Do You Remember The Purple Spiders?


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Scene Title Do You Remember The Purple Spiders?
Synopsis Minea swings by HomeSec Holding to take Katherine out on a field trip to try and jog her memories.. about purple spiders.
Date September 27, 2009

It's been several days since Veronica Sawyer met with Kat Marks. She has begun to grow accustomed to using that name, and the reference to June is slowly fading away. There have been some answers provided, but in the end, there are many gaps in the memory of Kat that still bother her to a great deal. In the end, it was the emergence of Sawyer that helped unblock a little something as a few memories have come back to her, to include a number that seems to chant itself over and over in her head.

The days since Veronica has been boring. With the exception of a few individuals coming to give her meals, to let her wander for a bit and to just check up on her, there has been nothing in the way of visitors for Kat Marks. Part of her is concerned that word did not make it to Thalia about where she is. Part is worried that she's going to be left here forever. Part of her worries that she'll never remember more than she remembers now and that is probably what scares her most of all. Efforts to keep her within the confines of the holding cell have been busy at best, since Kat can manipulate the door knobs and the electronic sensors just by remolding them into a different shape. She's been told that next time she tries to leave, they'll have no choice but to tazer her, so she has remained in the room. Her eyes will gaze to the mirror on the other side of the room, wondering who might be watching her from the other side.

The door to her cell opens and it's Minea. Minea with a sheepish look on her face. "Hey, Kat, kitty Kat. Wanna get sprung for an afternoon? Maybe get you some clothes, something to eat? Make good on my promise?" Her head poked into the room proper and soon followed in by the rest of her., "Sorry I didn't come by sooner. There was a breakthrough in a case, and I had to follow it up and take care of one of the cops who helped with the breakthrough, But i'll make it up to you, I promise"

When the door opens, Kat's face is a little skeptical that it's just another of the guards coming to give her a hard time. She then dons a smile when it's, "Minea." She stands and nods, walking over to reach for her shoes. "They're going to let you take me out of here?" There's a bit of concern on her face as she asks the question. She sits on her bunk and pulls them on, tying them up into a double knot to make sure they don't fall off. She reaches.. for nothing. She hasn't anything else to reach for except a jacket, which she does grab. She's no ID, no purse, and just a few dollars in her pocket. Well, she had a few dollars before it was taken from her when she arrived. "Going somewhere in particular?" she asks as she's finaly ready to go.

"I got permission to take you to the market, hopefully they think it might trigger something, maybe get you some fresh fruit and stuff for in here, some other things. I don't think you'll be here much longer frankly. But… they're just worried. Not often, that agents come back from the supposed dead" She did come back from the dead, Minea watched veronica turn off the machines. "UNless you'd rather just go for a walk around the building here. We can do that easily"

Shaking her head, Kat moves to follow Minea out of the room. "No. The market is fine. I.." she pauses for a moment. She remembers Minea, her name and that they are familiar with each other. There isn't much more than that coming through for Kat, so she is a be hesitant when she continues, ".. I need to buy something and try to get it back in here. I don't know if they'll let me have it though." she does reach for her jacket and puts it on, ready to move out. "Maybe you can help?"

"What are you needing to buy?" The door opens again, Minea pausing at the door to sign something. Yes, I'm responsible for the individual, I promise to return them to the temporary cells at the appointed time etc etc. "Thank you for not trying to escape anymore. I know that it's not fun, God knows Is pent three days down here myself for a bit."

"A phone." There's a persistent number running through her head and she thinks it's a phone number. "Hopefully they won't take it from me when I come back. I'm not a criminal.." Katherine pauses to smooth back the blanket on her bed before moving back with Minea. "I don't think I like it here anymore. Time for me to go." When Minea signs her out, Kat peers over her shoulder to see what she's writing. "Did you do something wrong?" the woman asks, curious now.

"Just a promise to bring you back, that's all" Minea murmurs, dotting T's before she pulls her own blackberry out and passes it over. "They won't let you buy a phone and your Social Security number lists you as deceased. You can use mine to call if you want" That way she can trace the number too, see who Kat's calling. "You remember Elisabeth Harrison at all?"

