Discordant Dream Team Chat 4: The Dream Master


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Scene Title Discordant Dream Team Chat 4: The Dream Master
Synopsis Terror beyond your wildest dreams.
Date July 12, 2021

#⠀now-let-discord-scream | You were my flower!/Now let the world grow weeds! For I shall not/Plant things above your grave
radmaenadToday at 9:45 AM
@Here good morning!
last night i got caught up in a dram with a few others and judging by the feel of it, you shouldn’t expect to get pulled into any more of them
i think Angel woke up
sbevansToday at 9:47 AM
Whoa, wait, what???
myoungToday at 9:59 AM
Why am I using this application instead of group text?
I know, I know, I'm old. Thank you.
@radmaenad , do you have any idea at all on the location of this girl?
DonutKing69Today at 10:00 AM
Ah! You got pulled in without me!?! 😢😢
I thought she and I made a connection.
Seriously, tho. Awake? You sure? I’m already at the office and was just thinking about this. Was worried about her. Details for the case will be appreciated.
flamingfugaziToday at 10:01 AM
yo, what the fuck.
back up the entire truck
this is Gene
the dream stuff is still happening to you guys? 💀💀
it’s been like over a year! i cant believe this chat room link is even still active
lawn ornament lady needs to figure out her shit like….… yesterday. damn.
someone, yes plz give a rundown. i am also in need of DEETS
radmaenadToday at 10:04 AM
ok so
her name is Gavriila Myloslavskaya, who you may remember is one of the children of the guy who owned our girl Edna St. Vincent Millay's suffocatingly narrow Greenwich townhouse. like you'd have to walk sideways with your gut sucked in to get to the kitchen. was originally a carriage house or something. Anyway (edited)
the dream was a completely different tableau this time. giant digital hourglass draining in the background, infinite office space, cubicles and such. ominous NO EXIT signs. felt like the scape was rendering on an old computer
it transitioned to your classic statuary/graveyard
long (rambling, sorry) and short of it, the place started to disintegrate and i called her name and she finally showed up, wasn't even expecting company
i did what i could to help her hold on, not sure if it helped at all
but a door of light appeared that was for her and not us (instinctive dream awareness) and she said she was sorry and stepped through
no poetry, no snakes, no vanguard
and sorry, @myoung , i don't think there's anything we can do at this point but I believe her location is known
@DonutKing69 might know more on the investigatory side
👍 1
jesus, text wall, sorry
tl;dr @flamingfugazi i believe lawn ornament lady figured her shit out yesterday
┏╸@radmaenadthe dream was a completely different tableau this time. gian…
sbevansToday at 10:07 AM
I'm so sorry about that. That sounds a lot like my nightmare.
But god, I hope she's okay, wherever she is. Her story seemed so sad
DonutKing69Today at 10:10 AM
Glad you got something. Just completely empty handed here, which is why I had hoped to see her again. I hate a cold case. But the potential area was too broad and the red tape to get permissions from other countries.😓
Makes me miss the good ole days. (Not really. Nobody needs a civil war, but you kno,. wh4e5tgerfgew45ryge5ry4e5thbdffb.b b
Sorry! Al ran across my keyboard. Guess he wanted to say Hi.
💖 2
eringobuttToday at 10:11 AM
Hi this is erin
yeah so like the floor turned into bubble gum and i grew wings???
sry about that
😆 1
But yeah like … what can we do from here? Is she in the us?
myoungToday at 10:18 AM
I hope to god that if someone knows her location, they can get to her. @DonutKing69, can you check to see if someone is going to her?
radmaenadToday at 10:18 AM
thank Al for his contribution to the narrative for me, @DonutKing69 , riveting stuff
@sbevans there were some amalgamated things from other nightmares, but with the office as the spawn location i have the feeling that it was the computers and being trapped in a labyrinthe that were being focused on. like those were important to her. other nightmare stuff altered the dream after it, but i’m not clear on who it came from and then the scene shift threw everything off
i tried to give her some hope and said i’d stay with her until she woke up so maybe that’s enough
she was incorporeal for most of it once she arrived, didn’t manifest until the end and it was in her person body. Russian accent though, unlike the person we interviewed at Rossignol
@eringobutt don’t worry about the floor mess too much, it all got eaten by the Nothing. nice wings though! this was the first time out of several visits that i actually tried to exert my will over the scape and you came in fucking swinging
i talk too much and am sorry again, it’s a problem
sbevansToday at 10:20am
Wings are absolutely nice. I also have wings sometimes in my dreams. High five, new friend.
🤝 1
We've never really known where she is, has been the trouble. We thought maybe Russia, based on the names of the cities on rivers from past dreams, right???
