Dobraye Utra


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Scene Title Dobraye Utra
Synopsis Colleagues meet in the morning at work, discussions of dancing, family and exciting events of the week, ending on a bit of a sour note.
Date December 23

Suresh Center

Early day at the office, or the lab as it were. It is just early enough for her to be on time with several minutes to spare. Dr. Blite is prompt if anything, never being tardy, not excessively late if she can help it. Her attendant dropped her off at the center like he has done a few times before, and she is then left to fend for herself for the day. The elevator doors open, and and she steps from the device, wearing a dazzling woman's white dress shirt, with a woman's black blazer overtop, and a matching pencil skirt, giving her the business-like quality. Her legs are bare, displaying the lengthy athleticism and smooth skin, and her feet are adorned with a black pair of women's pumps, completing her sophistication. Her hair pulled back and down into a ponytail to keep it out of her face, with her corrective pair of glasses on her face rather than contacts.

She is greeted by a few individuals as she arrives, returning their pleasantries with a very graceful and illustrious greeting of her own. Her expensive heels making a clatter across the hard floor as she goes, using her card to swipe and make her way into the lab. The scent of her sweeps in before she herself enters, expensive Pink Pepper and grapefruit Chanel No.5, washing it's clean scent across the air. She steps inside, carrying her small purse and her leather binder, reaching for her lab coat to slide her arms into it.

With Christmas looming just three days away, the lab is, for the most part, empty. Sure, there are the standard staff in the Suresh Center that must be here at all times, especially with the medical facility as it is. However, a large amount of the lab staff is off enjoying time with their family. Sadly, Elijah isn't much of one for family, these days, seeing as his daughter ran when he attempted to register her, as per the law.

So it is that Yana walks into a lab that is fairly devoid of life, save for one Dr. Elijah Liev Ruslan, the Institute's new geneticist. He's got a simple DNA test being run on one machine, while he quietly compares samples for his main project, reading the DNA sequences like he would read a book. One hand is rubbing at his chin, the other hand holding a large cup of coffee that he occasionally slurps down.

In his typical fashion, he doesn't actually notice Yana's arrival, even with the telltale beep-click of the door opening to announce it. He's far too busy with his work, which he always has been married to.

The cup is filled with steaming water, followed by the drop of a fancy teabag, two cubes of sugar and a little milk. With a slow stir of a stick, Yana lifts the hot beverage to her lips and lightly blows, while flipping open her leather binder, which she had set on an away counter, pulling out a form to run her hazel eyes over it, for completion. A petition for a sample of the H5N10 virus, and the plans she has for research with it. Some elaborate and valid method for developing vaccines for this specific strain, when in reality.. she wants it for her own personal research.

Satisfied with her paperwork, she finally makes her way over to where Elijah is working, and makes her presence known. "Let me guess, you've been here for hours at this point? I'd lecture you about a personal life, Elijah, but I believe we've been through it a few times before."

Indeed, Yana could probably go for a few hours without being noticed by Elijah when he's working. It's happened before. He does tend to get quite absorbed in his work, tuning out the rest of the world while he searches for answers with that brilliant mind of his. It isn't until after she decides to make her presence known that Elijah finally realises that he's not alone in the lab, his safe haven.

In fact, he even jumps a little, blinking owlishly as his attention is torn from his work. As he always does when around Yana, Dr. Eli Ruslan immediately slips into his native tongue of Russian. "«Yana. I didn't hear you come in, sorry.»" She's one of the few who can get him to smile like he is right now. "«Yes, I've been here for…»" He casts a glance to his watch, then offers a sheepish smile. "«Two hours, now. I do have a personal life, you know. I am very proud to say that I have video games, and I play them.»" He's not very good at them, but he tries.

"«I even got one of those Kinect things.»" He states this rather proudly.

"«Video games?»" Yana's dark eyebrows lift with a pinch of disbelief on the subject. Though it at least gets an amused smile from her as it settles in, "«One of the most brilliant minds on the face of the planet, and you spend your leisure time playing video games? You're not trying to fool me, are you? Is that humor I detect? Or do you seriously jump around in front of your television?» The image is at least humorous, for knowing him as she does, it seems like an unlikely event. And it would be one for the internet if it is true. She stifles her laughter, bringing the back of her knuckles up to cover her amusement with a hand, hiding her smile. She knows people who would certainly not play around with a Kinect, but of all of those people, Eli would be the last on that list.

