Disasterous Night Out


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Scene Title Disastrous Night Out
Synopsis What do you get when you combine a sheltered, awkward blind girl with a somewhat ditzy, well-meaning socialite? Hilarity. Until you set the scene at a crowded, unfamiliar club. Then you get a disaster waiting to happen.
Date February 15, 2009

Kammy's Apartment, then Lori's Private Jet, then Random Club on South Beach, Miami

Tonight, Kameron is alone. Joe, presumably, was with Brian, while Kameron was sitting on the couch, Prince sleeping on the bed, and her cane resting across her knees. Her violin is on the couch next to her. For some reason, Kammy has her arm stretched out, hand in front of her face, studying it - instead of infrared vision that she'd been hoping for, she sees the bones and ligaments of her hand. "… I will never get used to that." she whispers to herself. So creepy.

Knock Knock Knock.

Kameron nabs the cane as Prince lifts his head and barks repeatedly to alert her to something she was already aware of. "Just a second." Kam calls, using the cane as she makes her way to the door, pulling it open.

And on the far side of the door, there's a Lori. Slinky tight dress, heels, someone is ready to be out and about. Of course, why that brings her HERE is an interesting question. "YOU need to get changed." she tells Kameron, with an impish smile.

There's a skeleton at the door. And no matter how many times she has had her x-ray vision kick in, it still freaked her out to see a skeleton talkin to her. "Wh—" The question ends as soon as it's phrased, hearing Lori's familiar voice. Smiling a greeting, Kameron is confused again, "Lori? I .. I need to get changed? Why?" She can't tell the girl is smiling visually, but she can hear it in her voice.
The socialite grins. "I am tired of this town being all gloom and doom. There needs to be a party. And YOU need to get out of this apartment. Time to use some of those outfits I got you!"

Hrm. Y'know, Brian had told her some interesting things about Lori - stuff he heard about on the INternet or the radio or - whatever, She's not even sure. She doesn't believe any of it-not even the part about the sex tape. Gah. So prospect of a party is actually pretty interesting, enough that Kameron was willing to indulge her friend.
"I get out of the apartment," Kameron insists, though she turns, cane tappin against the floor. "I'll go and change into something more appropriate, if you can leave a note for Brian for me." Yea. With her luck? Lori will write the note and forget to pin it on a wall or something.

Lori smiles back at Kameron. "Sure, I'll write him a note!" And she does. She goes and heads over to grab some paper and write a note. //"Dear Brian, flew to Miami! Love and snuggles, Lori and Kam!" // And leaves it on the table for him.

MIAMI??? They're going to MIAMI? Miami, Florida? THAT Miami?
… she could probably visit her folks. Anyhew, after some fumbling about, Kameron manages to grab a long sleeved blouse that buttons up in front, a knee-length skirt and a pair of heels. Which .. she hasn't been walking around in. ".. this is going to be interesting." Kameron mutters to herself.
Figuring they were only going a short distance, Kameron opts to leave Prince at home - curfew was only a few hours away, after all. "Ready," Kameron announces as she walks out of her room, gait a touch unsteady and cane in hand. Once or twice she stumbles, but recovers her balance nicely. "Where are we going? I think there's a club a few blocks away - it's.. um.." Ponder. "Rapture I think?"

Lori hasn't said, of course, but grins. which, Kam can't see. "Oh, hell no, Kam." She looks at Kameron's outfit. Lori rarely curses. She moves to snag Kam's hand and bring her in tow as she heads for the bedroom. This calls for slinky hotness, not frumpy librarianness.

What? Kameron's smile fades a bit, perplexed by Lori's reaction to the outfit. "What's wrong?" And then her hand is grabbed, and it's all she can do to keep up without tripping, "Ack - w-wait, Lori, what is it?" She likes frumpy librarianness. "What's wrong with what I'm wearing now..?"

Lori looks back. "That is NOT what you wear for going clubbing. I know I bought you stuff to go clubbing in, so we could go! Now out of that stuff, chop chop!" She's already raiding Kameron's closet.

My but Lori is certainly assertive! "Okay, Okay," Kameron stumbles over to the bed, embarrassed. "Although .. Um. Would it be okay if you just picked out whatever outfit, and I'll just change in here? You know, alone? It's .. a little embarassing." sure they were both girls, but STILL.

