Disturbing Video From Attack On Flight 962

Television news media outlets begin coverage early Tuesday morning after initial reports that terrorist organization Humanis First attacked and destroyed a private aircraft owned by a United States air carrier service based out of New Jersey. As information begins to slowly trickle in over Tuesday morning, a harrowing video leak is revealed first by FOX News, and later affiliates and other broadcast outlets that was recorded by one of the Humanis First agents.

The initial broadcast on FOX News, is one that could potentially be pointed to by historians as the "moment it all started."


"This is Emily Dupride with a FOX News special update." A prim-looking blonde anchorwoman leans down to look at a note laying on the desk in front of her, while an image over her right shoulder depicts a stylized red cross hair with the words "Humanis First" behind it. "We at FOX news have just received what we are told is video footage recorded by the terrorists who attacked Flight 962 yesterday. we warn you, the footage you are about to see may be considered by some to be disturbing."

The feed of the journalist fades away, then cuts to a distorted night-vision recording of a young man's face speaking into the camera. "We are Humanis First. We are the last line of defense for humanity against a threat of genetic aberrations. We are your sons, we are your daughters, we are your military, your police, your teachers and your students. We are every man, woman, and child who realizes the silent threat that the world is ignoring."

The camera turns, focusing away from the man to an unidentified figure in camouflage kneeling on a rock outcropping in a forested area with binoculars, and a plane in the distance crossing the sky. "I am Sergeant Raymond Briggs. I served my country in Afghanistan for six years to fight a threat to our home while abroad. Now, I fight to protect against threats domestic." A shaky, digital zoom is given to the plane, an extreme close up of it in blurry motion. "This is for humanity, This is for our dead sons and daughters in New York."

A fiery trail of light breaks out in the night sky as a rocket streaks through the heavens on the video, striking the plane. A moment later the engine ignites into a fireball, and the vehicle begins to kilter out of control. The video abruptly cuts away, then picks up with extremely shaky motions as the cameraman runs through the woods towards burning wreckage, only his panting breaths and many splashing footfalls are heard.

He breaks off and circles around one side of the plane, filming motion inside of the fuselage and the pop of small arms fire, sparks and ricochets in the cabin. "No one is immune," the cameraman states flatly, "no one who helps inhumans is immune." More sounds of gunfire pop and crack around the crashed plane. "You, me, anyone. This could be you, these people's last moments on earth could be yours…"

There's a sudden, sharp breath following a loud report of a rifle shot and a bright muzzle flash inside of the cabin, and in the video, a difficult to identify woman with dark hair is struggling with one of the gunmen, wrenching a gun from his hands to drop him to his knees. The cameraman raises a pistol and from a wide distance, manages to shoot the young woman square in the leg, her scream is shrill over the camera and a horrifying sound. "This is what inhuman sympathizers get! This could be you! This is for humanity!"

The girl is wrestled onto her back by the man she was fighting with, and the last thing the cameraman sees is her attacker drawing a knife as he looms over her. But somewhere, off screen, there is a different voice, a far more grim voice that intones, "And this, is for evolution."

The cameraman whirls around, and then there is a bright flash and an immediate gunshot, blood splatters the camera lens as it tumbles back. The video cuts in and out as the camera bounces along, and then only points up at the starlit sky as the sounds of a gunfight slow down. Finally, the camera moves, and that same unknown voice says, with breathing shaky and clearly emotional, "Fuck your humanity."

And the video goes to black.

Immediately thereafter, the anchorwoman looks up to the camera, seeming a bit shocked herself. "We apologize for the graphic nature of that footage you just saw. We at FOX News have received word that the President will be making a statement on this shocking event within the hour. Meanwhile, we have social analyst Stephen Caldiberri on hand to discuss the specifics of what was seen in that video, and to break down exactly what we all have to fear from this new level of violence."

The news program goes on to sow the seeds of what many fear is coming. A war between the Evolved and the non-evolved.

This was where it all began.

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