"«Is it an attempt to reach out to your daughter? How is she, by the way? You should perhaps bring her by at some point to play with my nephew. He needs solid friends.» Russian is a rather rough language, but Yana makes it roll off of her tongue rather eloquently. She takes a few steps over to the work station she was using the day before, where her notes are neatly tucked off to one side, awaiting the next step. "«I have quite a few things to discuss. Some interesting, and some…»" she hesitates, trying to think of the best word to describe it. "«Well, you'll just have to hear it.»"

Elijah actually cracks a wide grin at the first part of Yana's words. "«I seriously jump around like a fool in front of my television. It is actually very fun, and a good workout, too. You are not allowed to see me when I am playing, unless you play first.»" He chuckles softly, watching Yana for a moment. His gaze screams of unspoken fondness. Always has, really. Yet he never really acts on that apparent adoration for her.

As mention turns to his daughter, Eli seems to sag slightly, losing that cheer he had just moments ago and turning back to study the reports. "«Koshka— she disappeared, back in August. I filed a report with the police, but…all they did was file a missing person report. I don't know where she is…»" He frowns.

Then, he's quite happy to change the subject. "«Discuss? Please. Start.»"

Ohhhh no.»" Yana refuses, "«You won't catch me participating in that type of activity. I need something a little more mild. Aerobics suite me just fine, and in the privacy of my own home, where no one can watch me possibly look foolish.»" A look is tossed to him over her shoulder, the woman finding herself a seat upon her stool, and bringing her leg up to cross over the other, getting comfortable while maintaining her modesty, and looking prim in the process. A particular portion of her notes catches her interest. It reminds her a little of what Magnes had spoken about. Not the part about the rats, but the difference between Evolved abilities. She considers it for a few seconds.

Though the news about his daughter has Yana gasping, and scooting her bottom around in her seat to face him, her hand lifting to touch at her neckline, looking shocked, "«What?! Elijah, that's terrible! Dear lord, disappeared? In this city? I hope nothing terrible has happened to her! If you need anything, you let me know, alright?»" She isn't unkind, just secretly a little devious.

With a sympathetic sigh, she shakes her head, "«Well, since I know how you will react to my first snippet of news, I'll give you the good news first. And as that you don't fly off of the handle at what I'm going to inform you of secondly. It'll certainly challenge your patience and believe in the general human condition.»" She is quite sure how he'll react. "«Anyways, I was in the market the other day, and I ran into one Bradley Russo? You know from the television show The Advocate? Very charming man. Very well put together, and further more, he was pretty interested in what I've been researching as of late. Well..»" Yana takes a quick sip of her tea, savoring the flavor, "«I mentioned you, and talked about how we're working together, and he expressed an interest to having us come on his show and discuss our research. I figured it would be a good opportunity to get a bit more backing, and get your name out there. The world is going to exalt you one day, after all.»" Let it not be said that Yana cannot butter a muffin.

He was never much of one for emotional situation. Therefore, Elijah only offers a small nod and a wave of his hand, as if to indicate that he doesn't want to talk about it. Which is true, he doesn't. It makes him feel things, and he's quite comfortable with viewing his emotions from a distance. It's much easier to go through life that way, really.

"«Come now. A fair trade. You get to see me acting like a fool, I get to see the same. I think that's what people call fun these days?»" A shrug. He really doesn't know about those kinds of things.

Then, he tilts his head to one side, listening to Yana's proposal. Going…on national television? And talking, no less? But at the same time, it could be a very good opportunity to get some money pouring in for research. He's just a bit unsure about what his supervisors will say. "«Allow me to speak to my boss, and I will see. Until then, do not go too in depth about our research. I do not know what the Institute will want us to say.»"

Ah, emotions. Yana's sword and shield. She has them, both real and phony. They help her to get what she wants out of life. She is sure she could probably press the subject, and pry, and probably get him to speak more on the subject of his daughter, but it is simply just an unfortunate situation right now. When it really starts to effect Elijah and his work, she'll see about correcting it. He does need to be focused if he is to fit into her plans in the future.

