Django Sebastean Reed
Portrayed By Ken Hirai
Sex Male
Status Registered Evolved
Ability Object Transformation (Limited: Disintegration)
Themesong The Offspring - Gone Away
Age 25
Date of Birth August 17th, 1983
Date of Death N/A
Occupation Punk, Crook
Family Father, Michael Reed Mother, Jelena Andreyev
Significant Other(s) N/A
First Appearance Breakin' the Law
Last Appearance

Character History:

It could perhaps be said, to quote one of the great works of cinema of our time, that Django isn't bad, he's just drawn that way. He is a classic case of “misspent youth”, and while he's not exactly a bad person, old habits die hard. Django Sebastean Reed, the son of Michael Reed and Jelena Andreyev, grew up in an impoverished household in East Harlem where every day was a struggle to keep going. His parents divorced when he was ten years old; his mother moved to Michigan to live with her brother, leaving he and his father in the Big Apple to continue their struggle, though with one less mouth to feed now.

Unfortunately, four years later, Michael (a veteran construction worker) was laid off, putting he and his son in even more dire straits. Over seven months of unemployment, with no sign of a turn for the better in their future, he declined into alcoholism and general dereliction of his health and duties as a father. It was around this time that Django, spending less and less time at home in order to avoid his slovenly father, fell in with the wrong crowd. The young boy's "friends" led him to a number of unsavory practices, including, but not limited to, theft.

When Django started coming home with money, his father asked no questions, preferring not to know and be gracious that someone was bringing in anything at all. Unfortunately, most of it went to the bar on the corner, and he only barely managed to keep the apartment and feed his son. It didn't take long for Django to realize that this arrangement was not in his best interest, so at the age of sixteen, he packed up and left home, moving in with one of his delinquent buddies.

It wasn't until an eighteen month stint in prison for aggravated assault when he was twenty-two that Django started to clean up his act. It was also during this time that he happened upon the discovery of his ability. During a fight with another inmate who had taken exception to something Django said, the man came at him with a piece of pipe he'd managed to scrounge up somewhere. After taking a couple of blows with the impromptu weapon thanks to surprise, he managed to catch it before anymore harm done; in the attempt to wrestle it from the other man's grip, it crumbled to dust in his hand. It was an alarming event to both of them, and the fight ended there, neither sure quite what had happened. Not more than a couple of weeks later, he was awakened from a particularly vivid nightmare with a piece of mangled metal in his hand, apparently torn from the frame of his bunk.

It terrified him at first, when he realized what was happening; he'd learned at an early age that if you stand out, there's always someone looking to hammer you down. Django didn't want to be different, he didn't want to be special, he just wanted to stay under the radar and do whatever it took to survive. But e toyed with this new power where no one could see, out of curiosity, and began to grow accustomed to it, started to think of ways it could be useful, but knew he had to keep it to himself. Though he realized that, with this ability, an escape was possible, he decided that it was not in his best interest to exascerbate his circumstances. And so he served his time quietly, and pledged to make an honest man of himself.

Unfortunately, old habits die hard, and times being what they are, Django found himself slipping back into his old ways, stealing just to get by when no employer would have him, a highschool drop-out with a criminal record. In the wake of the Bomb it's been even easier for him to make a dishonest living, taking advantage of the post-disaster chaos. It's far from a comfortable lifestyle, but he's surviving, and that's priority one.

Priority two, of course, is keeping a low profile, lest he should have a run-in with Homeland Security. Being an “Evolved” individual with a criminal record, the Linderman Act is far from in his best interests, and he'd like to avoid giving the government yet one more way to track him down, or one more reason to try and lock him up. It's not nearly so tense, now that the existence of special people like himself is public knowledge, and he can actually trust a handful of people here and there, as opposed to no one like before the Bomb, but the less people that know about him, the better.

Evolved Human Ability:

Django has only just begun to tap into the full potential of the ability that marks him as one of the Evolved, and as such it manifests in a very limited form. Eventually, when his control develops further, he'll have the ability to reshape solid matter. However, he has not yet reached such a developmental stage; rather than breaking and reforming molecular bonds, he can only break them, effectively disintegrating matter into particulate form. This effect is localized, only capable of damaging objects that he's in direct contact with; a pipe in his hands, cuffs around his wrists, a brick under his palm.

The more dense or complex a material is, the more time and concentration it takes for Django to deteriorate it. While it might be no more than a trifle to tear through a wooden support beam, a lead ingot or diamond is going to take a little concentration and effort to work through. As such, organic matter is very difficult for him to affect, given its incredibly complex nature. A second or two of skin-to-skin contact could only produce an abrasion along the lines of bad scrape or road rash. For him to, say, take someone's arm off could take minutes of unbroken contact and concentration.

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