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Scene Title Dissemination
Synopsis Four Ferrymen meet with the purpose of sharing and spreading information.
Date August 8, 2011

In Dreams…

It's late. Later than most people would be out, particularly in these times, in this place. But there is a saying - no rest for the weary. This is what keeps Barbara Zimmerman working this later, seated with her chin propped against her hand, leaning against the small, impromptu desk that sits in front of her. Papers are strewn across it with notes, reports, and various bits of information of varying importance, some ready to be disseminated amongst the Ferry. But there are still some things to be handled before the evening is out. One sits before her, and the other should be here any moment. Already having sent for aid in preparation for everything to be sent out, Barbara angles her gaze up at the woman across from her, and eyebrow raised.

"Do you think we can get a hold of them without too much trouble?" The supplies, that is. "With the trouble we've had lately, we need to make sure we're not walking into anything that's going to go south on us…" She lets out a weary sigh, leaning back and staring upwards for a moment. "Though I guess we don't really have much choice at the moment."

"I think that if we get the more careful folks on it, it should be okay." Delilah certainly doesn't look the part she's here to play. Whereas most of them these days dress in hand-me-downs or thrift shop buys, Councilwoman Trafford is all but wound up in a chest-baring, blousy top and a charcoal pencil skirt. The cinched belt makes that waspish middle age even more pronounced, as she sits almost sidesaddle in her chair. More like she walked out of an internet pinup site, rather than Pollepel Island, or the ruins of the city. No questions asked, though. Flicking a coil of long red hair behind her shoulder again, she uses that hand to manage the mane from her head while looking over a paper in her other.

"Anything could go south on us, hon." She smiles through a delicately painted set of features to Barbara, eyes both mirthful and weary. "We're just in that kind of business! Sometimes we go so south that we come out on the top of the globe, right?" The joke is only slightly off its mark- she must have used up most of her wit earlier in the meeting. Surely. "We won't die without this stuff, but it's got some things that we should really have on hand. Necessity often breeds success, for us."

Monica slips in during the chat, quiet as ever, and she comes over to lean against the edge of the desk. She doesn't need to get caught up, she knows the discussion that's on the table. But when she speaks, it's to Barbara. "The patrols through the wasteland are more sporadic. We'll have to think on our feet and watch carefully the day we move. We've been watching them for weeks and there's no real pattern to their sweeps. They know we're out here, and all we need to do is step wrong to bring their attention down on us. But it is doable. Even they don't have the manpower to cover everything all the time."

There's a glance over to Delilah, and while Monica has never been totally comfortable with the woman's line of work, there's no judgment, either. "Might do well to put a couple extra hands on this one. People more familiar with the nooks and crannies out there. And better suited to cover if something happens."

While Delilah's outfit may be a little more posh, Elaine's screams functionality and comfort rather than appearance. Hair gathered up in a messy bun which seems to be held in place by a pair of pencils, a simple button up shirt and jeans are worn under a long brown duster that seems to be a size or two too big for her. Pushing back a strand of hair that has escaped (pencils can't hold everything!), she slips in shortly after Monica, though she remains silent save for her fingers drumming lightly on the leather of a notebook in her free hand.

It isn't until there's a pause in conversation that she chimes in. "So we have to move again?" It's not a whine by any account, more of a tired sigh from Elaine at the thought of having to move yet again. It's a necessity, but moving people, especially kids, can be tricky. "Best we can do is be organized and informed when we make our move, I guess." A pause. "Or we can try and let some 'information' slip into their hands and try and misdirect them when we move."

There's a few small nods as Barbara listens to Delilah, leaning back forward just in time for Monica to enter. She offers a bit of a small smirk, eyes closing for a moment as she takes a brreath. "We won't die withuot this stuff, but what if the next expedition goes wrong? Or the one after it? We can't really risk it, not until we have… well, the closest we could have to a full pantry, so to speak. I guess you're right, about that." Fingers tap for a moment, and she nods. "I'll ask around. See who can spare some time that can go without creating too much of a ruckus or anything. Do you have any suggestions?" Things can get pretty thin, at times. Barbara isn't always sure who's available and who isn't.