There's a pause as that name rings familiar, the phone that's handed over forgotten for the time being. "I think I do. The name sounds familiar though I can't picture a face to match with it." It's frustrating. Having only certain pieces of puzzles that you should know by heart. "Did I know her well?" she asks. There's a bit of a pout on her face at the notion that she can't have a phone. Kat follows Minea just a step to the left of her.

She can do that. She anticipated the need for a picture. So the one that she had on hand of Liz, from so long ago is pulled out and the picture handed over as she lead the woman out. Tranq gun on her belt in case she needed to take down Kat. It felt bad to think it but, it was order and she'd do it without hesitation.

The though to actually flee, as in to run away, has never crossed Kat's mind. Even when she was leaving her cell, her only interest was to just not be bored. But while she's not a flight risk, for her to slip away if no one is keeping an eye on her is not completely out of the question. The photo is taken as the two walk out of the facility, even overcast as it is, it's brighter than it was inside so Katherine's eyes squint closed. "I know her. There's a strong sense of.." It's not the same as it was with Veronica, not the same at all, but the feeling is just as strong. "I think she was my friend. A good friend. I think. Did she work with us?"

"You worked with her. She's a cop. you worked with her on a few cases that needed co-operation between Homeland and the NYPD. Till they were going to place you with me as your partner. Then you.. well, you weren't around anymore and I ended up being the one she called when she needed to hit up Homeland. If you want, I can see about getting permission to bring her around, visit you, see if it helps you"

There's something different about the person in the picture and the person that is vague being recalled by Katherine, though she can't place her finger on just what it is. "I think I'd like that." she says. "Do you think I could get some.." she turns to look at Minea. ".. I dunno, like something that shows what I worked on? I really don't know what I'll do when they let me out of here. I thought I could just wander around the island and fix things and it'll be okay, but.. it's not that simple, is it? What if I don't know how to do what I used to do?" A hint of frustration shows through Kat's voice as she speaks. "I still don't know how I 'died'." It's been a topic everyone has been avoiding around her for the obvious reasons.

"THat, I guess, is up to our bosses. But I can ask Len about it. Can't hurt to ask" She gestures to the black SUV that beeps when Minea presses the keys, out in the back of the homesec facility. "As for how you died. I think, of anyone, that i'm qualified the most to tell you. You were shot, fatally. A total of four times, directly to your chest by a man who had attacked us on the street. He took your weapon when you stepped in towards him and made you shoot yourself. Then he came after me and shot me up along my left side"

Katherine stops walking as Minea details how they were both shot. "I was careless?" she asks as she looks deep in thought as if trying to force the memory to come to the surface of that night. "I don't think I meant to get anyone hurt." She climbs into the vehicle and pulls the door shut, reaching for the seat belt almost by instinct. "Was I always so.. " Incompetant? What's the word she wants to use. Certainly she knew how to do her job, then why was someone else able to shoot her with her own weapon? She waits for Minea to drive off, allowing her mind to try and force the issue, though nothing seems to be coming forward.

"For some odd reason, right then, that moment, you were. You did a stupid. God knows i've done them too, but.. It didn't help that the person who killed you" She's going to call it what it is from here on in. "Can regenerate at a rate that frankly, I don't think many people have ever seen before. It was very unlike you, and maybe the moment got into you, exceitment or worry"

There's a short couple of nods from the head of Katherine as she stares out the window. She's silent as they drive towards the market as she tries to wrap her head around things. When she was June, it never occured to her that she had a life before. It never occured to her that there were other people out there who knew her and missed her and worked with her. She most definitely did not know that there was someone out there who killed her. For a brief moment, she wishes that she were June once again without a care in the world except for cleaning up Staten Island. "What all have I missed?" It's a big question.