I've had my whole world turned upside down since last time we talked, sorry if I'm mixing a few details
DonutKing69Today at 10:25 AM
We? Sorry, folks, SESA is gonna have to take this. Red Tape. Lots of it. Like you could end the world's toilet paper shortage with it. Problem is even with all the clues we don’t know where.
Plus, can’t exactly go to the Russian gov’t and go… “Soooo heeey guuuuys.👋 We’re just gonna take this dream chick and leave. Kk? Thx bye!😘😘😘”
Hence the dilemma. 😰
Now taking off my legal hat. 🎩
If you can go in safely and get her, do it. Laws over there suck for her kind. Just give me plausible deniability, cause I like my job. (edited)
eringobuttToday at 10:28 AM
@radmaenad really? Idk, it just seemed like the kind of thing you do in dreams…
give yourself wings
But hey, I have no idea about the temporality or liminality of that dreamscape shit, didn’t even know it was real for a while but hey, you Neverending Storied that whole thing and then we fell into a bottomless pit
😅 1
and as everyone knows, when you fall in a bottomless pit, you die of starvation
…uh anyway
eringobuttToday at 10:29 AM
For what it’s worth I grew up in Brighton Beach and I know not to fuck with the Russian mafia, but also, I definitely know at least a few restaurants where I can get the skinny (…what does that stupid phrase even mean? dumb) on some under-the-table deets 😝
radmaenadToday at 10:33 AM
i didn’t realize i was dreaming until the first location change either. the bottomless pit was already there, i Neverending Storied it after the fact. also once the library started to fall apart there was a desert outside, which seemed important but wasn't my doing (edited)
also the new guy, August, found a book of Millay poems but it was just a window to the Manhattan skyline inside, should have tried to wriggle out through that
oh there was a snake! on the shelf behind the book, forgot that bit
i may have been cagey on some of the details but now that i have the go-ahead from a federal officer, word on the wire is that her location is known and an exfiltration is underway
👀 3
myoungToday at 10:35 AM
Tell Aviators if he needs medical that she'll recognize, have the Hounds howl. 😷
maj1koToday at 10:35 AM
hi yea it felt awk to just watch and not say anything but also didn't want to give 👹 being here when she's not so
hi 🤘
i won't tell SESA anything if you don't tell them about me, so we're square, right??? 😘
anyway yea no contact yet, prob not for a few hrs yet
also hi
flamingfugaziToday at 10:37 AM
you are talking exactly enough, ty for not being all vague and edgy and cool and mysterious
💖 1
…nvm. just caught up on the walls of text now
looks like a rescue for Comrade Lawn Lady is already underway? okay, cool, cool.
what can we do for her then
@DonutKing69 whoops sorry right. what can we not do for her then
@maj1ko hi
DonutKing69Today at 11:11 AM
Uh. Yeah. Okay. Sure, @maj1ko . 👍
@radmaenad good to hear, let me know vaguely once they are back in the states so I know she’s safe. No doubt it will eventually trickle down to us, somehow we always know. A heads up would be nice. (edited)
👍 1
DonutKing69Today at 11:20 AM
@radmaenad You know August? If it’s the guy I am thinking of I switched places with him. He’s good. (edited)
Nothing to see there. No one saw that right? Good.
Hitting the head and getting more coffee BRB.
┏╸@flamingfugazilooks like a rescue for Comrade Lawn Lady is already underwa…
maj1koToday at 11:20 AM
you people are a riot
┏╸@DonutKing69@radmaenad You know August? If it’s the guy I am think…
maj1koToday at 11:20 AM
i saw that 👀
😅 1
sbevansToday at 11:20 AM
Okay, wow this is a lot
Is there anything we can do to help, at least?
maj1koToday at 11:20 AM
question mark
sbevansToday at 11:21 AM
Okay, I wish I didn't have weekend work I'm finishing up today. This is going to be all I can think about. 🙃
Maybe I'll be lucky and I can work on designing a nice garden or something to multitask.
radmaenadToday at 11:24 AM
@DonutKing69 tall guy who doesn’t stand all the way up? he seemed nice. great lipstick.
actually, he quoted poetry at one point, maybe it was Angel in disguise
(not srs)
also hi, @maj1ko ! who are you?
ah, i see who generated your invite code, that’s neat
did you steal my friend’s phone?
flamingfugaziToday at 11:27 AM
@maj1ko if you reconsider that question mark, pls let us/me know ASAP ty
also….. wait.