Lori doesn't look like she's embarassed…she's just done so many modeling shoots that when someone says that you need to get undressed, that's exactly what it means. Nothing lascivious, just "time to change clothes". "It needs to be right." she disclaims. "Hmmm…don't you have…" She starts to raid Kameron's lingerie drawer. Surely the woman owns at least ONE push-up!

Kameron plops herself down on the bed, a bit worried that Lori is fussing over things. "Don't I have what?" She remains in the clothing she picked out, bunching the fabric anxiously, rubbing her palms over her knees as she wonders what Lori is picking out for her. "Wh - what are you doing now?" She heard a drawer open, and things are being rummaged through! No, not her lingerie!
She probably /does/ have /one/ push-up. One that she's not worn ever, and was probably purchased by mistake. She was probably too embarassed to take it back. Lucky for Lori!

Lori finds. AH-HA! She looks at the other woman there. "Okay! Got what I need!" She grabs the bra, heads over to grab one of the skimpier dresses and moves to grab shoes.

"Okay," Kameron says, a bit hesitantly. "Well," pushing herself to her feet, she extends a hand in the direction of Lori's voice, "Here, I'll take it and get changed." She admits, she is rather curious about what sort of outfit Lori's picked out for her to wear. It's probably good that Kameron can't /see/ what dress it is - she might not walk out the door at all. Then again, Lori will probably have to drag her out anyway, after it's on!

Lori hands over the attire, and then moves out into Kameron's living room to wait for the other woman. (( Reference This: http://buggered.files.wordpress.com/2007/08/mkerr.jpg ))

It's slightly longer before Kameron emerges again, relieved that Lori had granted her the privacy to change in her room alone. When she does step out, it's a little awkwardly, with three inch heels not something she's used to walking in. The body-hugging fabric of her dress doesn't help either, "Are you sure about this?" She inquires of Lori, who is the guru of clubbing as far as Kammy is concerned. She reaches up to pull her hair out of the ponytail and let it rest against her back. Oh well, once Lori has given her approval, Kameron smiles, confident that Lori has left Brian a decent note (hah!) and readies to follow the girl. "Prince, stay and guard the apartment. I'll be back in an hour."
As if the dog understood. As if she'd be back in an hour; it'd be well over that just to get to Miami, unles Lori had an extremely fast private jet. "So where are we going?"

Lori has access to private jets, certainly, but then again, she's not in a hurry. She looks back to Kameron, and considers. "Hmm. We need to get you some smaller, cuter shades." she says appraisingly. "Those cover half your face."

… Smaller shades could be a problem. "That's all right," Kameron handwaves, "I like these." Which is true. She did like them. Of course, she shouldn't have to need ones so big. She liked the big ones best because she could keep her eyes closed without having to worry about people seeing. And she could protect her eyes - and gift - that way.
"Let's just get to the club before curfew hits," Kameron adds, swaying a little back and forth with cane in hand. Restless.

Lori giggles once. "No worries. Curfew won't be an issue. Come on, this way." She reaches out to take Kameron's free hand and lead on.

Curfew won't be an issue? Kameron follows behind Lori complacenty, guessing that perhaps the law doesn't apply to wealthy socialites. "Oh, well - I guess there are a few perks to being famous if the curfews don't apply to you," Kameron grins. "That's good; it would be a pity to go to the club and have to leave only an hour or two after arriving." Pause, "Wait, does that mean we'll end up having the entire place to ourself?" How weird!

Lori grins. "Nope. Don't worry, it'll all make sense." Out they go. Lori's gotten a limo for the two of them; she didn't want to have any chances of driving tonight, since she plans to drink some. She works to get Kam ensconced in the limo, then enters herself.

Um… she should probably worry about that, but Lori was her friend! She wouldn't steer her wrong. "So it's all a big secret?" she asks, dimples showing in amusement. "I guess it's a good thing I left Prince behind tonight. He could use a break anyway." She shifts her grip on the cane, sliding to the far end of the seat as Lori helps her in, and rests the cane across her lap.

Lori smiles. "Want something to drink to get started? There's a minibar in here."

Oh dear. That would explain why Lori brought that bottle of red wind. "O-oh. Uh -.. I… i actually .." She clears her throat slightly, apologetic, "I don't drink." Not wine, not beer, not whiskey or any other of the 'devil's drinks'. "If there's water though, I'll have some of that."

