Disney Or Shakespeare


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Scene Title Disney Or Shakespeare
Synopsis It's a reunion of the Forthright crew! (Almost.) Asi and Silas ask the members of BOOM to help with Silas's Redd problem.
Date December 17, 2019

Cat's Cradle

The upside— if there's an upside to this war-torn remnant of New York with questionable power, water, and general connectivity— is that it's a fairly easy place to fly under the radar. Surveillance systems here didn't hold a candle compared to other first-world countries given the rebuilding taking place here. So Asi doesn't bother with little more than wearing her hood up against the cold, snugly secured to her head under the helmet she's wearing. "Almost there," she says to Silas over her shoulder.

She'd thought about walking, but decided against it in this weather, and with Silas still recovering. And she had to admit, this Mantis bike proved an interesting, surprisingly smooth ride across the Safe Zone.

The four-wheeled bike slows after rounding a corner faster than it had a right to, Asi's inner speed demon satisfied with the handling. "I might just need one of these," she murmurs to herself as she lets the Mantis come to an idle before the Cat's Cradle. Asi pats the bike twice and its electric thrum quiets entirely. "You first." she tells Silas, instinct telling her she needs to keep the bike steady even though its design doesn't require that. It's polite, at any rate.

Inside, there's not many around midday on a Tuesday. Aside from employees, there's a drunk at the bar Asi recognizes from when she was here this time last year. But they're headed downstairs, so she doesn't bother milling, indicating the direction they should take with a nod of her head before crossing the bar.

"ただいま, Eve," Asi announces herself as she starts down the stairs.

Seven months, three bullets, and several major surgeries after the initial premier of the Mantis, Silas finally ends up with a chance to ride one.

He still thinks it's rad.

Later, looking back, he'll probably also be able to lump Asi's driving into that category; watching from an outside vantage point, it'd probably have looked rad as hell. But from the vantage point of a passenger on a motorcycle…

…well. She'd gotten them to their destination in good time and without incident. Hard to ask for more than that, and if he's feeling a bit queasy, a bit shaky, well, that's on him. Christ. One nasty surprise and suddenly you're old. Get it together, man, he thinks to himself. Sound advice, that.

At Asi's prompt, he takes a deep breath, his eyes flickering left and right to survey the scene behind the shaded visor of his own helmet; he sees nothing out of the ordinary, which… is not a guarantee of safety, nor particularly reassuring, but it's the best he can get… so he eases himself off the bike. Hello Cat's Cradle, my old friend… he thinks to himself… it's the wrong song, but he's feeling more Simon and Garfunkel than Cat Stevens at the moment.

He heads for the door with the easy stride of someone who is neither in a hurry nor recovering from fairly serious injuries. Hydrocodone is still not on Silas's list of favorite things, but if he's going to be out of Kain's Bolthole of Solitude and actually doing things, he needs to have his shit together, and horrible pain is generally not conducive to that. Being on hydrocodone may also not be ideal for that, but… maybe it's the fact that he's actually doing something, working on a way to get through this mess instead of just laying helplessly, but he feels closer to his old self. Besides, Asi's with him; if he starts getting too loopy, hopefully she can check him.

He shrouds himself from the few people in the bar as he steps in, falling in behind Asi as she heads for the stairs leading down.

"Entra Asi,"

Comes the familiar voice of one Eve Mas, it does sound different than Silas is use too but at the same time not at all, her spirit remains the same throughout. "Yoohooo!"

Eve is pacing back and forth with her nose down in one of her sketchbooks, flipping through the pages earnestly, crimson glowing eyes scanning the drawings rapidly before turning the page. She really didn't want to accidentally ruin any of these. "Just looking through old visions, I have help!" Turning her wide grin on her friends who have shown up today.

The Oracle Room reminds Silas much of Mad Eve's cabin on the deck of the Forthright. Miscellaneous items line the shelves, trinkets, a few animal skullls, the vibrant colored rugs and pillows laying on top of the other but the thing that connects this place to the familiar are all the paintings hanging around the space, others stacked against each other leaning on the wall. Although they are of a very different world's future. One of the most prominent being of the Three Mothers standing in front of the world. Another depicts a firefly flickering out of existence slowly. A symbol, scratched into a canvas sits almost covered by a sheet, it's done in all red the paint drops resembling splotches of blood. Candles are lit all around the room, it's not as smoky as it can be but there are still fumes. The hookah was just going.

