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Scene Title Discretion
Synopsis Troubled minds meet after curfew. Discussion commences.
Date July 19, 2010

Central Park

Sometimes you just have to walk.

Sometimes, emotions just run higher than curfew.

And tonight? is one of those sometimes.

It's taken some dodging and the use of Rugby's radar-dish ears and superb nose, but Toby, poor emotionally distraught Toby, has found his way down to Central Park despite the hour. He just needs a little walk, some fresh air. Some greenery. It's not much, but it's something. The man is wearing a fine navy blue silk shirt and pants that seem rather indicative of pajamas, a sight only amplified by the fuzzy blue slippers on his feet. With Rugby at his side, he's pacing a little, sighing and groaning under his breath.

In a similar manner, Monica Dawson is out in the fresh air, too. Although for her, it's more roof hopping and less walking. But, when she gets to the park, as there are no roofs, she sticks to shadows. That is until she sees a certain pajama'd man and a certain dog walking around. And Rugby's ears get to perk a little as she slips out from hiding to come over to Toby's side.

"You're pretty brave, walking around at this hour in your slippers."

As much as Toby felt the ping from Rugby's alertness, he's too distracted by his woes. And thus, when her voice appears at his side, he yelps. "OH! God, I don't have any money, but you can take it all!" He holds up his hands defensively — not a fighter, this one. But he peeks open an eye, and looks at her, and then relaxes. "Oh, it's you! Sweet Monica of the Dance Clubs. How've you been, honey?" Now he's all radiant smiles, pleased to have her at his side and not, say, a mugger, or the cops. "You looked pretty down, last I saw you."

Monica can't help a chuckle at his first reaction and she lifts her own hands, too. "Sorry, didn't mean to scare you." Her head tilts at those last words and she lifts her shoulder a bit. "And you look down tonight. What's on your mind?"

"Oh, it's no problem," Toby says with a smile, and clearly, to him, it's not. "Me? Oh, just a little this and that, nothing terrible. Nothing you need concern your pretty little head with. What brings you out at this hour?" Rugby starts making a little investigation of his own, sniffing into Monica's shoes thoughtfully. Who is this new person?

"Oh, I'm always out at this hour. Got into the habit back in N'awlins and just haven't been able to break it." And apparently… breaking curfew isn't a huge worry for her. "It's a good time to think. And get moving." Monica looks down when Rugby comes over and then she smiles up at Toby, "Who's this?"

"It is. You have a dilemma, and all it takes is a little night air, and pop, all solved! Well… mostly solved anyways." Toby lets out a sigh, and then beams again when she looks at Rugby. "That is my dear little baby. Rugby. Rugby, say hi to Monica. Quietly." And Rugby, ears perked a moment as he looks at Toby, then looks at Monica and lets out a little rrrrr-rowf! It's not a full bark by any means, but it's punctuated with a wiggle and a squirm. Yay!

With a laugh, Monica reaches a gloved hand down to ruffle Rugby's fur affectionately. "He's a beautiful dog." The mimic looks back up and smiles a bit, with just a bare hint of sullen thoughts behind it. "Seriously, if you need to talk… I'm all ears."

Rugby licks her hand and hops a little, happy to be attended to. Toby smiles at the sight, but sighs at her words. "Well…I certainly don't mean this the wrong way, Monica. But I don't know if I can trust you. It's … sensitive information, if you know what I mean?"

"Oh," Monica says as she straightens, "Yeah, of course. I understand that. Sorry." She looks a little sheepish there before her hands slide into her back pockets and she hunts for some… other… topic.

"I'm looking into a job bodyguarding. Security, that sort of thing." That's a lot better than the fact that her apartment recently disappeared.

"It's nothing personal! I think you're a lovely girl. You just know how these things are." Toby smiles, and gestures to her to walk with him as Rugby starts trotting down the walkpath. The new topic, however, is very interesting to him. "Bodyguarding! You?" This is said, of course, with surprise, not contempt. "Oh, well, I suppose you did show that brute in the bar a thing or two. Are you as good at kicking butt as you are dancing?"

"No no, of course. Believe me, I understand. Everyone's entitled to keep things to themselves if they want. Otherwise, we'd all be blurting out everything all the time and then where would we be?" Monica follows along, directing them a bit to a place to walk with better cover, should a cop drive by. "Better," she remarks. It's not narcissism, it's just a fact, apparently. She doesn't even seem to be bragging about it, but rather stating it the same way one might the date of some historical event.

"In a much more honest world, I'd imagine," Toby says wistfully. He follows her off the beaten path, quite pleased in his slippers and PJs to follow along with the so-called bodyguard. Her answer gets a little "Ooo!" and he grins. "I don't suppose you'd mind showing off? I love a good dose of kung fu, now and again! I tried Kung Fu, you know? I'm terrible at it. Tai Chi went a little better."

"You want a demonstration?" Monica blinks at that a bit, but a smile comes to her face a moment later. "Sure, I suppose I could run through a few forms or something for you. I'm assuming by a 'dose' you don't mean being on the receiving end?" She's teasing.

"Well yes, girly! You say you're a rockstar, I want to hear you rock!" Toby beams and puts his hands on his hips, smiling brightly. Her offer, however, gets a chuckle. "I prefer not to be on the receiving end. I'm already having a bad night as it is!"

Monica laughs at his words and shakes her head a bit. "Alright, you just… hang back a little." Once she's found a nice, open spot, she takes a moment to get into a stance… and then she goes through the forms. While it starts more like a fluid dance from form to form, once she gets into it, her movements turn more powerful, deliberate, forceful. And it's probably enough to make him glad he isn't on the receiving end. It's also clear that she knows what she's doing.