Lori rolls her eyes. Boy, it's good having a blind friend sometimes…she misses the histrionics. "A little bit is not gonna hurt you, Kam." she says. Peer pressure, anyone?

Kameron is very glad to miss the histrionics. "I-I know but - I mean -" What WOULD be the harm? Well, for one thing it would be going against her own code of not drinking, doing drugs, and smoking. No matter the allegedly temporary effects of euphoria and whatnot. "I'd really rather not," Kameron lifts a hand to wave it back and forth, "S-sorry."

The celebrity pouts. "Hmm. How about a Coke?" she offers, looking down at the minibar. She could always put a little vodka in. That doesn't have a flavor, really.

Bad Lori, contemplating slipping vodka into her drink. "You have Coke?" Kameron inquires, relieved that there is something non-alcoholic in the 'minibar'. "Sure, I'll have that," Kameron had hoped Lori wouldn't push the issue. It was a victory enough that she let Kameron leave with her own shades. Although it seemed a little strange - they weren't going to be in the limo long enough to enjoy the drinks.

Lori nods. "Sure, they always keep mixers in a minibar." She does, indeed, just make a little mix for Kameron, before offering it over, gently bumping her hand with the glass. "Got it?"

Fingers curl around the glass as Lori offers it, and she braces the bottom against her opposite hand, "Yes, thank you." There is a short pause as she starts to lift the glass to her lips, "Mixers?"

Lori explains "Things that you mix in with alcohol to make mixed drinks. Soda, tonic water, orange juice…stuff like that."

You say, "Have you… had a lot of alcholic drinks before?" It's a pretty safe, tame question, as Kameron resists the urge to sniff her own drink. Nah, she doubted she'd be able to tell if there was anything alcholic in it anyway. All she can do is sip her drink and trust that Lori knows where she's going. Speaking of. "You do know where you're going right?" It'd be pretty sad if they drove in circles because she didn't know where any clubs were."

Lori laughs. "Of course I know where we're going. And yeah. I mean, I'm not an alcoholic or anything, but a drink or two at parties, is no big deal." The drink -does- have vodka in it, but then, not much flavor to that.

Not a lot of vodka hopefully! Kameron doesn't seem to notice it much. What dference there -is- is chalked up to a different brand that made it taste differently. "You know that can kill your liver if you do it too much right?" It's very tempting, but Kameron manages to successfully resist the urge to open her eyes and actually look for said organ. Nooooo thank you. "So are you going to tell me where we're going yet?" Grin. She'd try and guess but she was never very good at those.

Lori laughs at that. "Yes, but you'd have to do a LOT of it for that." She looks out the front window. "Actually, we're ALMOST ready to get out of the van." Kameron's liver should be safe. Not a LOT of vodka in there. Just some.

Kameron grins, "Really?" Traffic must be awful for it to have taken this long. "Great," she smiles, "What time is it?" She'd like to know how much time they have before they have to leave again. Maybe they should have waited until the cufew was lifted to do a girl's night out thing. Oh well.

Lori looks over. "Mmm…looks like about 7:30." She says, as the limo coasts to a stop. "Okay, this way." Out she goes, moving in position to catch and aim Kameron as she gets out.

You say, "Seven Thirty?" So .. about half an hour to get to the club, "That makes it about .. an hour to wander around the club, and a half hour to get back - less really, I think. We'll probably need to give ourselves some extra time to account for traffic and everything." The door opens, and Kammy is caught and aimed out the door like one of William Tell's arrows. Her foot wobbles slightly as she gets her bearings, stretching from spending time in the car."

Oh, if she only knew. Lori leads her over to the stairs leading up and into the private jet. "Okay…come on, up some stairs now!"

Hrm. It sounds a little strange, a slight frown on her face as she's led over towards - what she presumes to be the club. "Stairs? Not just a door?" That's a little odd. Well, … "…okaay.." She grants after a moment. With Lori's help, she boards the jet - and as her hand touches the metal hull, she balances a moment, opening one eye behind her shades. What the.. Was it a club that was designed to look like a plane? "So …where are we?"

Of course not. It's a plane that's designed to look like a plane. Lori boards too, moving to steer Kam to her seat. "It's part two of transportation. Make yourself comfy!"