The pale woman's dark green dress rustles as she moves, it doesn't have a slit up the side like her usual attire, Eve doesn't feel on high alert today. She's just, coasting. She looks younger but that face still holds the same constant level of mischief that Mad Eve's does. Not the same, are her eyes which glow with a crimson light. Or the streaks of lightning or vapor that sometimes emit from her body.

"Oh hello!" As she notices Silas beside Asi.

A flushing sound from an offshoot, unmarked door follows with that of running water. It's the little things, such as the joys of actual working infrastructure, that Luther Bellamy can appreciate over several years - decades, even - of not having such basics at his disposal. Lucky for him, he has friends willing to put up with him, for all his grumpy and sometimes drunken nature. The WC door swings open to reveal the man freshened up a bit, though looking no less grizzly when he does appear. The swelling of the cut on his brow is healing nicely. He steps out, only to stop upon finding that the number of occupants in the Oracle room have increased.

Asi, he recognizes, but Silas… "What is it with you and bringin' in strays to us," Luther grumbles at the Japanese woman. Eve might find that statement highly ironic coming from him. It's not his sanctuary, however. It's just a place to settle, to meditate upon the state of the world, to remain in a holding pattern until some as of yet unheard call to action. And perhaps to keep Eve 'stable'. In any case, at least this time Silas looks unthreatening enough there's no immediate rush at the man. Speaking to the other man's condition, Luther adds flatly, "Y' alright? You look like shit."

"Luther— you were a stray once," Monica says as she stands up to her feet from one of the floor pillows. She sports a tank top that is not good for the weather outside, but it shows off her practically brand new — shiny, black— cybernetic arm and that works for her. It's the only tell that she's still flipping out over it on the inside. That and the fact that once she's on her feet, she comes over to give Asi a warm hug.

A gentle cyborg hug.

She pivots, her arm lingering around Asi's shoulder, to point a finger at Silas. "I know this dude's face," she says, "not in this timeline though. Which one is he?"

No one made her sign an NDA. Maybe they should have.

Asi doesn't have the same warmth in her Monica does, not in the same way. She barely returns the hug but lets her arm loop around Monica's waist, cementing their position joined at the hip. An eyebrow quirks at her at the mention of timelines, but it rolls off her shoulders without immediate mention. Everyone's got their secrets, it seems, when it came to visions of other worlds.

"You know, he has a nickname for you, too," she teases instead, her expression deadpan save for a smile that only creases the corner of her eyes. "Maybe you should exchange those first before we dive into the rest." After, Asi's gaze goes to Luther next, a subtle lift to her shoulders. "I made this one leave his body armor at the door, at least." she tells him.

It's an apology, months late, an entire repeated scenario late. And it's quickly glossed past.

The technopath's arm unwinds from around Monica so she can gesture to her tagalong. "This is John Silas Dantes. Silas has a… unique problem requiring a creative solution. And I know how much you like fun things like that. If you are willing to hear his story, we could use help in solving his problem."

Eve's lair looks — still, even across the reach of possibility — like Eve's lair. The knick-knacks and various Preciouses (yess, yesssssss, the Precccioussss) scattered about are different, but there's still the same general sense of a life lived with the throttle jammed to full and all the stops pulled out. And Eve herself… it's still a bit shocking, really, seeing how young she looks. The red lightning and glowing eyes… actually aren't that shocking. Mad Eve didn't actually do that, but it often felt like she should.

Once Eve offers her greeting — Silas reaches up and removes his helmet, offering a nod and a small, but genuine smile in return. "Hello, Eve," Silas says quietly.

His head turns at the noise of running water — he observes the man emerging from the bathroom with a faint frown. Something about him seems familiar… though the man's gruff greeting draws first a raised eyebrow, then a faint snicker. It's always nice to be told you look like shit… though Silas knows well enough that he's not actually wrong.

Then Monica speaks up, and Silas's grin is replaced by a momentary look of shock… and then another smile as he shakes his head. Monica is still Monica, it seems. The cyborg arm isn't distracting in the least; Monica being Monica, she owns it.