Monica and Elaine's arrivals are greeted with a wide smile, Barbara offering a hand to each of them. "Thank you both for coming by," she remarks tiredly, leaning back in her seat. Attention is turned first to Monica. And of course, this comes with a little sigh at the information that's just been shared with her. "Which means that getting supplies is going to get even harder now. Have you passed that on to Raith or anyone else yet? If not, I'll make sure it gets out with everything else." Fingers drum on the table, Barbara looking decidedly nonplussed. Not that she expected anything to get easier, but even to her sometimes things seem almost a little bit discouraging.

"You shouldn't need to move again," Barbara replies. 'I don't think so, at least. Nothing shows they're making any moves in the near future, that I've heard of. Special Activities might no better, but I believe they would have told you by now. Sent someone to help pack up." The misdirection idea gets a raised eyebrow. "Do you have an idea, Elaine?"

Delilah, at first, was quite- offended- when she would get stares for simply working at Saint Clare's. Even if she didn't get as involved as the other girls, so to speak. Over the many years since, she grew indifferent. She had to. Even now, when Delilah operates her own building, there is the odd glance. For the most part, if anyone feels as Monica does, they silently accept it, as Monica also does. Dee appreciates this, even if it often goes unsaid.

"Yes. I think some support bodies would be a good idea too, if you all agree that there needs to be." Delilah nods her head once for the others, picking up another paper to seemingly compare to the other. "Aside from that, just be able to cover yourselves if you need an exit on stage left before you have time to get anything." When Elaine speaks up, Delilah starts; it is quite possible she was too absorbed in reading to see her slink in after Monica.

"We could. That's up to what SpecAct thinks is best." Not her area, even if she can be handy with logistics- a master of tactics Ms. Trafford is not. "If you've got an idea, we can hear it."

"I've got a few names in mind. I'll see who's willing and able when the time comes. And don't worry, I got one of the boys running word up the chain." Monica looks over Elaine's way, casting a smile in her direction. "Not just yet. Nothing seems to point to them knowing exactly where to look. They're just keeping those sweeps up, hoping to catch something in the net. If the situation changes, word'll come down."

Her next move is to point a finger in Delilah's direction, "Exactly. It's about thinking on your feet and being quick about the supply runs."

Elaine shrugs lightly, letting her gaze shift around the room. She stifles a tiny yawn moving to find a place against the wall where she can lean against it—there, but out of the way. "I was thinking… if things are getting hot and they're looking extra hard, why not let them find something? Let them think we've slipped up. We do our best to stage something. Maybe let them get ahold of a coded message. We make it simple enough that they're able to decipher it, let it lead them to somewhere that seems logical for us to have been or be moving to. It'd have to be well-staged, but it could be a useful diversion that we could use once to keep the heat off when we're actually trying to do something. It'd only work once, though, because unless we were amazing at staging, they'll figure out quickly that we duped them."

"I am wary of giving them anything that they can decipher too easily. Any cipher too old might be suspicious, and anything too recent might still be seeing use," Barbara folds her arms down on the desk, grimacing a bit. "But, I know you would know something more about that then myself. I would recommend talking to SpectAct, or going with Monica to speak with someone about. It's certainly an idea worth trying." And likely not the firs time such misdirection has been tried, in all these years, but any idea is an idea worth trying. "Perhaps Catherine can help you as well, coming up with something to send out."

Silent for a moment, Barbara simply stares ahead, as if in thought. "Do you have the time now to help get this information ready to be sent out, Elaine? I've heard stories of how hectic it can get at your home, and I'm unaware of how busy Sable is." This, of course, said with a bit of a grin. "And I'd hate to keep you, if you must be heading out. I can find Catherine later, if need be." She nods in Delilah and Monica's directions, still hunched over the desk as she looks down at papers. "Get any names the two of you have in mind together. I'll make sure they get to whoever's going to end up arranging these expeditions."

"At a certain point, they will not know what is true or false and simply send men to any single incidents they catch wind of. We would only need to use the misdirection sparingly, as we have been. If Monica and hers like what they see, I don't see why they can't." Delilah knows how it feels to have matches lit between one's toes, there is no doubt. "Maybe there should be a code we use for dupes, eh? Hah." She laughs dryly and lifts herself to stocking feet, crossing the room to pick up her purse and pry her way through it. Meanwhile, she listens to Barbara ask into coding the stuff they have on the table.