A plane designed to look like a plane? Madness! "Part… 2?" Lori would be able to tell that Kammy is apprehensive about being in the plane. There should be no reason to be in the plane. "Wha -" she gets into her seat, partially due to Lori's efforts, partly from a trip. "Why does there need to be a part 2?" She turns her head towards Lori's voice, hands bracing anxiously on the armrest. Not a fan of flying, this one. Not a fan of heights either, for that matter.

Lori doesn't mind planes. Really, she couldn't, given how much travel she does. She looks back to Kameron with a grin. "Cause if we drive to Miami, we'll miss the party." And with that, she moves to get Kameron buckled in.

Click. Goes the buckle as Lori fastens her in place, with Kammy freezing in place for a moment. Time to repeat ourselves. "MIAMI??" What the hell Lori! On the one hand, awesome, on the other - MIAMI? The note to Brian is placed on the back burner while Kameron tries to figure out why they're flying miles and miles out of their way into Florida of all places, when they could have just gone to another club for an hour. Or they could have gone to Massachussets. New Jersey, even Connecticut. "Why Miami?" Asks the blind girl, a bit less shrilly, "I mean. isn't it like-.. three hours away?" Which means they won't get there till around 10:30, Lori will probably want to stay until closing at what, 4 in the morning? Which means Kameron won't get home till 7 and ..oh… dear.

Lori's answer is what you get when you ask a socialite that question. "Because L.A. is further." I mean, really, where the parties are! Duh. "It'll be nice and warm, and there's the most awesome clubs there. Well, not MOST awesome. LA is better. But I didn't want to go that far." She smiles back at Kameron, and sits down in the chair next to her.

The answer is so.. so blindingly simple that Kameron is at a loss for words for several minutes. And then she slumps down in her seat with a faint groan. "Brian's going to kill me." All of his friends going missing, as upset as he's been lately, and now Kameron going missing? She doubts it's going to go over well, even if there was a note. "Um, s-so.. uh." Ahem. "Why..couldn't we go to a club closer than Florida or LA? Like.. like Boston or .. um.." Okay so she doesn't have a clue.

Lori makes another eyerolling. "Pfft. He's got a key, right? Besides, we'll be back by morning. And there ARE no good clubs closer. Except here, but there's the stupid curfew thing. Makes partying harder."

You say, "Yes, but.." Just because he had a way -into- the apartment .. well -.. okay fine. "Well… as long as we'll be back by morning…" There really wasn't anything she could do about it. She didn't have any neat Teleportation power to jump back home. No flight to FLY to the ground. No Persuasion to suggest Lori have the pilots turn the plane around. Dangit.

The plane, obligingly, begins to taxi down the runway, and then really kicks in the speed, as it gets closer to takeoff.

As always, the plane lurches forward and Kameron squeezes her eyes shut behind the shades, fingernails digging into the armrest. "I… suppose now is a bad time to mention.." Kameron says, a bit tensely. "I'm a poor flier." An understatement from the pale shade of her face. I hate flying, I hate flying, I hate flying. Not having anything beneath her feet, knowing it could crash for /any/ reason. She couldn't wait till she was back on the ground.

The socialite puts her hand over Kameron's, patting it reassuringly. "It'll be okay. It's safer than driving, you know."

You say, "Safer than driving." Kameron repeats with a tight smile. Sure. SURE it's safer than driving. All the stories she heard on the radio about planes malfunctioning, birds flying into the engine, MONKEYS on the wing, goblins, gremli— wait, those are just stories, not reality. "You sure the pilots know what they're doing? Do they have licenses? Have they been in fly boy school long? They graduated right?" She clamps her mouth shut on a number of other questions. Like, 'IS THERE ENOUGH FUEL'."

Lori laughs. "Sure! I fly all the time, Kam! It'll be just fine! Just sit back and relax. You want another coke?" She offers. "Or some ginger ale, settle your tummy?"

It's just coke, right? "Y-yeah. Ginger ale will be fine." sit back and relax. For three hours? She'd rather be unconscious. Unfortunately she doesn't have that ability either. "Ginger ale's fine." she adds, quite unnecessarily since she said it once before. "So t-tell me about this club? The.. the party I mean?" It should distract her nicely from knowing that they were Hundreds Of Miles above ground ohgod.

Lori looks back, and smiles. She moves to pour Kameron the Ginger Ale. "Oh, it's just one of the places to see and be seen. You know, where the big names go. There's a few places like that through the country."