That thought is enough to bring Silas's grin back… although his eyes widen a bit when Asi brings up the nickname he'd had for her. He gives her a glance that's somewhere between incredulous and amused, though it fades to a more sober expression as Asi completes the introductions.

He nods to her. "Thanks, Asi," he says, before glancing to Monica. He hesitates for a moment, considering. "You mentioned other timelines," he says slowly, thinking. "That's good; saves me some explaining. The short of it is that I come from one of them; a world where the Vanguard's big plan to nuke Antarctica didn't get stopped, and they were able to drown the whole world."

"I was chief engineer aboard a ship called the Forthright — a ship captained by Mad Eve." His gaze shifts to Eve for a moment, before drifting back to Monica. "There was… a version of you there, too, Monica; she was the first mate."

He takes a deep breath. "Anyway. I was able to cross over, and for awhile everything was great. Problem is there's a version of me here, too, and he's… not great. He's got a talent for killing people, enough blood on his hands that they wanted to try him at Albany, and he's after me," Silas says grimly. "Asi thought maybe you could help."

"A man who looks like him…" Then Silas is further explaining and Eve's eyes widen as she looks to Monica and Luther, "The Old Me! She said I'm Egg," Eve grins widely and wraps her arms around herself.

I miss youuuu old lady me!

"Well then! Welcome to this plane of existence! If you're a friend of the Old Lady then you're a friend of mine!" That was easy enough. Eve leans in and shakes her head. "This just won't do! The Albany Trials, we know all about those huh guys?"

Though it is… disturbing to hear about Silas' alternate.

Former stray for sure, certainly a bit of a current one, Luther presumes to earn his keep when he moves over to resume a position not far from the door. A witting bouncer's posture, so to speak. Thankfully Asi's apology goes over well - Luther mirrors a one-sided shrug. Don't worry about it. At least, not today.

When the talk spins into visions of other timelines, though, Luther regains his focus upon the man with double trouble. Unlike the others, though, he did sign an NDA and therefore the situation becomes a bit more delicate to navigate. Still, 'Mad Eve' and 'First Mate Monica' are too good to pass up - the ladies get respective brow-raised looks from Luther to see if they believe this.

But of course they do. They all do. He’s just double checking.

"How does he know you're here in the Safe Zone?" asks Luther, eyeing the man over. "Are those because of him?" Those being the injuries the other man is apparently trying to power through. Luther knows how that feels.

"We're pretty good at creative solutions," Monica says as she reaches a hand out toward Silas at the introduction, "Good to meet you. And don't worry about the weird stuff, this is a safe space for that kind of thing." Timelines, doppelgangers, the works.

She tilts her head when he describes the world he came from and their role within it. "Rad. Swashbuckling pirate was what I wanted to be growing up." She swings her attention over to Luther, "Who was the guy in Waterworld? Oh— " She snaps her fingers and turns back to Silas. "Okay, Costner. So your double here is a bad dude and he's not appreciative of having a lookalike. That is exactly the kind of stuff we like to poke at." And luckily, the other Silas isn't the only one with a talent for killing.

Asi settles her hands in her pockets while she addresses Luther's question. "Redd, as he goes by, discovered Silas because he was doing very little to hide himself. He owns a boat," hopefully current and not past tense, "he was renovating to turn into a place of business. On Halloween, Redd invited himself aboard and tried to kill him." She doesn't frown, but it's clear Asi is displeased by that turn of events.

"If the double is not dealt with, he will likely come again for Silas as soon as he shows his face. And next time, it is possible he may not appear alone. For as personal as this might be for him, a source confirmed Redd affiliates with the d'Sarthe group." Asi pauses for a beat, looking to Monica. Usually her sources weren't something she went into detail, but this one seems innocent enough, being a mutual acquaintance. "Damaris." she clarifies.

Silas nods appreciatively to Eve; it's always nice to hear that you're welcome. Granted, he's been here for nearly a year now, but that's not really material; the sentiment is what's important, and it is definitely appreciated.

Monica's greeting sees his grin broaden; he takes the offered hand and gives it a firm shake. "Good to hear, and well met," he says. Then, at her Costner reference, his grin widens further, a twinkle of merriment in his eye. "Ha! Costner!" he snickers. "You're lucky, you got one that's the same. Where I come from, some of the casting choices came out a little different; I'm still not used to Harrison Ford in Blade Runner…" he chuckles.

