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Scene Title Dislocated
Synopsis Dislocated: Thoughts, arms, and locations
Date March 6, 2009

Moab Federal Penitentiary

"Identification Sanders, Niki."

Three days of blurred confusion, the sobering haze of drugs designed to keep large, unruly animals docile. These three, long days have afforded Niki Sanders a long and painful time to consider how she has gotten exactly where it is she resides. Treated like a wild animal, rolled out while strapped to a stretcher, she can hear the chop of helicopter rotors overhead, make out their blurred lines as they trail across her slowly clearing, drug-addled vision.

"Designation 0000121."

Three days ago, her world exploded into something otherworldly. She'd left active duty with the Company, left all of that trouble behind to try and start over in the no-man's land of Staten Island. But no matter how far, how long Niki Sanders seems to run, she can never truly escape her own shadow.

"Registration designation as super strength."

Wheeled out from the helipad by men in black uniforms, she can feel the rough texture of the restraints on her arms, muscles sore and unresponsive from the dull ache of tranquilizers still working their way out of her system. She can remember, in spotty but vivid glimpses the sound of windows shattering, the hiss of tear-gas canisters filling her living room with smoke. She can remember the struggle with a man dressed in black, remember the feeling of his arm snapping in her hands.

"Wheel her in here, please."

From sky to lights overhead, fluorescent bulbs passing by in what looks like a doctor's office. Her mind swims, memories of the crackling snap of tasers striking her body, the feeling of betrayal, of pain, and of helplessness.

"Once she'd given this, she should be safe to keep on green level."

A doctor's voice draws Niki from the drugged haze, her eyes focused on a balding man in a white labcoat, holding a needle in one hand, long and thin, a gleaming length six inches long. His smile is aching, painful, but pales to the sensation of the needle being pressed beneath Niki's jaw, slid up towards the base of her neck. Tranquilizers do nothing for the pain, for the frustration, fear and confusion consuming her.

"This should be quick-acting…"

Fear, adrenaline, pain. Senses clear, pain becomes motivation, betrayal becomes anger, and all of that causes Niki to sink down in herself. Sink down as if drowning in the back of her own mind, even as she herself surfaces in another form.

"…she's harmless right now anyway."

No tranquilizers to keep down the animal caged in her mind.

The restraints flex.

Or her strength.

She'd been making some remarkable progress. Niki and Jessica have been learning to work together. Since the LAST time the police and Homeland Security decided to arrest them. That time, Niki was full of fear and panic. She didn't know what was going on.

This time? She knows. She knows what she can do, and she knows there's no cause for this. And it gives her a white-hot anger. Harmless my ass.

Restraints shred like they're made of tissue paper, as the blonde sits up fast. "What the hell are you people doing? I haven't done anything!" Cleared of the last set of charges.

"Jesus Christ!" The doctor hisses, dropping the empty needle to clatter to the floor, running with slipping steps towards the back door of the office. He slams his shoulder into the wall, one hand slapping out to hit a panic button that sends a red light above the door flashing, and alarm klaxons blaring in the facility.

The two security officers present in the room both reach for telecsoping batons, flicking them out with a snap of their wrists, moving towards Jessica from across the room, "Lie down Miss Sanders! Lie down, Niki, or we'll be forced to subdue you! This is for your own good."

Somewhere far beyond the door the doctor is cowering by, the sounds of rushing bootfalls hitting hard against concrete sound out.

Getting out? That was the smart move. Niki isn't about to move after the doctor, but she looks back to the security guards. Jessica's the one who gives the reply though. "You boys sure you wanna ride this train? Why don't you tell me what you think is going on, and what the hell you're doing black bagging me? I haven't DONE anything."

The guards look back and forth at each other, one holding out his hand, "That's what they all say Miss Sanders. Now just lie down and — " Any attempt at negotiation is crushed flat by the emergence of men in black tactical gear bursting through the door the doctor is hiding by. Faces masked by black cloth, helmets and goggles protecting them as much as it can — the same group that came in to her home and grabbed her in the middle of the night.

