Do You Think He Likes Me?


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Scene Title Do You Think He Likes Me?
Synopsis A very brief log in which Alexander behaves like a 13 year old girl.
Date November 18, 2008

New York Public Library

Alexander is generally a happy go lucky creature. Rarely does his mood darken for any length of time, and brooding is more or less alien to him, generally. But he's been oddly uncertain of late….and now he's openly come to seek Helena out.
Helena is sitting at one of the laptops, idly flicking through pages on hospitals for some reason. As Alexander loomingly approaches, she looks up. "Sup?" she greets.

"I…." Is Al blushing? "Listen," he says, squatting down by her on his heels - it seems to be a comfortable posture for him. "This is sorta stupid, but….have you talked to Teo lately. I mean, has he mentioned me?"

Helena blinks. "No." she says forthrightly. "Should he have?"

Definitely blushing. Al's not even looking at her directly - he's that embarassed. "I don't know about should. But he's been acting real weird to me of late, and I hoped you might no more. He…." Al trails off for a second, before saying, bluntly, "Made a pass at me. And I was cool with that, but he got cold feet and bolted. Tried the reverse, he blew me off. I don't get it. I don't know what he wants, or what that was about." And clearly Helena's gonna enlighten him, right.

Helena gets an expression on her face like she's not sure if she should be pleased or disapointed, and settles on amused. "He hasn't mentioned you, Alex. He's Italian. They're notorious for being all kinds of sexually confusing. And possibly confused. I wouldn't worry about it unless he tries again." As gently as possible, "Was he drunk?"

Alexander grunts. Not the answer he wanted, apparently, even if it was what he expected. "I….I'm not sure. Don't recall," he says, scratchign his scalp.

Helena mms. "Well, far be it for me to muddle my way into your personal lives. Just neither of you fuck yourselves up to the point where it affects," she makes a vague wave to the library, "Things. Okay?"

"I know. I'm kinna pissed at him, but I won't let it interfere, honest," Al says, rising again.

Helena shakes her head. "You boys." she murmurs, as if talking about indulgent puppies.

Alexander just rolls his eyes. "Tell me about it. Goddamn, I feel like such a fool."

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