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Scene Title Disassemble
Synopsis FDr.Gregor's plans for Claire Bennet are like something out of a terrible movie, and the more horrifying revelation has yet to even come…
Date December 14, 2009

Muspelheim Bunker

Antananarivo, Madagascar

Fluorescent lights have a distinctive hum. It's a sound that is tell-tale of their activation, along with the ping-ting noise when electricity first runs through them, before they achieve full illumination. It's that very sound, along with a colorless glow that bleaches color out of everything, that is the rousing from slumber that Candace Allard suffers. Something is wrong, and that much she can immediately tell after waking up.

She's bleary, bleary and groggy like someone waking up from sedation. Her arms and legs are restrained, lights too bright to focus on shine down from overhead in a ring of seven bulbs ina moving lamp. She's strapped down to something; a table. "Blood pressure is— is 140 over 90 and rising…" A voice, stuttering, speaks calmly and quiretly, mixed with the sound of clattering metal. As Candy's vision comes into focus, she can see Claire next to her on another table, skin on one of her arms missing and slowly growing back, blood sucking back into vein as they are restored.

Candy feels nothing, and that's perhaps worse.

The skin on one of her arms has been peeled back and away, but she's so doped up she can't feel it, just numbness and a euphoric tingle. A man in surgical clothing stands over her, a mask of white cloth covering his face, blonde hair parted in the middle, and a length of Claire's skin being laid down over the missing skin on her bicep. "Marvelous…" the doctor mutters, and horror begins to set in as Candy watches bloody flesh begin to sew itself onto her arm. Claire's skin is fusing with her own.

"Simply marvelous… it's not rejecting it at all." Blue eyes from the doctor look back at Claire, half-awake and drowsy from the drug she was given. Both women were taken from their cells in the middle of the night, drugged and bound to these tables like lab rats. This is a familiar place to Claire, this dirty concrete laboratory — it is Doctor Gregor's lab.

"You, my dear, are a wonder of science."

Candy would shudder, if she could manage to move with all the deadened nerves in her system, her eyes wide with panic as she looks at her own arm and what the man has done with it. Her eyes closing immediately, before the hydrokinetic opens them again, and her eyes move around trying to get stock of the room they are in, and any other damage that the man has tried to do to her beautiful body. She shudders as she looks back at Claire's skin fuses with her arm, covering the exposed muscle and viens that throb at the surface, wishing she could take her eyes away from the train wreck in front of her. The thought idly going through her half-drugged mind, does this make her and Claire blood-sisters or something?

Even if she is a bit groggy, Claire squints in Candy's direction forcing her eyes to focus on what's happening. Even for the regenerator herself she is fascinated by the process, up until now she's never seen things happen beyond her own healing.

When it's done, Claire's head drops to the table again with a thunk as if the weight got to be too much under the drug. "Glad to hear." The sarcasm thick in her voice. She hasn't screamed, cried or anything at what he's done, she's done it enough to herself.

"This…" Squinting, Gregor stops in mid sentence as he looks down at Candy, noticing she's awake. "…is apparently what I get for using second-rate anesthetics." There's a feigned smile across the doctor's face as he shakes his bloody hands, spraying the floor beneath himself before turning slowly, pulling off his rubber gloves. "If you two ladies will excuse me, I'm going to go get something better with which to keep you both sedated. After all— " he looks over his hsoulder to Candy, "you won't want to be awake for this next part."

As Gregor throws the bloody surgical gloves down on a table haphazardly and begins to move past the foot of their tables, he turns to address someone neither of the experimented upon young woman could see. "You don't touch anything while I'm gone or you'll end up with the thers." A finger is pointed towards one shelf, followed by a guttural noise, the kind of sound a woeful gorilla might make. There's another wag of Gregor's finger, and the doctor moves towards a set of concrete stairs through an arched doorway.

As Gregor departs, there's the sound of bare feet on the concrete floor, and something comes lumbering out from behind one of the many rows of shelves on the periphery of the dirty old lab. Candy recognizes him, but his bald and loping frame is far less familiar to Claire. He looks like a wrinkled old man that moves with the mannerisms of an orangutang and has all of the awkward grace of a child. "Pur-ty ladies…" He murmurs one way around the foot of Claire's bed, large and dark eyes wide as he looks from one young woman to the next. "Six— Six beh good. No break…" His eyes warily flash to where Gregor had gone, and then back.