The doctor flees through the open door, escaping into the hospital as the security force levels these long, wide rifles at Jessica, the barrels containing a pair of tethered taser darts. No one's moving, no one's doing anything, it's like a standoff, save for that the most dangerous one in the room isn't even armed.

"Just put your hands behind your head, and lay down Miss Sanders, so we can escort you to your cell."

Well, she gave them a chance to explain. Nothing more is going to be said, because as far as Jessica's concerned, talking time is over now. She drops low, to one knee, to take herself as out of the line of fire as she can. One arm snaps out to grab the bed she was laying on, and then her next move is going to be to fling it at the group near the door. No, she's not pulling her strength.

The bed smashes into the two security guards, sending them flying backwards into the taser-rifle wielding security guards. Everyone goes crashing to the floor, followed by the sputtering crackle of discharged rifles firing electrical impulses into the bed frame. The two guards hit directly by the bed aren't moving, their batons rolling to the floor, even as the alarms continue to sound all throughout the prison.

One of the emergency response members struggles up from the tangled pile of prone bodies, reaching for his sidearm to fire with a pop of semiautomatic gunfire, but by the time he's opened fire Jessic has already moved from where she was to much, much closer, "H-holy shit."

Jessica shakes her head. "Idiot. You don't get paid enough to do this. Learn better, if you make it through." She'll reach out an arm fast to grab his gun arm, and then proceed to take it away from him.

The arm, not the gun.

The gun she'll take FROM the arm once the guard has been…disarmed. Weapon in hand, she's at least a little more prepared to get the hell out of here.

Blood sprays along the tile floor, followed by a horrible scream as the guard's arm and the kevlar weave of his clothing are torn apart by the force of Jessica's wrenching motion. The arm is tossed aside, striking the floor with a wet slap as she takes the gun, chambering a round as she levels it down the hall. It's not the door the doctor escaped through and where the security came from where her next problem arrives from though. The door to the helipad swings open with a slam, followed by two more security response team members in black. One dropping to his knee, leveling a taser rifle, the other staning standing firing over his shoulder.

The standing guard manages to fire fist, the dart striking Jessica in the shoulder, sending an intense wave of crackling pain through her body. But like the last time, so much adrenaline is pumping through her system that only one set of taser darts and the voltage they supply simply isn't enough to bring her down.

OW!!!! She shrieks once, and tenses up, but she's still up. Two more, at the door. Well, one of the things that's always helped make her scary is that she's a scary assassin as well as being Evolved. She aims the gun at her attackers, and fires, rapid-fire. She'll empty the clip at them; the goal is as much to get them to back off as to actually hurt them, since she's following it up with a tackle.

The small arms fire pops off one round after another, a fifteen shot clip emptied into the guards in alternating firing patterns. Thankfully, their uniforms are designed for conventional fire, and while one goes down from the shots, it is due more to the cuncussive impact of the rounds stopped by his bodyarmor, and the shots that go stray, hitting his shoulder and legs with flashes of red and sprays of blood on tile.

The second guard, still up, is the recipient of Jessica's tackle. As she charges him, her heart pumps not just adrenaline through her circulatory system. And when she finds herself locked hand in hand with the Moab Security Guard, she isn't splitting him in half as she applies pressure to his limbs.

The moment of shock is followed by a headbutt, striking Jessica on the brow, sending her stumbling back. There's a click, a pop and a crackle as another taser strikes her. this one in the stomach, a side-arm carried by the guard. She reaches down, grabbing the cables to yank them out, feeling her strength waning. Then, three more taser darts strike her in the back, more security force emerging from the other side, the buzzing pop of the electrocuted lines filling the air with her growling screams.

Like a caged tiger, Jessica crumples to the ground under the assault of so many electrodes firing into her body. The guards swarm in, keeping the charge flowing.

"Send her to Yellow Level for the night!" The doctor's voice cries out from down the hall, "And someone get emergency medical staff in here!"

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