Her attention is partially divided, but done quite well as she pulls out a pen to document a quick formula that she intends to study layer, "«That is the thing. I am not the type to act like a fool. I was brought up to avoid such behavior. However, if it is physical activity and interaction you desire, perhaps a night of dancing? I know this marvelous place with a beautiful dance floor, divine atmosphere with heavy romantic undertones. The only thing I lack is an actual gentleman to escort me.»" Yana, being who she is, probably is not lacking in the male companion department, so in asking him, it is certainly a challenge to his otherwise awkward social structure. She more suggests it to him, rather than flat out asking him to take her, leaving it up to him, which really isn't fair of her, but she more than likely knows exactly what she is doing in that aspect. By that smile on her face as well, it might be difficult to tell if she were joking, or if she were intending to mingle work with a personal thing.

"«Ah.. speaking of supervisors, that brings me to the second subject.»" This one will require her to give him her undivided attention, which is indeed given. "«I ran into the son of Pater Varlane the other day. More like he sought me out. At some point, when I was 19, I tutored him on a few things, and he came to me now with a theory.»" This is where she pauses, watching him very carefully before she continues. "«He spoke of the arsenic DNA GFAJ-1, and a possible correlation with elemental based Evolved abilities.»" should she continue with this? Should she put it a different way? She at least makes sure he isn't drinking his coffee first before she goes on. "«He.. expressed an interest in genetics, and requested my help in conducting research. In this research, he wanted to manufacture Evolved abilities in lab rats, in order to test and see if DNA shifts from one thing to the next when elemental abilities become their altered state.»" There is the kicker. She knows it will floor him.

Before he can freak out, she continues, "«Baring in mind that he is Mr. Varlane's son, I spoke with him on the unlikely hood of his theory actually working, and I suggested that he talk with you. He wants to possibly help with the research, and I felt that maybe it could bring more funding from the company, if we included him in some way? Set him on the right path?»"

The first offer— an offer of going out dancing with her, no less, nearly floors Elijah as it is. He's awful at subtleties, but then Yana isn't exactly being subtle. His mouth opens and closes for a moment, the man stumbling over his words, before he suddenly offers a simple smile to her. "«I am unsure of my prowess on the dance floor, but I would love to go dancing.»" Totally going to be out of your comfort zone there, Elijah. Is it really a good idea? But he's already agreed now, and there's nothing to be done for it.

He glances back to Yana, setting his coffee cup down to listen (thankfully). Slowly, his brows migrate up on his forehead, wrinkling his brow in turn, as Yana explains. Once she's done explaining, he just…stares at her with a rather incredulous look, as if he's questioning her sanity for even taking this seriously enough to bring it to his attention.

When he does speak, he is also going back to working on his current project, a frown on his face. "«It will not work as he thinks it will. I'll speak to the child, certainly, but he will likely not enjoy what I will be saying to him. Son of Pete Varlane or not, I don't need someone on my staff who does not understand the very essence of what we do.»"

That did it. Yana can tell that she has lost him to the conversation as he has gone back to working on his project. It is probably just as well, he'll need some time to absorb everything she's talked to him about. No sense in overloading him, one step at a time. And so, she returns to her work, a finger reaching up to push the pair of glasses further upon her face, pulling open a manilla folder that she retrieves from her leather minder. The very same one that she had gotten her petition paper from.

Hazel eyes narrow thoughtfully as they scan over the contents. H5N10. A breakthrough in what she is trying to discover has to lie within this virus. Her ability already demolishes the conventional rules of viruses, infections and they way they work. If she can just develop the control to produce her own. Like piecing together her own Frankenstein's monster. Give it time Elvira.. so many experiments to do before your dream is realized, and there are dozens test subjects that can serve the purposes of reaching her conclusion, and helping her to get an even better grasp of her ability.

As she rests her chin upon a proped up hand, Yana's eyes drift away to a thoughtful dreamlike state, in the space directly ahead of her. Her head shifting slightly to one side, a perfect candid pose if there ever was one. And she wonders.. Perhaps she should volunteer at a few homeless shelters this week? Perhaps take toys to an unfortunate orphanage? Choices, choices.. Mmm.. it's going to be a very Merry Christmas for Dr. Blite.

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