"See and be seen?" Kameron wedges her hand up from one of the arm rests, holding her hand out to take the gingerale when it's offered to her. Gugh. "Ah - um. S-so.. there's… probably going to be a lot of .. celebrities? A-and papparazzi and cameramen…?" Oh dear god. Flashing lights are not her friends.

Lori nods. "Sure. But why so tense?" I mean, lights shouldn't bother the blind person. "Just be careful when you get out of the limo." She warns. Lest there be Kam upskirt pics on the net tomorrow.

She's going to be very. very. VERY careful. "I-I'm just nervous. Planes and all." They make her very uneasy. "I'll be careful," naturally. It's true, lights shouldn't bother a blind person. Granted she's not hyperventilating and panickng as badly as before, and part of that is probably due to a very BAD Lori spiking her drinks. Bad Lori. Bad Bad Lori! Kameron takes another sip of the ginger ale, and sets it aside. Weird brand taste.

A VERY HELPFUL Lori, who is helping poor Kam to relax. Cause clearly, she's all wound up and stressy. "You should finish that. You don't want to toss your cookies. I'd offer to put on a movie, but I guess that doesn't help, huh?" she asks sadly.

Very helpful /BAD/ Lori! Ginger ale still mostly full, is clutched in her hand tensely, "No, not really," she smiles a bit weakly. Not making any attempt to drink the rest of the ginger ale, distracted, "There's a television set on this plane?" Ha! Television set. It's probably one of those full screen movie theatre things, rather than some 25" jammie.

Lori nods. "Bar, widescreen plasma, sound system…we could listen to music?" she offers.

… bar, widescreen plasma tv and .. "It's like a tiny apartment." Kameron sputters, having never heard of any such plane with so many features. "Music? Sure, yeah - any kind is fine." She feels along the arm rest, "Is there a tray for this?" She needs to put the still semi full glass on something so she's not always holding it.

Lori moves over to put a little tray near the arm of the leather seat. "There you go." she says, offering. "And yeah! It's like a moving apartment. These are so much nicer than first class."

Kameron sets the glass down on the tray, rubbing her cheeks, which were a little bit pink from the alcohol - little though there was - in the drink. "This isn't first class?" Kameron is amazed. Completely. At the mention of the apartment feature of the plane though, she is reminded of Brian and how much he's going to murder her. Or at least, he's going to be upset. She didn't even bring her phone! "Have you ever slept in these?"

Lori nods. "All the time. Sometimes sleeping on planes is the only sleep I get! You wanna nap on the way there? You can go back to the couch and stretch out.

And sleep off whatever alcohol is still in her system? Sweet! "You have a couch?" Kameron quirks a brow and smiles, "Yeah, sure why not?" It'll make the time pass quicker, "If it's okay that is." Sure Lori offered, but it could have been her simply bein polite. If nothing else, by the time she wakes from her nap, they should be in Miami.

She's a nice girl. "No, it's cool! Go lay down, I'll wake you when we get there!!"

"Thanks," Kameron smiles, "Sorry, I guess you're used to all of this sort of thing more than I am. Um —" she fusses with the buckle, getting it unlatched, "Where is it?" Is the next question on her lips as she places a hand on the chair, using her cane for balance as she eases herself to her feet.

Lori helps her out, and up, and starts to walk her back. "Right this way. Careful, stay on your left, you don't wanna hit the stripper pole."

Did she say what Kammy thinks she said? "…t.. the what?" It was a joke right? You know, ha ha, there's a monkey on the wing and oh by the way, mind the stripper pole? … no? She automatically moves left nonetheless, because walking into the pole would be un-fun.

Lori replies matter-of-factly. "The stripper pole. You don't wanna walk into it." She guides Kam around it, and gets her to the couch. "There, you just settle in."

… stripper pole. So did that mean that there were .. ah.. so did that mean that that tape wa.. oh.. STOP IT Kammy. Don't wonder about questions you really don't want the answers to. "T. . thanks." Kameron smiles weakly, leaning into the couch - which was at least cozy. The second she pillows her head against the armrest, she relaxes fully, once her mind stops conjuring up images of the plane going through turbulents and crashing into a cornfield in a ball of fiery..fire. Time, undoubtedly, passes quickly.

And so it is, that one giant explosion….err, no. One uneventful flight later, the plane is touching down. Might wake up Kameron? If not, the shoulder shaking a couple moments later will.