Luther's questions sober him up a bit, though. He nods ruefully to Luther; as Asi answers the questions, his gaze shifts to her, and he nods again as she finishes.

"I rounded a corner and got three bullets in the gut. The only reason I'm alive right now is that… Redd…" he says, his face twisting into a grimace at that name. "Redd had questions he wanted answered before I sailed off into the Stormfront. If he hadn't, he'd have just walked up and shot me in the head right then and there."

"I am very lucky to be alive right now," he adds quietly; his gaze flickers to Asi for a moment — the primary reason he is still alive — before turning back to the group, his face solemn.

"The Old Me, she was nice! Did you have adventures? First Mate Monica! We did it Moni!" Pirates and gold, Eve never asked Mad Eve about her riches but now she could ask Silas for all the details. The poor guy had no idea what he just opened himself up to. Eve questions.

"What a nasty present to give to yourself! Three bullets." Eve is offended for Silas, this cannot stand. She claps her hands together and leans forward. "Don't you worry Siguy, we'll protect you from your murderous other self. Have you tried to bang him over the head and dose him with some heavy LSD? He'll start singing,"

The pale woman looks between her friends Witt a hopeful expression on her face, she is always down to drug the bad guys. "Maybe this isn't the best time for drugs…." Eve never thought she'd see the day. "Hm. Who are these d'Sarthe dudes, macho macho men?" If they aren't whose to say what that tells Eve but she seems to be trying to gauge if the group are dangerous or not.

Luther's frown deepens upon hearing the essential origin story of Silas' trouble, such that the Waterworld reference doesn't budge his expression much. The d'Sarthe group mention only tightens his jawline. He looks over at Monica, then back to Asi and Silas. "Rumors are they went straight to buy up Staten Island. That means they have resources. But just because they got deeper pockets doesn't mean they don't walk crooked." He can only eye Eve somewhat for her ideas about drugs, pressing fingers against the bridge of his nose. But he pushes off the wall and heads for the stash of liquor kept down in the room.

As he picks out a glass, Luther rumbles out, "You really should get to a hospital. And, you should tell SESA. Aren't they supposed to take care of that sort of thing? What's stopping you?" He's pouring a double for himself, but he turns to the others and holds up the bottle in offer. But he hasn’t outright rejected the notion of helping, either. Luther, as the other Boom members know, sometimes ruminates. Sometimes, the fuse is long.

"d'Sarthe is a mob boss," Monica says, her head shaking, "The real estate thing is a cover. Something to clean is money. He used to supply the local gangs with weapons back in New Orleans. In exchange for their loyalty. He's doing the same thing here. SESA might try to help, but if they could handle d'Sarthe and friends, he'd be handled by now." Pacing the floor, Monica looks over at Asi and Silas, her head tilting.

"So how do we find your double? Seems like you need to give him back those bullets you borrowed." Monica isn't a long fuse. She's either in or out from moment one. "We need to find out what he's doing for the mob, make sure this isn't going to come back on you even if Redd is gone. If this is about more than just a guy not liking to share his face." She glances over at Eve, her head shaking. Not because she disagrees with any of the ideas presented, but because she's juggling contingencies. What if it is bigger than just Redd himself? She doesn't mind jumping into that fight— again— but she's not sure the others will be so ready.

“I would be willing to bet good money what he did for the Linderman Group is what he is doing for d’Sarthe. After all, he is another thug wearing fine clothing.” Asi quips. As far as she’s concerned, that’s that. But Monica was right — they needed to be sure, and to be certain about their lure. Luther’s practical advice is met with a long look, and she shares a glance for a moment with Silas.

“They’re aware, and he’s been,” she explains because that’s easy. Kain and his paranoia is another story, even if the paranoia is well-placed. “It’s just…” and Asi tapers off, gesturing for Silas to pick up the thread on that one.

After, she looks back between Eve and Monica, since they’re clearly on board with this. “An idea was floated to have Silas resurface again, as bait to draw him out.” She seems none too happy about that. “It’s a last-resort option, if we fail to dig up more about what he’s doing.”