“exfiltration.” maenad said
is like
our russian comrade one of them?
shot in the dark but one of the bodies involved in Operation Stunt Double?????
if not, nvm me, i get our super secret reality bending govt beefsticks mixed up sometimes sry
maj1koToday at 11:27 AM
sorry, sorry, i was checking on something
also time differences are a thing
but now i've split my attention just for you!
uh yeah, hi, i got the text and then i was going to respond, but then this started pinging so i was going to come over here but it was going to be awkward and
you know
and now we're caught up!
maj1koToday at 11:29 AM
also wow are literally all of you super connected
that's so fascinating, 👹 really knows so many cool people
oh right you asked about the
yeah, no, i didn't steal anything, i'm supposed to just check in and keep an eye on things and maybe be a little bit of a fancy answering machine but honestly this seemed super interesting so
i promise if i hear something i'll find a way to say something about it. probably nothing specific still
do you people have any idea how unsecure a platform this is, i mean jeez
eringobuttToday at 11:34 AM
yeah, wait a minute, back up
Who is that August guy? do any of you know him? is he here?
*cups hands over mouth* Auuuuuguuuuuust c’mere boy
😂 1
no but really, like, who is he, and why was he there? Why were any of us there, honestly. I was just asleep in my bunk and then suddenly I was in a haunted version of Office Space???
sorry, i’m just new here, carry on
OREOSpeedwagonToday at 11:36 AM
What the fuck is this chat and why do I have 150 new messages in it?
Oh shit.
Hang on. Catching up.
OREOSpeedwagonToday at 11:41 AM
I was working all night, dozed a couple times and felt really weird. I thought it was just because I’ve been burning the candle at both ends, but maybe she was trying to pull me in? My lab partner had to poke me in the ribs a couple times.
Sorry. Okay.
So it looked like a computer?
Or like a game or something?
@sbevans If you want to chat over lunch, let me know. (I’d find designing a garden a break right now, fyi.)
radmaenadToday at 11:43 AM
ok @maj1ko , happy that somebody is tending the fire. if 👹 reaches out to you, please let me know directly, Elliot will want to know
@OREOSpeedwagon yeah, there were literal walls of meaningless computer code at one point that separated the office from the graveyard
oh, and the both infinitely near and far hourglass was full of blood at first, just remembered that
and i don't think she tried to pull anybody into the dream, she was confused to find us there and didn't manifest until i addressed her by name
so if it was a cry for help, it wasn't made with intent
@eringobutt donut king said above that they've met. seemed like a cool guy, knew a lot about dreams and labyrinths, which was weird but he did seem well read
DonutKing69Today at 12:03 PM
Okay, back. Sorry about that. Offices have water cooler chat, we have coffee pot chat. I got cornered by Linda from HR. IDK. Anyhow. Let me read here, cause wow you are all chatty.
@radmaenad Brown hair, scruffy.. uh… model-level, ridiculously good looks? Not that I typically notice things like that. But I had to wake up to that face every morning for a while. (Long story and not what you think.) Anyhow, if so.. Then I def know him.
👀 1
Speaking of unsecure… @flamingfugazi How exactly do you know about that? Actually, don’t answer that here.
Wait. I just reread everything. Hounds. Stunt Doubles.
I am in the dark. I forgot how good some of these people are about keeping secrets when they want to do not-so-legal stuff, cause the rumor mill hasn’t hit these ears yet about an operation on that. Is that the one mentioned? Wait. No. Don’t answer that. Plausible Deniability.
flamingfugaziToday at 12:06 PM
@DonutKing69 lets just say i have connections 😎😎😎
am i doing it right? also pls tell Linda to shove off and quit being "concerned" with Barbara's weight, the shady bitch
@radmaenad model-level looks eh? hm…mind if i get an intro sometime? just to confirm ofc
myoungToday at 12:15 PM
@DonutKing69 Given that @radmaenad is a Hound, I just assumed that they were keeping Hounds up to date and that the most recent deployment was related to rescuing the dreamer. Might not be. I'm not on the books with the Hounds, just adjacent. What the hell are we talking about with Operation Stunt Doubles?
radmaenadToday at 12:16
i think we’re well within “the less we talk about this the better” territory so i am going to politely suggest we leave whatever may or may not be happening both to the professionals and in the air as to whether or not said professionals may or may not be engaged in some sort of activity at all
👍 1
it’s hope from here on out
maj1koToday at 12:16 PM
wait no, i just got here, this was such a good time 🥲🥺🥺
sbevansToday at 12:17 PM
I agree with Wright, honestly. Maybe it's better to just let things proceed how they will. All we can do is hope.
OREOSpeedwagonToday at 12:20 PM
Somebody hit me up if we get a hint about another river, okay?
I’d like to keep tabs on that snake.
Take care everybody.
DonutKing69Today at 12:21 PM
👍 1
Like I said. Discreetly let me know when safe. Less I know, the better. (edited)
flamingfugaziToday at 12:25
lol yea not naming names but someone didnt get the memo about un-security
lets get juicy in person, not on diet MSN
im gettin tacos bye
sbevansToday at 12:25 PM
Wright, I'll catch up with you when I come visit soon??
radmaenadToday at 12:25
hell yeah! soooooon
help i’m so fucking bored

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