There is a faint 'mrrph' when the plane starts to shake - the rumble as it taxis down the runaway, the shaking - "OHGOD!!" Kameron shoots upright with a small shriek, and if she were a /cat/ she would probably be /sticking to the ceiling/. "Are we going down?" Heartbeat racing a mile a minute, it takes her a second or two to realize that she's not hearing the 'nyeeeerrrr' of planes in a nosedive. "What's that noise?" She asks instead, still a bit fuzzy headed from just waking up.

Lori blinks at the OH AWAKE NOW Kam, and looks surprised. "We ARE down." As in landed. "Did you sleep well?"

"We're down?" Kam puts a hand to her forehead, sighing with relief. "Wait, we're not dead right?" Okay that's a stretch. "So we're in Miami?" She smiles, stretching, rubbing her neck, "Yeah, I did, thanks. What time is it?" She's probably goinjg to ask that a lot. Once she actually -gets- to the party she'll probably be rather interested.

Lori looks over. "Mmm…" She checks her watch. "It's about 9 o'clock. We made good time. C'mon! It's time to party!"

So about.. an hour and a half. That's a surprise, she thought it would take longer to get to Florida. Smiling at her friend's enthusiasm, Kameron gets to her feet and smooths the dress she's wearing, taking care to pat out wrinkles. She doesn't want to walk down the steps of the plane and accidentally upskirt someone. Fortunately, she's safe in that department. "Right; let's go!"

Lori gets out of the plane with Kameron, and down the stairs, to another waiting limousine. "You're gonna have a blast.' She tells her friend. "Thank you for coming with me!"

It's not like I had a choice. Kameron thinks to herself, chuckling lightly. "Well, I still say I would have rathered gone to a club a bit closer to home, but .. thank you for inviting me." She doesn't know the type of people she'll meet but it should be.. interesting. And if nothing else? She'll have interesting stuff to tell Brian when she gets back maybe.

Lori smiles. "I would have too, if there wasn't that stupid curfew." She gets into the limo. "This way, we just go back in the morning, and no harm done. C'mon in!"

No harm done..
Well actually, the damage was already done. It just couldn't get worse, right? Hopefully. "Come on in what?" Kameron puzzles, following the sound of Lori's voice, wobbling slighty as she gets her balance back from sitting, then sleepin an hour.

Lori grins. "Another limo. We don't wanna drive like this. Not when we're gonna be partying." She moves to help Kameron into this limo, too.

"Don't want to drive ..like what? I mean, I shouldn't be driving regardless," Kameron jokes, sliding into her seat and scooting back, resting the cane across her lap and her hands on her knees. Now, if Lori were planning on getting drunk.. uh.. Kameron isn't quite sure what to do in that regard.

Lori laughs. "If we have anything to drink. And I know, I know, you said you don't. But a little won't kill you." she repeats. "Besides, the music will be good, and there'll be lots of people."

"It sounds like it'll be really hopping," Kameron smiles, "I'm definitely looking forward to hearing the music. I love getting an idea from other songs I've heard. It's very inspiring. I'm still goin to pass on the drinks though," even though her Coke was already spiked, as was the unfinished ginger ale. Tsk. "If I have anything to drink I'm going to miss out on the music," she grins, implying that she'd probably need to use the ladies room. "Besides, I'm not thirsty."

The socialite laughs a little. "Well, we'll see about that." The limo ride is uneventful. Lori warns "Okay. We're here. Huge crowd of paparazzi out there, so let me take your arm when we're out and I'll steer you through."

She can hear the buzz of people outside already, and grimaces. "What, do they have you tagged or something?" Kameron smiles, teasing lightly, though the 'tagged' comment could be considered rude to people who -had- been tagged. She nods at the instructions, keeping her legs tightly togther as the door isopened, so she can swing her legs over the edge of the seat and get up, her free hand making sure the dress doesn't ride up. "I really wish you'd let me wear the first outfit." It was a lot more conservative. And Comfortable. "Lori?" She doesn't move from the limo, but she does press back against the car a little, hoping none of the cameras turn towards her. Focus on the celebrity with the wild reputaiton plz and thankyou!

Lori laughs. "No, everyone knows this place is a happening spot." And she moves to get out with Kameron. The bouncers there clear a path for the two, as the cameras all start going off. Lori does, indeed, take her arm, and move to guide them both in following the bouncer.

