Direct And To The Point


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Scene Title Direct And To The Point
Synopsis Barbara puts out a word for help from a technopath on the matter of a few interesting pieces of technology.
Date December 4, 2010

Pollepel Island

It can never cease to be amazing, the interesting types of technology that some people manage to come up with, and that’s all Barbara Zimmerman has been able to think about since the new delivery of handy tech was brought to her and Lynette by Ygraine. Granted, the flashlight radios and the crank powered battery backup had been a rather mundane ordeal, they were going to be quite useful and welcome once they got put to use, since they had been cleared by Raith.

But it was the third, most unusual piece of technology that had caught Barbara’s attention the most. A pair of small, rectangular laptops that would seem rather inconspicuous at first glance, and thus rather useless on Pollepel Island, given the lack of spare power reserves and the ban on any items with connectivity of any sort. But it only took a quick glance to reveal that these were of an odd sort of design — crank-powered laptops, rather low powered devices that could serve many basic needs and run on low power, all kept going with a little manual power every so often.

Despite claims to have been ripped of their wireless adapters, Raith had proven understandably unsure of handing out the devices for wider use among the Ferry without giving them a proper check-up – to be sure. And it was to this end that Barbara had put out word that she was looking for a certain technopath, the only one she was aware of in the Ferry, at least in the available area. Though she continues about with her tasks, she waits, with the hopes that she won’t be left in such a state for too terribly long.

It’s later that she finds herself bored and sitting up on an unrestored part of the castle wall, a bag with both powered-off laptops sitting at the foot of her perch, the triplet bouncing a tennis ball off the wall and floor in front of her. She’s not intentionally waiting for anyone, not this time. Simply taking a few bored moments to relax, and maybe hoping one of the several people she seeks today will find her.

Or at least come walking by when she wishes for it to happen. She seems to have a knack for that mixture of good luck and good timing.

Which is when the living exception to Pollepel's technology ban happens across the lurking redhead.

The first announcement of Hana's presence is the sound of footsteps on concrete, the heavy boots she prefers because they weather all conditions well. Her appearance is as typically prosaic as the devices already cleared — unrelieved black, leather and denim, practical garments that have seen as much use and abuse as her shoes. Dark eyes follow the tennis ball's bounce, then flick briefly to the woman it bounces from before assessing the bag at her side. Right now, of course, its contents are quiescent, contributing nothing to the incessant sea of input the technopath wades through. For the moment.

"What is it you want me to look at?" is as direct-to-the-point as ever, spoken when Hana pauses a short distance away from Barbara.

The footsteps, Barbara had heard well enough. It’s someone addressing her that, so mindlessly caught up in bouncing her ball as she is, causes her to look over with a bit of a start, the ball sailing past her hand and over out of view. Oops! She’ll have to go looking for that in a bit, it would seem.

Fingers flex a moment, before the redheaded triplet hops down from her perch. Direct and to the point is appreciated, but Barbara has such a habit of making with pleasantries. “Aha! I guess my message got passed on well enough then? Good, good.” A smile is given, and a hand extended. “I don’t believe we’ve met, I’ve only heard of you from others. Barbara Simms.”

But, then, straight to the point. She doesn’t wait for Hana to shake her hand if she chooses to, instead half turning and pointing at the bag with the other. “One of out operatives brought in some technology that could be put to very good use around here the other day. Some radio flashlights, a crank charging power supply. But she brought some… odder things with her. Laptop computers, of a sort. Low power used, charged by crank turning. Originally with wireless capabilities, but it was claimed that the adapters had been removed before they were brought over.” She grins a bit, looking back at Hana. “But Raith wanted a technopath to look over them. Make sure.”

Since Barbara doesn't wait on the handshake, but is pointing at the bag as abruptly as she was extending her hand in the first place, Hana doesn't pay the polite gesture much mind. "OLPC machines," she supplies, as if that were an answer to an unasked question. "She didn't bring specs to go with them?" the technopath continues, in the tone of one making a mental note. "There are other charging options, too.

"If she brought the equipment for them," is always a consideration. Hana gives the indicated bag a dispassionate glance, then looks back to Barbara. "What am I making sure of?"

“Raith wants to be absolutely sure that the devices hold absolutely no connectivity before they’re put to use,” Barbara replies in a very matter-of-fact manner, crossing her arms as she looks at Hana. “He suggested a technopath look them over for that. I know I don’t know how to check that. And no specs, no. None that I saw or heard.” An eyebrow is quirked, though, curiosity piqued. “I wasn’t aware there were other options. I’ve never even heard of these things. I thought the cranks were pretty ingenious myself, given the lack of available power here. Is there a better alternative we can look into getting?”

“There’s a solar-powered charger and a pull-string generator,” Hana replies absently. "As well as a battery pack that can be charged from wall outlets, but that's less relevant." She steps over to pick up the bag, looking back at Barbara. "I'll give them a look-over. Do you want them back after, or delivered to Raith?" Since he has a demonstrated interest in the technopath's findings.

The weight of the bag isn't much; Hana balances it in the crook of her arm. "I'll get a hardcopy or two of their particulars, while I'm at it."

“I was hoping to get them back if at all possible,” Barbara replies, glancing down at the bag with a frown. “Nothing’s been determined as to what could be done with them. One was suggested to go to the Lighthouse kids while they’re here, for lessons or whatever use they may be put to.” She gives a bit of shallow shrug, looking back up at Hana. “Solar powered chargers certainly sound very handy. Ygraine said she got them on eBay, so it may not have even been an option. But, that sounds a rather bit better than constantly cranking, so I’ll see if I can talk to someone who’s headed back to the mainland about acquiring them somehow.”

Hana inclines her head. "I'll bring them back in the morning," she replies. "That'll give me time to check over the OS and drive, also. Which, if they're truly wireless-incapable, I can't do here." Not without breaking the no-communications ban more severely than she does by just breathing island air. She takes a step away, then glances back at Barbara. "Is there anything else?"

Barbara leans back on her back foot, a thoughtful expression on her face as she tries to remember if she had anything else to address with Hana at the moment. “Not.. that I can think of at the moment, unfortunately. Not unless you have any information on Catherine Chesterfield’s whereabouts. I’ve been hoping she’d pop up, there were a few things I wanted to ask her about.” She flexes stiff fingers again, trying to get blood running to them better in the cold air.

“By the same token, if there’s anything you need, let me know, I’ll see what I can do.” Deciding that that method of warmth isn’t working, Barbara instead shoves hands into her sweatshirt. “Otherwise I look forward to hearing about how usable those are. If they’re good to go, I’m sure they’ll be greatly appreciated.”

“I’ll see if I can pass the message along,” Hana replies, which isn’t exactly an admission of known whereabouts. A nod notes the pledged token of return favor, and also the redhead’s final remarks. Then Hana retreats from the wall with no more accompaniment than the receding sound of footsteps, leaving Barbara to search for her tennis ball — or a source of heat.

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