Despite this creature's seemingly docile nature, he evokes a sense of unexplained nausea, like both Claire and Candy's stomachs were being twisted into knots on an amusement park ride. It's not from his appearance, he isn't that freakish looking, it's something else.

Candy shudders as she sees the thing come in, she knows what it can do, and that alone is enough to twist her stomach into even more knots. Her eyes regarding it warily as she closes her eyes. Please let the doctor have enough control that it doesn't start 'breaking' the two women on the tables. Her eyes going over to Claire, trying to impart how… bad being left alone with this thing really is. She can't tell her with teh gag in her mouth, though she has even more worries as to wait the doctor wants to do to her this time.

"Six?" The blonde asks, her words slurred and a bit gravelly from being sedated. It takes time to form a coherent thought and get it out of her mouth. "Is that your name?" Blue eyes work hard to focus on the weird bald man. Swallowing back the bile that threatens to rise, Claire offers a small smile to the man, her head rolling a little on the table. What was it her mom would say.. Catch more flies with honey? "You don't seem too bad." Of course, Claire hasn't seen what he can do either.

"S— Six not bad." Ducking his head down, the grumbling old orangutang of a man levels hid ark eyes at Claire, as if only partially understanding what she was trying to convey. "Six— Six trusts." Moving on his knuckles, the large man lopes around the table Claire's at, but looks across her to Candy. His eyes settle on that gag across her mouth, ducking under Claire's table, thumping at the underside like an over-large dog at the dinner table, then comes up to Candy's examination table and looks at her. Brows furrowed, Six does exactly what he was told not to do, and grabs at the straps at the side of Candy's mouth, unhooking the leather-strap gag that kept her silent.

"S— six helpful. Old lady say Six come talk to you." There's a slow nod of the beast-man's head, jutting lower teeth gnashing against upper ones before he looks squarely over his shoulder at Claire. "She say I come talk, so Six talk. Old lady nice."

Candy coughs faintly as the gag is removed, managing not to start screaming about seeing her own muscle and veins. It can be unsettling for those not used to seeing it, unlike certain suicidal regenerators. She eyes Six warily, cautious like one might be of a guard dog. Sure, the owner said not to attack, but…

Shaking her head a little, she just decides to ask, "Why are you called Six?"

"No.. Not bad. Sorry. Six is good I'm sure. She can't help her amusement at Six's klutzy actions, Claire's head rolling from one side of the table to watch him come up on her other side. Old lady? She asks curiously, brows dropping a bit curiously. What did she want you to talk to us about Six?

Her eyes slide past the older ape like man to Candy, much like her, Claire is worried about him turning on the Asian.. the ex-cheerleader can handle the damage.

"No.. Not bad. Sorry. Six is good I'm sure." She can't help her amusement at Six's klutzy actions, Claire's head rolling from one side of the table to watch him come up on her other side. "Old lady?" She asks curiously, brows dropping a bit curiously. "What did she want you to talk to us about Six?"

Her eyes slide past the older ape like man to Candy, much like her, Claire is worried about him turning on the Asian.. the ex-cheerleader can handle the damage.

Why is the sky blue? Where does candy come from? Six regards the question of his identity with furrowed brows and a look of puzzlement from the woman. He takes an unsteady step back, hunching down on the ground in a way that looks more out of laziness than anything. "Six is… Six is Six." He doesn't seem to entirely understand the question, though, the notion seems to settle in that overly large head of his with some measure of uncertainty.

A wrinkled hand moves to run over the top of his smooth head, dark eyes laid out towards Candy as Six's jaw works from side to side. "Six is sixth," he adds, and that in a way is starting to be a clarification. "Last of Doctor's children." There's a nod of his head, and Six rises up to almost his full height, ambling over towards where Claire lays, looking down at her arm.

