Disappearing Moments


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Scene Title Disappearing Moments
Synopsis Abby and Tess discuss photography, eye candy and Cajuns.
Date October 26, 2010

Upper East side

There's a red couch on the side of the street, moving vans parked and people coming and going from them in the jump suits and back braces that many a person who hauls around furniture for a living tends to wear.

On The red couch this afternoon though, is a blonde with her feet up, jeans, cotton shirt, boots and watching the people come and go. A pink box filled with pastries, tarts and other goodies on the other end of the couch. One could quite possibly think she's enjoying the few of the workers - more than a few are or could be considered eye candy - and is taking an opportunity. Or she's just supervising. Who knows! People come and go, walk past the more upscale neighbourhood, of which backwoods barbie, doesn't quite look like she belongs.

Some people like to sit on couches on the sidewalk oogling men. Some like to run through the city, using any and every surface as a potential something to jump or run on. Tess is in the latter category, jogging down the sidewalk, vaulting over a fire hydrant here, swinging on a pole there, and just generally having fun, it seems.

She slows a bit when she catches sight, not of the vans or woman, but the men. It's enough to allow her to get a camera out of her backpack, then she slows even more, snapping shots of the men with a grin on her lips.

'The really tall one, his name is Cliff" Abigail offers, when she see's Tess breaking out a pretty decent camera and snapping off pictures. "Careful of Duke though, he's not gonna like anyone taking pictures." It's a friendly warming, Abby making space on the couch for the parkour girl to take a seat if she wants. "They're moving people up into the Condo's there. IF you wait maaaaybe, four more minutes, You'll see John. You'll want to take a picture of John"

"No one likes a stranger takin' pictures," Tess says without yet lowering the camera, though she seems entirely unconcerned about that fact. At least no one here will try to punch her for it. Probably. "Don't care about their names either. I just wanna look at 'em. Maybe see if they're as tasty as they look. Prolly not. The cuter they are, the more selfish they are, usually."

'What are you going to do with them? Are you a trying to become a photojournalist or an artist and putting together a show on something? I saw you out at Cony island. You took a picture of Delia and myself" Well almost, Abby's hair got captured. She glances over towards the movers who are carting a matching loveseat to what she's sitting on and then some of Caliban's stuff.

Tess glances over, studies Abby's face for a moment then shakes her head and her own face disappears behind the camera again. "I don't have any pictures of you. I'd remember. I remember all the pictures I take. I took pictures of Delia though. And some girl's hair. Guess that might be you. And while I wanna be a professional photographer, I just take pictures 'cause I like takin' pictures."

"Can I see some?" Abigail shifts on the couch, watching as Tess carries on taking pictures. "I mean, you know, the ones on your camera. I doubt you carry pictures around with you. I think photography is a nice thing to do. You can capture so many moments in time that would just… disappear"

The strap of the camera is hooked around Tess's wrist, and she swings the backpack she wears around so she can unzip it. A small photo album is tugged out and tossed to Abby. "I always carry some pictures around. And since someone snagged my camera, took the memory card out of it, and deleted some pictures, I don't let anyone mess with my camera. Sorry," she says with a shrug.

She has to put down the croissant, to catch the book, but she does, careful not to drop it. 'Take a seat, if you like. It's my couch. I think it's going to go in the spare room or maybe I'll give it away, I haven't decided yet. It doesn't match my husbands. Help yourself to a pastry too, if'n you like. When did you come to new York?" Their accents distanced apart by an hour, both from the south. "I only know two others that ever sounds like they had sucked up New Orleans and was letting it drip out with every word."

She carefully pries open the book, careful with the pages, letting her gaze drop to each picture and study them, making room for Tess on the couch if she wants to sit down. "Oh!" A gesture to the picture with Delia. "Yup, that's me. Sorry. At least you got my hair good"

"Nah, if I sit down my muscles'll tighten up and it'll make runnin' harder when I'm ready to go," Tess says, shaking her head. "And came here to meet my dad. He's the only other person in the city I've met who sounds like me, so you may have met him. Name's Kain Zarek," she says, again lifting the camera, snapping a shot, then glancing over to see the picture Abby's looking at. "Ah, I'll label it right then. What's your name?"

"There's a thief running around too, her names Lola but she talks a little different, you and your…" hey wait a minute. Say what again. She stops flipping the pages, looking at Tess. "Kain Zarek, desperate need of a shave, works for the Linderman Group, can often be found with a couple ladies on his arm and giving everyone nicknames? That Kain Zarek?"

"Only met him twice, and he never had a lady on his arm. Shave, check. Linderman, check. That's my dad," Tess verifies with a nod. "Don't bother not believin' it. He did that enough for the whole damn city. Trust me, he's my dad. Banged mom, knocked her up, the whole nine."

had him at the business end of a shotgun the first time I met him. He likes the ladies" She doesn't state whether she believes him, but the same bravado is there. The photograph album is handed back with both hands supporting it. "Abigail Beauchamp. My husband works with your Dah. Robert Caliban. There's some really beautiful pictures in there. Would you object if I hired you to take some pictures for me? I don't know what you'd want for it, but I got a new place that opened up, business, and I could use some pictures of some of the stuff we make, for the walls, or publicity"

The album is taken, tucked away, and Tess shrugs. "I can't take any pictures for cash 'til I get somethin' better'n this old Kodak. It works for me, but it's not up for professional shots yet. Savin' up to get a nice one. Now why'd you have my dad at gunpoint? Not that I don't appreciate the sentiment, since last time I saw him I punched him, but he is still my dad."

'He was giving some folks I know, some guns. Heavens.. two years ago? Something like that. I didn't have no shells in the shotgun, but he didn't know it. Just called me buckshot barbie and a taste of home. I've run into him a few times since, your Dah's…" Well, he's something, Abby doesn't know how to categorize him in truth. "So just candids then. Sure you still won't take some money to hang about, eat some cake and then just take pictures of folks in my shop?"

"Didn't say I wouldn't take shots, just that I needed a better camera. But the place I'm workin', I make pretty good tips. Shouldn't be long. Got a card with a number on it or somethin' I can have?" Tess asks.

"I should, gimme a sec" Her purse is by her feet, and she's lifting it, digging around for it, then digging around in it till one of the many that was done up for the customers who come in in the morning and want to make large orders have a number to call. It's passed over to Tess with little production and fanfare. "Here you go"

The card is taken and Tess studies it for a moment before nodding and sliding it into her backpack. "I'll give ya a call soon as I get that camera. We can figure out what sorta shots you want. Just customers, place without customers, the food, whatever."

"Probably a little of all" Abigail confesses, looking over when one of the moving men starts to amble over. "We need you upstairs Ma'am, to show us where to put stuff, if you're able to" Abigail offers the mana smile, peeling herself off her couch, gathering up the box of pastries. "Sure Duane. It was nice to meet you Tess" Abby offers, scooping up her purse. "Hope things go well with you and your Dah" Others are coming over to deal with the couch she was on.

"Oh, they will. One way or another," Tess says with a grin. "Later Abigail," she says, putting her camera in her backpack, then she's taking off, starting with an easy job, and quickening her pace just a few strides later. Then…she's off! To jump around the city.

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