Toby does indeed hang back, leaning down to pick Rugby up and cradle him in his arms. "This should be exciting!" he says cheerfully. And he's not wrong: as she moves from form to form, his brows shoot up, impressed. "Oh, wow, that's fabulous!" He beams, clapping a little awkwardly with the dog in the way. "How long have you been training? You must have a black belt, huh?"

"I never had much formal training. Just a few back alley gyms and the like. I'm sure I could pass the tests for the belts, but…" Monica lifts a shoulder, not too worried about the technicalities, apparently. "I believe that people need to know how to defend themselves. Especially women. Especially in this city." You know, where the bad guys fight with viruses and eat buildings. >.>

"I totally agree," Toby says with a nod. "I can't tell one end of a gun from another, so I'm certainly not one to talk about self-defense! You saw how I deftly neutralized you when you snuck up on me." With a wink, he ruffles Rugby's fur and grins. The dog pants amicably, happily squirming in his arms. "Well that is very impressive, in any case!"

"Well, thanks. I like it," Monica says, a smile on her face despite modesty. "And if you ever want to learn a thing or two about self defense, let me know. I'm actually teaching a friend of mine already. Then you wouldn't have to worry so much about robbers sneakin' up on ya," she says with a gently teasing chuckle.

"You are just a teaching genius," Toby grins. "First dancing and now Kung Fu. I am lucky to have met you, Monica! I'll have to teach you singing and… Maybe I could teach you how to blow glass, if you're interested? Oh! And! Next time I have a party, you have to be there." Setting Rugby down, the man claps his hands excitedly. Then he pauses. "…Security and bodyguarding…" Now he looks like he has IDEAS.

"You've got a talent… no reason to hoard it," Monica says, as far as her willingness to teach. "Plus, you'll be surprised how well dancing and kung fu go together." She blinks and the mention of blowing glass, and her head tilts a little, "Huh. Actually, that does sound interesting. I should warn you… I'm a quick study." She smiles and nods her head to his invitation, although those last words turn her expression curious…

"Oh I believe it. Which means I'll likely be just as bad at Kung Fu as I am at dancing. But, you did manage to teach me a thing or two! I'm not so quick a study, unfortunately." Not that it bothers him. Toby winks at her, and then smiles. "It's a beautiful art. I'm sure you'd be super at it! Did I ever give you my card?" He reaches towards his back pocket… which isn't there. Oh. Oops. "Oh, hm. Well…anyways…You can always call on me at Gun Hill. Just poke the little thingy. The button. And find Benton-Ward. It's under B's. Now… how…much discretion is in this bodyguarding-security gig of yours?" Tentative!

"Ah… yes, you did. But…" but my apartment was sucked into a vortex. "I'm afraid I had a… bit of an accident with my apartment. Which means I probably don't have it anymore… but Gun Hill! I know where that is. I'll find you." Her curiosity spikes a bit at his last question, though. "As much as needed. We aren't exactly open for business yet, but I'm pretty sure my boss wouldn't mind having clients before the office opens."

"Oh dear! What happened?" Toby pauses then lifts his brows. "You weren't in Hamilton Heights, were you?" It was all over the papers, after all… "At any rate, Gun Hill is having some…security issues, with a vengeful ex of one of our tenants. I don't suppose we could post you in the lobby…"

"That's… exactly where I was. Top floor, right in the missing bit," Monica says, a bit of a sigh on her lips. But she moves right along to the other topic, though. Better. After all, what could be more normal than crazy exs? "Oh! Goodness. Yeah, I can help out there. Vengeful ex, huh? How vengeful are we talking?"

"Oh my lord, I'm so sorry! You'll have to tell me all about it. Was there really an overlay of DC?" Toby starts walking again, shrugging at the question. "Vengeful enough to break another tenant's arm. I was thinking of putting rugby on watch but even if I do, he can't really attack. See what I mean?"

"The papers talked about that, too?" Monica shakes her head there, seeming a touch uncomfortable. "Well, at least I know I'm not crazy," she mutters to herself a bit. "I do see what you mean. Yeah, I'll come help. Get me what information you can? Description, all that. I'll let the bossman know."

"I have friends who live there," Toby says with a gentle smile. "Anyways we're in a position where we can't call the cops, so discretion is…absolutely paramount. I'll get you all the information I can. Perhaps I'm due for a discussion with the girl…" Hm!

"Discretion is my middle name," Monica says, with playful dramatics, "Right between 'Adventure' and 'Danger'. If you want, I can meet with her, too. We'll get arrangements going. You won't need cops, I promise."

"Excellent! Oh wonderful. Thank you so much. That's excellent. I could kiss you!" But he doesn't. Toby just beams happily, all trace of that earlier upset gone. "Then we can get together and see what's good. I'll talk to my co-super and oh this is wonderful!"

"Why don't you wait until after I actually pull it off," Monica says, her smile wry and crooked. "Alright. So you talk to your people, I'll talk to my people, and we'll get this straightened out. For now, though… I think we better move along. It's not a good idea to linger in one place too long after curfew. You want me to walk you back to Gun Hill?"

"Oh, Monica, silly thing, why wait to kiss a friend? Life is dreadful enough without waiting to pay affection to friends." Toby grins brightly and then gives a flip of his wrist in gesture. "Yes, and please stop by anytime. Apartment 102. Shall we, my dear?" He even offers his arm to her. Fabulously.

Monica looks up at him with an almost studying expression as she takes his arm. "You have a very unique outlook on life," she notes. "And I'll be sure to stop in. When I've settled somewhere permanent, I'll let you know." And it appears they shall, as Monica directs the way back through dark alleys and unseen passages. Careful, this one.

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