It's the question Claire had asked that has Six most confused, head quirking this way and that. "She's… She is kept with the other ladies." Six's shoulders roll, working out a kink with a loud pop. This close, Claire can see that his skin and muscle seemed to slither around unnaturally when he made that movement as well. "You ladies special, keep you away. Not clean." He nods his head once, and Six looks over to the doorway Gregor left through. "Doctor does not like uncleanies, they go to the fire."

Oh God.

Candy blinks at what she is told, and hears the thought of getting burned alive shudders through the woman. She would prefer to drown if it were possible, to go out in the one element she feels most comfortable in. Her eyes on the thing, before she asks, "Unclean?" This can't be good… not at all.

Claire watches the slithering with complete fascination, she can't decide whether to be grossed out about it, but in the end opts to just move her head to look up at him. "We are unclean, Six?" Her brows lift up a touch, not quite understanding him. "Unclean how?" Her voice remains calm.. pleasant as if talking to a child. She's babysat a few times when she was younger.

"Same way Six is." His bald head cocks to the side, looking from Candy to Claire, teeth gnashing together, "We— "

"Six." Doctor Gregor's voice comes sharply from the stairwell, followed by the noise of his shoes hitting the concrete underfoot. "I told you to leave them alone!" He didn't quite use those words, but maybe that's what he meant. Regardless of the truth of the fact, Gregor is infuriated. One hand raises up int he air, dismissing the man with a brandish of his fingers, and that gesture alone is enough to send Six recoiling away from Gregor like a frightened dog. "You are going to find yourself in a very unfortunate place if you do not learn how to listen to me!" A box of syringes is slammed down on the counter and left, giving Gregor free hands with which to approach Six, both clenched into fists at his side. Looming over the hunched Six only by merit of the simple-minded man being curled into a ball on the floor in fear, Doctor Gregor exhales a huffed breath and stamps his foot on the concrete. Six jumpsat the noise, scrambling away like a wary feline before ducking behind one of the shelves.

Slowly, Gregor's back straightens and he smooths back a lock of hair that came out of place, and when he turns its as if he was never mad at all, a painted smile spreading from ear to ear on his face. "I'm… sorry the two of you had to see that." Gregor licks his lips, fingers curling in the air as he saunters over to the box he had slammed down. "Now, where were we? Ahh, ahh, yes, yes." Fluorescent light reflects off of Gregor's round glasses as he reaches down, opening the box to withdraw one syringe.

"I have a theory," the Doctor states, tapping the syringe and pulling off the plastic cap. "If I remove the muscle, tendon and facial tissue from ms Bennet and replace yours," he motions to Candy with the syringe, "with it, will it mold to form your old face, or will you look like her?"

Gregor's smile grows, toothy and goofy, a huffed laugh slipping out as he shakes his head in wonder and states. "I think we have to find out!"

Candy looks at the doctor, in rather abject horror as she lays there, and she struggles in her numb body to try and do something as she stares at the man like he's gone mad. "You're going to cut off her and my face… and then replace my face with hers. Are you insane?" She struggles, neck muscles straining against the fact that her body just lays there thanks to the drugs he has in her system. She looks at the needles almost longingly, please let her wake up when all of this is done and over and she has her own face again…

"It's okay, Doctor Gregor. Six was just talking. Helped past the time til your return." Claire offers trying to ease some of the discipline towards Six, feeling bad for the lumbering man. Brows lift a bit as the Doctor lays out his place for them, brows lifting high and eyes widening a bit. "What?" She is a bit dumbstruck by that. Literally she has no words for it. It was one thing when it was her own body parts removed and allows to grow.. even that patch of skin on Candy's arm didn't seem that bad.. but to give her face to Candy? A shudder runs through her body.

A sour expression drains the happiness away from Gregor, lips downturning into a frown as he stares down beneath the frames of his glasses to Candy. "I… I am not crazy!" Methinks the lady doth protest too much. "I'll have you know that— that my ideas are genius!" He steps forward, angrily, driving his syringe down into Candy's shoulder, brows furrowed and lips contorted into a frown. "I am a savant!" The plunger is depressed, and all of those horrible injection memories from Moab come rushing back. Her ability is suppressed, there's no way for Candy to fight back, to reflexively stop this from happening. She's helpless and he's going to disfigure her or worse!