As she hears shutters snapping, she instinctively ducks her head, hair in her face as she grasps the cane in the other hand, her occupied arm currently grasped by Lori. "So where exactly -is- this?" She asks curiously. "I mean, it doesn't really matter since I can't see it anywa, but - I'm just curious."

Lori smiles and looks back. "It's on South Beach. Called the Fifth Club. It's one of the see-and-be-seen places. You're going to be in all the papers tomorrow, you realize?" She grins.

Another frozen moment, as Kameron almost misses a step. "What?" She squeaks, "But! But! But! But-! I- but.. I… b.. buwha?" She finally gives up trying to form a coherent sentence entirely, and decides to focus on inarticular syllables of sheer panic. South Beach. Fifth Club. PAPERS? "WHY?" She stammers, despite Lori's casual amusement by the situation. "I've done nothing to warrant it!" Exxcept show up with Lori. Good thing she was careful about getting out of that car. She'd never be able to show her face in town otherwise. Nevermind she's bound to get a, 'You were in Florida and you didn't visit?' call from her parents in the morning.

Lori laughs a little. "You're here with me, that's why." She smiles. And wearing big concealing sunglasses, which means the paparazzi will want to know ALL about her.

That's… that's really not good. She's always been a pretty private person, so the idea of paparazzi following her around for her connection to Lori. "Oh-" Kameron says slowly, dawning realization followed by building horror. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Good thing she's not the sort of person who swears, because she's pretty sure that camera people following her around, especially after she gets involved at the Lighthouse, would be a bad, bad idea. Especially with the danger of people getting their pictures taken. "Ohhhhhh." Follows the building horror as Kammy places the cane-holding hand over her face. "Can… can we just go inside..?" They can't follow the girls inside! Right?

True enough…the bouncers will make sure of that. Lori heads inside with Kameron. Inside, the music is pumping (and quite good) and the place is full of people. Lori still has Kameron's arm, and starts to steer her towards their table.

THANK you bouncers! Kameron relaxes once they're away from the cameras; if nothing else, the most they probably got was hardly enough to identify the girl, since she'd ducked her head and her hair was in the way. Aheh. She's really kicking herself - why didn't she say something when she realized Lori was pushing her up the steps into a fricking plane? But the music gets the brunt of her attention as she's guided over to a table, her perturbed expression melting into a smile, "Wow, the music really -is- good.."

A gentle smile. "Of course it is!" She says. "You want something to eat? Or drink? You have to at least have -one- drink, Kam. Special occasion and all!"

She could take the drink, but she won't drink it! Kameron inwardly grimaces, knowing if she refuses, like at the mall, Lori might start pouting at her. "No, I'm fine." Um.. distraction, distraction. "Why don't you go on out on the dance floor then? I-I mean, I can't - I'll just…" Oh god wait. Slinky hot dress. High heels. There is no way Lori will let her sit it out.

Nope. "Cool, let's go dance, then!" she says. And that said, she'll reach out to pull poor Kam along to the dance floor.

There's a pretty funny little squeak from Kammy when she's pulled up from the seat. Here she'd been hoping Lori would have gotten distracted by something or someone and.. okay that's kind of mean. She did have Kammy's interests at heart. …. sort of. "H-hey! Slow dow!" Kameron laughs, "I-I'm not sure this is such a great idea.." she hasn't danced in a place so crowded in … in… …EVER actually!

Lori grins a little. "Oh, Kam, loosen -up-!!! Have some fun, already. C'mon, dance with me. We'll have the guys coming in like we're a magnet." And she starts to dance near Kameron.

Whaaaaaaaaat. "Gua -" Kameron is loose! She's loose really! But she isn't taking certain chances- clubs usually mean discoballs or rave lighting, and that would injure her poor eyes a lot. So she can't open them to check where she is in respect to other people. "I've never really-.." Okay that's not true. "O-okay. It's.. just like performing. W..without my violin… I guess." She clears her throat, voice getting progressively weaker.
… it's not a pretty sight. Kameron does sway and move to the music, but because she can't see where she is, or where other people are, there's more than one, "Oops! I'm sorry -!" and "Oh! I.. excuse me!" And "Was that your foot?" to anyone she dances too close too. Oops.

It's amazing how little guys care about that when they get the chance to bump and grind with slinky-clad hottie. Kameron will have no lack of attention. Lori certainly doesn't. She may be a little brainless (okay, occasionally a lot brainless), but she DOES know her field.