"A lot Kat. But you'll get caught up, if you want to get caught up. I'll help you get caught up" The market isn't that far. Canal Street. The location of a place where the two had started to bond in their partnership even if it had been after a dose of a toad poison. Minea costs, looking for a spot to park. "If it's too much for you, being out here, let me know Kat okay. I'll take you back, or we can go get something to drink, something to eat. Thalia says hey. She's glad your safe, we're supposed to tell you that she misses you but that she's glad you found people who know you"

"I'd appreciate that. I am starting to feel.. lost again. Before I knew about all of this, I felt like I knew what I needed to know, and now it's just like that's all been thrown out the window. I'd appreciate any help I can get." Kat turns to Minea at the mention of Thalia. "She's okay? I was worried. Can I see her soon?" she asks as she waits for Minea to park the SUV.

"Colby visited her, to make sure she was on the up and up. That may be a bit tougher to arrange. But maybe. I can't promise that. At some point though, they're gonna have to let you go. Just.. co-operate with them. We'll get folks in to help with your memory and we're looking into who this Dr. Alison is. Trying to see what she did to help you, to bring you back" There's a gesture for Katherine to get out when she's pulled into a spot. The bread stall is about half a block in. Their ultimate destination.

As they arrive to the bread dealer, Katherine makes a face, wrinkling up her nose at the fact that they might not let Thalia visit her. "I'll cooperate. I've been cooperating." She insists. The smell of bread in the air as they get closer and Katherine starts to smile a little. "Smells good here." she notes as she inhales deeply. As she arrives to the stall, she finds herself counting the different loaves of bread, though she doesn't do it outloud. It's something she's trying to break, but having a hard time doing it. The counting just comes as a natural thing for her.

"I know you have. We can get you some stuff for your cell, to pass time and the like. We'll hit up a walmart. I have a rough idea of what they'll let you have and what they won't" Cellphone, no. But they come to the bread stand and Minea glances to Kat. "You remember at all, anything in relation to this location? Purple spiders ringing a bell?"

"I'm hoping I am not staying long enough that I need to dress up my 'room'. I really don't like it in there. I don't think I did anything wrong, so they shouldn't be keeping me there." Then of course, Minea mentions purple spiders. Well, Kat can still look at Minea like she's crazy. "Purple spiders? You're joking right? There aren't really such things. I don't think I'm that gullible." She doesn't think she is, anyway.

"Hey, make the most of your time in there! I spent a lot of that time just drawing and doing what I liked. Maybe as them to take you to a palce where there's broken things in the building and let you fix it. It is your speciality"

The load of french bread is paid for and she turns away from the stand, tearing off a bite and offering it over. "We ran into an evolved here, capable of excreting a hallucinogenic through her skin. You had to tackle me to the ground, because i was flipping the safety off my gun so I could shoot really big purple spiders"

The bread is taken and eaten as Minea shares the story of the 'purple spiders'. Katherine actually laughs as the story ends and shakes her head. "I wish I could remember that. I really do. It sounds like it was quite the adventure." On her fifth bite of bread, and yes, she's counting, she looks around the place another time then shakes her head, swallowing the french bread before saying. "I don't remember this place at all. I don't think I'll ever remember everything. Just bits and pieces now and then."

'Eh, it was worth a try. And got you out of the room and into some fresh air. Come on, lets get you something, get you some stuff to occupy you in the room. Might want to make that call too to that number. I gotta take the phone back when we reach the homesec building again. But it's the least that I can do for you" Minea looks over, offering another piece of bread after she eats some.

"IT's good Kat, to have you back. even i fyou'd rather be june and you want to go back on the island it's.. It's good"

"I'm not sure who I'd call. I have this number in my head and I think it's a phone number. I.." Kat smiles weakly, ".. I'm not sure I'm ready to find out. Maybe soon." She doesn't add anything more about that. "But the rest would be great. Thanks for doing this for me. I appreciate being out of that room." Katherine reaches over and picks off a piece of bread. "I think June's gone. At least most of her." There are still a few June tweaks still remaining in Katherine, probably more than she'd care to admit.

There will probably always be a little June in Katherine.

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