Silas raises an eyebrow as Eve speaks; clubbing his evil twin and giving him acid would be… interesting, yes. It's a mental image that Silas can't help but dwell on in a sort of horrified fascination. Luther's bottle of booze brings him back to the present; as Luther offers the bottle to the group, Silas makes an appreciative noise, starts to raise a hand in interest… then stops himself, grimacing. Pills and alcohol are not a good mix.

Sounds like Eve and Monica are in, though; encouraging! Luther looks to be somewhat more reticent, yet. Silas nods as Asi speaks. "Yeah. Like Asi said… this is the after picture," Silas says dryly. "They took me straight to the hospital after I got shot, otherwise we wouldn't be havin' this conversation. Not without a Ouija board, anyway," he says, shrugging apologetically. "As to SESA…" he grimaces, pausing a moment as he considers where to start with this one.

"I talked with one of their guys in the hospital; they're definitely investigating, but it's kinda hard to throw out APBs without catching me in there as well, which would be… problematic. My presence in this world is a conspiracy," he explains, his eyes slipping to Monica for a brief moment, "and it's sitting smack dab in the middle of a bunch of confidential state secret type stuff. Only reason I can even talk about this is because, if nothing else, Asi's already probably given you the general rundown anyway."

Silas pauses, looking back to Luther with a more serious expression. "But here's the other thing. They know about this guy. They've known since before I landed here. They have to have known, otherwise I'd have been having long and interesting conversations with various law enforcement personnel long before this; part and parcel of the whole 'my evil twin is a serial killer' bit," he says, with a momentary flash of deadpan humor.

His voice is serious when he continues, though. "And I'd bet a silver dollar against a wooden nickel on what Asi said: that he's been killin' for d'Sarthe just like he was killin' for Linderman. God knows how many bodies that man's put in the ground, and they still haven't managed to catch him." He lets that one sit a moment. "This guy is deadly, and he moves like a goddamn ghost… but I know how his best trick works, and I know who he's after. If we can lure him in, get the drop on him, we might be able to take him down; maybe even take him alive, get him that date with Albany he's been dodgin'. But I can't do it alone."

"Thugs," She knows the like from her days growing up in the city. Eve slides her tongue over the front of her teeth and runs her fingers along her arms while hugging herself and swaying from side to side. "Hit them where it hurts, their coin purses." Heh heh. These are all just ideas from the former terrorist, there are always multiple avenues to reach the end goal.

"A trap?" Eve's eyebrows raise and she begins to look hungry, she liked those. "Bait, yes yes. Excellent idea. Dangle you by the ankles and yank you right out before he can touch that handsome face, mmm?" It's settled it seems from how the three people begin to plan and gain intel, Boom is in.

Hopping to her feet with a buzz of lightning, Eve slides across the floor on bare feet and reaches up to pull a whiteboard down. It's freshly wiped, save for a tiny doodle of some sort of flying creature in the corner.


She writes in big black letters and taps the end of the felt marker on her chin dotting her skin with dark ink but Eve doesn't seem to notice. "Any thoughts? Every mission needs a name." Something strikes Eve suddenly and she whirls around towards Silas, "What is your shared trick?" She had picked up on what he said.

Alas. The reminder that pills and whiskey aren't a good combo and to drink responsibly result in the bottle being tucked away. "Gideon the Goon," utters Luther around the lip of his drink. "Now with fancier duds, trickier thugs." His eyes follow Monica's pacing, comparatively placid. But it's only on the surface, as those who know Luther would recognize. He's aching for action as much as Monica. Distraction from other things, perhaps.

In the lines of questions being asked, he turns to briefly study Asi. Grey eyes squint at the technopath. Luther tilts back his drink, downing the rest. "What's in it for you?" The question rolls off bluntly, but it comes without heat. "Doing all this conspiracy simply based on the Power of Friendship?" Or, as his glance over to Monica and Eve suggests, he thinks there could be more.

But Luther has been this way ever since Japan. Maybe before Japan. Definitely after. Unsettling and unsettled.

"Um," Monica says as Eve jumps on the idea of bait, "Let's not put our new friend in the line of fire as like, Plan A. He barely survived last time." She looks up toward the ceiling as if to ask why me. And that look only deepens when Luther adds to the conversation. "Luther, you've done crazier stuff for friendship, so let's not throw stones in glass houses and all that. Sheesh, you all are falling apart since Boomer— went— on vacation."

Yes that's what happened.

