door. His arms slide around her and he lazily cozies up against her, "Wouldn't dream of doing otherwise." he murmurs, finally managing to come up with something to say to her demand of minutes past.

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