"If you think you want to do these, Elaine-" Delilah gestures at the tabled items, her other hand now occupied by a brassy, feminine flask. "I can watch Adel and Robert for however long. You guys know I'm good for some babysitting."

"If it's a trick we can only use once, better keep it for something really big. No reason to use distraction if we don't need to, but we will certainly need to from time to time. You know I'm no good with strategy, but I know when not to tip your hand too early." Monica nods over to Elaine, "Come see Raith. It'd be good to have something in the works like that."

The mention of the kids never fails to get a smile from the lady warrior, "Ditto for us. You know those kids are always welcome. Micah wouldn't mind the company, either." That would be her son, Jaiden Micah, of course. Not her long lost-to-the-ether cousin. Old enough to watch the kids on his own by now, but still young enough to be more a peer than the older kids.

"I didn't mean something basic, I just mean something tangible enough to fool them. Hard enough to seem real, but not one of my real complex stuff. I figure it's good to use sparingly, but we can set something up… just in case, you know?" The tall redhead suggests from her position against the wall.

Shifting her weight, Elaine gives a nod towards Barbara, then another towards Delilah. "Help with the kids is always appreciated, plus they enjoy getting out a little. They're a handful but since Delilah's offered, I should have plenty of free time—between her and Sable. Just show me what needs done."

I have to agree with Monica," Barbara remarks as she gathers up her notes and papers. "We have to be careful with something like this, for fear of overuse and timing. I do think it is a good idea worth investing some thought and time into. Monica? If you would say something to SpecAct and let me know how things go, Delilah or I will let Elaine know what the word is." Barbara gives a slow nod. smiling a bit.

"You're sure?" Barbara quirks an eyebrow as she looks between Delilah and Elaine. "Alright, good. We need to get this out as soon as possible, and since you're here it's as good a time as any. Thank you, Delilah, for this. I'll make sure to repay you for it sometime soon."

"God only knows what that son of mine will be up to, but I think he might reel back in if he hears I'm babysitting. We'll both get something out of it, Elaine." Delilah shakes her head with a smile, shifting the lid off her flask and taking just enough that she can get a proper tongueful of whatever is inside.

"I take it that it's still okay for them to be around my lot? I know all these kids are getting older and smarter, starting to- ah- understand." Dee taps a finger to her head and puts away the flask into her purse. What she means to say, is that she doesn't want to especially add 'The Talk' to any plates if it hasn't happened already.

"It's no problem, Barbie. Repay me by getting the shipment back here, then. That's all I can ask for."

"I'll add it to my report, sure. We're always open to ideas." Monica glances over to Delilah, a crooked smile comes to her face. "Definitely older and smarter. I trust my boy not to take out an account, though. You tell me if he tries it, though, I'll tug him out by the ear." She doesn't mean that, since she really does believe he's a good boy. Or maybe she doesn't mind him messing up a little here and there, who knows. "Anytime you want to come discuss, Elaine. Someone's always around." Playing guard.

Elaine's lips quirk up at Delilah's suggestion that kids are figuring out things. "I trust those two. They're good kids at heart, and if they get into any trouble… well, Sable'll put the fear of God into them. I don't think we'll have to resort to that, though. They're not quite at that age yet."

A quick nod is given to Monica. "I'll let you know when I've got 'vacation time'," she says wryly before Elaine's eyes quickly dart back over to Barbara. "Alright then, let me have a crack at them. I'm sure I can have them ready to go in short order."

The banter is heard by Barbara, but she doesn't respond or react to any of it with more than a grin, instead taking pencil to paper do that she can finish scrawling down the rest of the information that is needed for Elaine to prepare.

"Thank you, Monica. Thank you, all three of you. I know it's not easy to get around, much less for small meetings such as this, but I really appreciate it. You hard work does so much to keep the Ferry going as smoothly as we do." Which is still rather bumpy at times, but is certainly better than the alternatives. "And if you'd rather not take the kids to Delilah's place, I'm sure there is someplace around here you can go. Not the best of choices, I know, but it's an option, and I'm sure some of the other children would enjoy the company." Subtle encouragement, but encouragement none the less.

Rising to her feet, Barbara gets the papers in order, offering them to Elaine. "This is it. It's a lot, but it can be cut down and condensed as long as the meaning isn't lost. I believe our operatives are smart enough, and your ciphers are good enough. Just make sure to get it all and burn the uncoded papers, as usual."

