Discordant Dream Team Chat 3: Dream Warriors


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Scene Title Discordant Dream Team Chat 3: Dream Warriors
Synopsis If you think you'll get out alive, You must be dreaming.
Date May 30, 2021

Ma’am This is a D’Angelo

321contact: Today at 12:15 AM
OK that was especially weird. @OREOSpeedwagon, are you ok?

Also can anyone tell me who the blonde woman is? I feel like I missed a lot on this pass. General wtf, really

OREOSpeedwagon: Today at 12:20 AM
I’m uninjured, but “okay” is a relative term.

The woman is Gabriella Milos. Do you agree, Agent Cooper? @DonutKing911
I find her to be cagey, to put it tactfully. I don’t know much about her.
But your colleague Asi may, @321contact.

I also know who the snake is, but I don’t feel comfortable discussing that over text. If anyone wants to meet me tonight at Rossignol, that’d be fine.
I’ll get you into the VIP box, if that sweetens the deal any.

sbevans: Today at 12:21 AM
i'm reakkyl glad you didnt wake up hurt, omg
sorry, I'm on my phone this time

321contact: Today at 12:22 AM
I’ll come to Rossignol tonight
and I’ll get whatever I can on Milos from Asi, thanks for the tip

@OREOSpeedwagon do you remember your last line of the poem? I couldn’t hear it from the focal point, we got lucky with @DonutKing911’s guess based on the rhyme scheme of the previous verses

OREOSpeedwagon: Today at 12:22 AM
“I met the wolf alone.”

sbevans: Today at 12:23 AM
I've never been to Rossignol, but I can come too?
I definitely choked tonight and don't have the contacts you all do, but if there's anything I can do by at least being present… I mean, I'll try.
wait, milos?
sbevans: Today at 12:25 AM
like short for miloslavsky???

OREOSpeedwagon: Today at 12:26 AM
Yes, of course. The invitation is open to any of you from last night.
You didn’t choke. That whole place was t errifying.
I’d feel better if you were there.

Most likely her surname would be Miloslavskaya. Surnames tend to be gendered in Russian, unless they’re Anglicized.

321contact: Today at 12:35 AM
OK, couldn’t find the poem through the normal archives place so this isn’t well sourced, but I copied the poem text then struck out the real words and put the incorrect words in bold
at least as well as I remember it, there was a lot going on this time
Thankfully saying things out loud makes it easy to remember them even though forcing people to say things out loud with magic is pretty much the not awesomest
(☝️ 2)

“Wolf,” cried my cunning trickster heart
At every sheep it spied
And roused the countryside

"Wolf! Wolf!" and up would start
Good neighbours bringing using spade
And pitchfork to my lend aid

At length, my cry was known
Therein lay my all release
I met the wolf alone
And was devoured in peace

which gives us Tula, which is on the Upa River in Russia (edited)

sbevans: Today at 12:38 AM
Further west again too… how do we know when we've reached whatever she's trying to unconsciously (or consciously???) show us
Right now, I'm not sure. Not unless Angel Gabriella gives us more clues (edited)

OREOSpeedwagon: Today at 12:40 AM
She said she doesn’t know where he goes until he gets there, right?
Maybe he’s traveling now.

It’s possible he’s going to head north to St. Petersburg.
I have a strong fear that there’s going to be a sharp turn south, however.
I can’t expalin why. I just feel it in my gut.

I’m only going to perform one set tonight. If you’d like to watch, I’m on at 5. Otherwise, I finish at 7:30. I’ll leave word at the front that you’ll be joining me in the box regardless. (edited)

DonutKing69 Today at 12:50 AM
Jeezus! My phone’s been going off like crazy and I have to go to work super early tomorrow, cause I have therapy after work.

But yes, I recognized the woman and I’m going to look at her files tomorrow TODAY. Ugh.

She is a part of an ongoing investigation so I can’t get into details just yet. But needless to say she doesn’t have an ability for this or one at all. She tested negative. So, I’m not sure what’s up with that. She might not even be the one doing this.

You all talk about Russia. I’ll read up about it later. Nothing like another dream of a cemetery. Anyhow, I’m muting my phone and getting back to sleep. I’ll read back once I’m awake with some cop coffee flowing in my veins.


321contact: Today at 12:51 AM
@DonutKing911 if you come to Rossignol I’ll show you how to put a blocking mode on your phone in this, the year of our lord two thousand and twenty-one

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