"Now…" Gregor adds, dismissing Claire entirely as he reaches down to retrieve his scalpel. "Let's start with— "

"Doctor." Everyone likes to interrupt in this laboratory, it seems, and General Rasoul is no different. Striding in to the lab with his hands folded behind his back, Rasoul shoots a wary look to Claire, then over to Candy. "Doctor, I have to protest this. These two are scheduled for tomorrow, and I need them in good form." There's a tensionof his brows.

"G— General…" The scalpel falls down to the counter with a clattering-clink. "General I, ah…" Gregor's hands lightly brush at his hair, straightening blonde locks. "The soldiers' need for barbaric entertainment is unnecessary. I— this work could— " Rasoul's stare is piercing, a squint that wordlessly implies did you just question me?

Hunching ihs hsoulders, Gregor nods his head repeatedly and turns his back on his test subjects. "Fine, yes, fine but— after this, after they entertain your men, then they'll be mine again, yes?"

"Perhaps." Rasoul steps over to Claire's side, reaching out to lightly brush his fingers over her bare arm. "One of Au's men may be a bit more pliable to us, I need you to use some of that blood you took from this one," he motions towards Claire, "and see if you can help repair her jaw." Dark brows crease together, and Rasoul walks alongside the blonde, fingertips trailing along the table beside her.

"Furthermore…" The General's dark eyes remain fixed on the doctor. "Have you tested any of the transplants yet?"

Candy would let out a faint cry as the injection goes in, but she can't feel that shoulder anwyay, and as Rasoul comes in she starts to drift in and out of concious, her visiong going bleary while the drug runs through. Candy resists as much as she can, fighting to manage to stay awake and find out what is happening, "Entershtainmentsh," she asks, a notable slur in her voice while she lays there, shaking her head slightly to deny the drug.

As the scalpel lifts, Claire looks uneasy at the idea of her face being removed… even if it does grow back. Of course, even worse if she's awake. Body parts are one thing.. reenacting Face Off is a bit different.

Rasoul's arrival is greeted with a soft sigh of relief, her head dropping back on the table. Claire watches the General warily, her arm twitching against the restraints, pulling them taunt, if she had been free to move, she would have jerked her arm away.

Watching Candy struggle, Gregor's nose rankles and his eyes divert from her towards Rasoul. "Sir, I— I haven't exactly tested how well the, ah… it's a complicated process to…" Stepping away from the General Gregor puts a few paces distance betwen himself and Rasoul. He knows why, because the look that appears on the General's face is one of disdain and frustration.

"Then what are you doing playing here!?" Rasoul scrams, pounding his fist on the metal table Claire lays on. At the loud sound, Six scurries away in a gorilla-like lope towards one of the doorways and down the hall, fearful like a skittish rabbit. In a way, Gregor looks the same, uneasily backing away from Rasoul until he bumps into a wheeled table.

"I— I'll— Yes sir. Yes, right— right away sir." Tugging at the collar of his lab coat, Gregor looks over to Claire, then up to the General. "I'll have these two back in their cells, un— unharmed. If ah, I— if you could have your dog Lang go and fetch the men for the transplants I'll— " he coughs awkwardly, "I'll prepare the lab."

Candy loses the fight to staying concious after the direction, and she slumps in the restraints, the asian out like a light as the chemicals take hold of her brain. Missing anything else that Rasoul and Gregor have to say. A shame.

No matter who you are, when someone bangs their fist on the table a person is gonna notice, especially if they're laying on it. So Claire jumps, staring up at the man with a look of confusion. Transplant?!

Eyes drift over to Gregor as if he'd have the answers, but after a moment she can't help but pipe up and voice the question out loud, though the words are spoken softly. "Transplants?" She'll probably regret asking.

Rasoul turns back, noticing Claire's still awake despite Candy having dozed off. The General offers a warm smile, brows raised in a oh did you say something gesture, his head cocking to the side. "You," he enunciates clearly, reaching down to grab one one of Claire's toes, wiggling it back and forth slowly, "are going to be very helpful to me, miss Bennet." There's a strange, disconcerting smile on his face. "If the good Doctor here is right, you're going to help me ensure that the Vanguard lives on…" Then, that smile turns into something of a knife-like grin.


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