"Adel spent all the last time with Carolyn, playing in makeup. At least she can wash her own face now, I won't have to scrub it red." Delilah laughs, chin up and one ankle behind the other. "Oh, goodness. Yes, I would tell you. I doubt he would even dare. Unless it was a dare. You know how the boys are. What is he now, fourteen?" She squints, counting in her head, and brushes hair to the side of her forehead.

"I'll tag along with you, if you want me to take them outta your hair. If Sable's there, I owe her a pinch." Whatever that means, anyway. Delilah steps over to slip her feet into the black pumps just below the table. "If you have any questions about the papers now would be the time, though."

"No need to thank me. Whatever it takes. The Ferry certainly hasn't ever shied away from danger on my part and I won't either." They have saved her from certain death at the hands of the government a couple times. Monica steps back as Barbara gets to her feet and she fires her an only somewhat playful salute.

Delilah gets a grin and Monica nods, "Fourteen. Time flies. And if it was a dare… he would definitely do it. He is a Dawson, after all." They do have their stubbornness. And reckless streaks. But otherwise! He's a good boy.

"I'm just glad mine aren't that old yet," Elaine says, glancing between Delilah and Monica. "At the very least I've still got a few years before I've got the teenage rebellion and the period of time where I lie in bed at night wondering why I'm suddenly so old." She takes the papers from Barbara, folding them neatly. "Don't worry, I'll get your message across. No need to be choppy… that's not my style. Just let me know if there's more you need… I'll take advantage of the free babysitting anyday." A pause, and she looks back to Delilah. "Just let me know when Howard is the one getting into the makeup."

"I would prefer it done as soon as possible," isn't so much chiding over the social talk (amusing as it may be) as it is a reminder of sorts. "Rather than transporting it back home and risking something happen. It would be extremely bad for us if you guys got picked up between here and there." She looks very flat, speaking matter of factly for just a moment, before she sits back in her chair, slouching a bit. "Other than that, that's all the business there is for today. I thank you all again for coming by. Did any of you need anything, before we all get going?"

"What? Why?" Delilah feigns blissful ignorance for a moment or two, brown eyes blinking open, eyebrows up. "Walter turned out alright, it won't kill the little blondie if he decides that red is the best color of rouge…" She looks to Barbara a moment, allowing her brow to tweak inward. "If she has to stay, just say it, don't muddy the issue." The redhead is as always, honest. "I, however, need to get my arse moving anyway, I have supper to help with. So hurry it up and decide, ladies."

Dee plucks the light jacket from the back of her chair, lifting it over her arms and straightening it along her chest, before she finds her handbag. "Unless you can make me fifteen years younger, no, I think we're alright! Carry and tarry on, then."

"I've got ten bucks that says mine never goes through teenaged rebellion," Monica says, her smile crooked, "His mom is way too cool to rebel against. I mean, come on." She looks over Barbara's way and nods to her, too, although still smiling. "I've got to head off, too. Debriefings to get through. Patrols to stalk. A ninja's work is never done."

Elaine puts her hands up in a sort of 'I give up don't shoot' manner, looking apologetically over to Barbara. "Aye aye, captain," she says, patting the papers. "I'll stay then, don't worry about it. Besides, you look like you could use some company anyways." The redhead gives a nod towards Monica and Delilah.

"If one of you could pop in and let Sable know I'll be very late, I'd be grateful. Howard's got a bit of a cold and I'll work better knowing someone checked in on him. Not that Sable won't be there, I just…" She shrugs. "Mothers like to worry."
"I think it would be more accurate to say that I need some sleep," Barbara replies with a bit of a laugh. "But short of that, some company would be welcome, yes. Hopefully, you won't be stuck here too terribly long." Fingers tap once or twice on the desk and she rises up with groan and a grimace, hands braced on the edge. Taking a deep breath she nods, and motions for Elaine to follow her. "Come on. The sooner we get started, the sooner you can get home to your wife and kids."

Stopping as she comes by Delilah and Monica, Barabra gives another short nod once more. "Be safe, both of you." A hand reached out, placed a shoulder each. "And keep up the good work, all of you. We're all depending on it."

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