She turns her attention to Silas and Asi, hands pressed together, "Step one is the information stage. We find out all we can about Redd and what he's doing for d'Sarthe. If we can limit this to just us and him, that's cleaner. But if this is part of something bigger, we find out all we can before we pull in some bigger guns. Silas, you tell us how to counter whatever he's got going for him, we learn his routine, we corner him when he's at his most vulnerable. Are you looking for like… the Disney ending or the Shakespeare ending? Bad guy goes to jail? Bad guy goes into the dirt?" They can manage either one, really, although one is more… direct than the other. "Once we have information, we can build a more specific plan on how to corner him. We only use the bait plan if there is no other option."

Asi lets out a small sigh as she takes in Eve's enthusiasm for the most nuclear options. Getting all of d'Sarthe's people angry at them was supposed to be the thing to avoid, but she's not going to try talking her down at the moment. As for a name for their venture? "Schadenfreude?" she wonders aloud. It seemed to the point, at least. She'd very much like to see this Redd brought to justice. And besides, something like doppelganger felt too obvious.

Rather than answering Luther, either sincerely or firing back a question about why he went to Japan, the technopath's gaze slides over to Monica, silent through her observations. The question of how this all ends draws her back to the moment. "I think there is a preference for Disney, but I am not opposed to Shakespeare if that's the only chance we end up getting." She doesn't mean to speak for Silas, necessarily, but sometimes you had to spring for whatever justice you could get your hands on. Asi lifts one hand in a shruglike gesture. "d'Sarthe's darker works have not left much of a digital footprint, but I will continue to dig on that end."

Hand closing, she glances back in Luther's direction for a moment, holding that look while her hand falls back to her side. She ends up saying nothing. Perhaps pointing out her pool of friends is so small that the people in this room make up most of them is a touch depressing. Or perhaps it might invite a snipe back, given he seems to be in a mood. Her gaze breaks free. "At any rate, your support on this means a lot. There are few people I would feel safe turning to for this."

Silas listens as the others speak; Eve's question is the most pertinent, but he doesn't interrupt as the others pose their own. His eyebrows rise as Luther questions Asi; he's a bit curious as to what she'll say to that.

Nothing, as it turns out. Well, fair enough. It's at the end, when she states how much their support means, that Silas speaks again. "To answer the questions posed," he begins, looking first to Monica. "I prefer the Disney ending if it's at all possible, but if things go sideways and it turns Shakespeare… so be it," he says, though the reluctance in his voice is obvious.

He takes a deep breath. "I'd say, though, that you've got the right of it, Monica. I've got no love of d'Sarthe, but if we start a war with him, people are probably gonna end up dead. If we can keep it down to just us and Redd, so much the better."

That's the good news. "The bad news, though, is that countering what he's got going is… gonna be tricky." Now he looks over to Eve. "His trick is… he can make you not notice he's there. You can be watchin' for the guy and just… not see him. Not notice him walkin' right by you. Not until he puts a bullet in you." He looks glum.


Eve hurriedly jots that down and and gives Silas a deep, penetrating gaze as he recounts the "talent."

"Oh my," Quickly she jots that down and the name of Redd's employers. Taking care to write in big, bold letters: SIGUY IS NOT BAIT UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. WE WANT A DISNEY ENDING. Waggling her eyebrows in Monica's direction with a snort. SEE!

"Does that mean you're the princess we're saving? Hm hm." Tapping her chin again with more marker she's got a little goatee now.

"Information, time to do some sniffing. Miss Asi have you dove into their online records? Maybe there are little doves in the network, sent between Redd and his bosses."

Eve is also trying to decide how a Disney ending is possible, maybe they could all sing a song….

She knows just the one!

Luther sends a sharp look at Monica for the reminder of Chess' "vacation". He hunches, frowns, and petulantly grumps in the very mood she describes. But he does fall back into silence as they discuss options and outcomes.

The description of Silas' talent and the secret skill of their opponent narrows his gaze. Between Disney and Shakespeare, it's pretty obvious which one he's currently in favor of.

"Alright, well… Once we've got some more to work off of, we'll see what we can do and set it up." Luther lumbers back towards the corner where the food for when the munchies hits is kept. "Now, make yourselves comfortable," he instructs, "I'll make you a sandwich."

He'll try for Disney. Because, friendship. See?

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