Lori may know her field but Kameron is so out of her depth, she's not sure what she's doing. "Aa- uh!" Help. HELP. Okay, calm down Kammy, Calm down! All of this closeness and bumping and grinding and Kammy really doesn't know what she's doing. She's NEVER going onto a dance floor again. It's when she's mid-two step and hastily backing away from someone trying to get a little fresh that bad things happen.
After all, Kameron really hasn't practiced in her heels, so it should be no surprise when she turns in such a way that she actually loses her balance, her ankle twisting and the girl falls forward, grabbing at the nearest stable object in an attempt to keep from getting crushed.
Once again. Oops! At least her glasses didn't fall off, mainly because she kept a hand to her face - which is why she wasn't able to catch herself. On the other hand, it's sort of like a Domino effect - the person she had grabbed at moves back, tripping over -his- dance partner, who stumbles into the next person and so on and so forth. It's /anarchy/.

Lori breathes a patient sigh. Well, THIS will be all over TMZ tomorrow. *sigh* All her attempts to help out Kameron seem to backfire. She moves over to the fallen violinist. "Are you okay?"

Help Kammy what exactly? Have fun? Sure, she had fun! She'd have had more fun in shoes she could actually walk in. . *cough* "O-ow.. Sorry!" Kameron stammers, pushing herself up against a hand and reaching back with her other hand to feel for her foot, "I think so.." Kammy answers Lori, a bit guiltily. Nothing's broken, but from the wince of pain when she touches her ankle, she probably won't be doing anymore dancing. Pity, she had been enjoying herself. A bit.
.. and Lori went to all this trouble too. "Really, I'm fine," Kameron notes hastily, pushing past the stabbing pain in her ankle to figure out how she can get back up without flashing, falling, or otherwise embarassing herself MORE.

Lori's shoulders slump. "Here…" Her voice is more quiet and subdued. "Grab hold of me, I'll help you up." Poor Lori. Kicked puppy mode again.

Oh GOD /NO/. Kicked Puppy Mode. She hates kicked puppy mode. It makes her feel guilty, like she did something wrong. ".. I'm sorry Lori," Kameron frowns, reaching up to take the other girl's shoulder to lever herself upright. "I guess I'm not used to this sort of scene. I was having fun though," she adds with a weak smile, hoping to make her friend feel less like a bad puppy.

Lori shakes her head. "No, it's my fault. I should have thought it through better." She starts to carefully walk towards the table, to be a mobile crutch for Kameron.

You say, "No no," actually, yeah. "It's just a bit crowded, that's all," If it had been less so she probably wouldn't have tripped. Or if she had flats. Biting her lower lip, she moves to ease into the seat. "Why don't we have something to eat?" And hopefully she can dodge any alcoholic drinks."

Lori stops, and looks at Kameron, pole-axed. Not that the other woman said it, but she didn't NEED to say it, it's perfectly clear to Lori. It's her fault. All her fault. She blinks back a sudden rush of tears that well up in her eyes. "I'm sorry. I'm not smart; I know that, and now I've messed it all up." And honestly, it's no lie. Sweet? Definitely. Well-intentioned? Almost always. But bright? Not so much. The curvaceous socialite stands, trying not to burst into tears in public, and then hurries off to the bathroom. She can cry there, without the media getting all into it.

Unfortunately, Kameron isn't aware that her body language is giving herself away - it doesn't help that she's a pretty expressive person regardless. The apology that comes is a surprise, enough that Kameron blinks behind her glasses. No matter how true what she said was, poor Lori was really upset now. And Kameron has succeeded in upsetting not one, but -two- friends. (of course she doesn't know about the latter one yet. That's going to be the homecoming from hell. "Lori-!"
Too late, the girl is up and scurrying off to the bathroom. Or somewhere. Kameron eases back into her seat with a heavy sigh, pressing her hands against her face. "… I am so bad at this…"
She has two options. She can risk taking a look around and try to find Lori, or she can wait until the sociliate has finished crying or .. whatever she's doing. Probably crying. She sounded on the verge of tears before she ran off. Raising a hand to her shades, Kameron tips them down just a bit, cracking an eye open. NOPE. She winces, shutting her eye again and putting her head in her hands. Too bright. No way she can get through there. Looks like she's going to have to wait.


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