Disaster in Chelsea

MANHATTAN — Just shortly after 7:00pm, the neighborhood of Chelsea was the site of a series of bizarre accidents that authorities are stating is "undoubtedly the work of an Evolved." Police were responding to a 911 distress call about a pedestrian accident near the Washington Irving High School when the third-story brick and mortar facade of a tenement building collapsed and killed Officer Vincent Haines (26) and Emily Danboise (19). Haines was questioning Danboise about the accident which left a sixteen year old in critical condition after she struck him with her 91 Ford Taurus.

Immediately following the collapse of the brick facade, three automobiles were upended by what eye-witnesses claim were "pillars of earth" that rose up from the street and propelled the cars over sixteen feet into the air.

Drivers Stephen Dinofrio (37), Aaron Winston (28) and Tiffany Cheng (22) were severely injured in the accident and were rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital and are stated to remain in critical condition. Paul Willers (33) who was in the passenger's seat of Cheng's car was unable to be rescued from the vehicle as it caught fire, and died on the scene.

Authorities at this time have no suspects in the incident, but are asking anyone with information to please step forward.


Accompanying this news, television media outlets covering the disaster in Chelsea also contain cell-phone video of the incident, of cars upending and whirling through the air, blurry footage of the people at the scene. Recognizable, in the mess of grainy, blurry footage, is a distant shot of a man that looks remarkably like Flint Deckard, moving through the crowd and tending to the wounded, injuries evaporating from his touch. He is not identified in the video, nor are the two unidentified women who pulled Tiffany Cheng from the burning wreck of her car.

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