Doc, Somethings Happening



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Scene Title Doc, Something's Happening
Synopsis It's supposed to be the patients who have something like this happen, not one of the helpers. While Kaylee gets it on with the Nightmare Man, Dr. Brennan in the waking world needs to figure out what's going on.
Date February 18, 2010

Grand Central Terminal

"Doc, somethings happening. We think Kaylee's seizing" A ferryman with hands clamped around the door lintel and poking his head in seems to be panting as if he was running.

Brennan was adjusting the IV of someone, checking the rate of the medicine dripping through the line to make sure that the constant sedation wasn't too much. One of the eleven had opted to go through this with as little memory as possible and as little discomfort. Take a moment and then two for Brennan to register what he just said. "Kaylee?" Why would Kaylee be seizing. She wasn't one of the detoxee's and last he knew, she was healthy as a horse.

"Listen, keep an eye on him, anything seem funny or off, you get Michelle, pronto" And like that, hands on either end of the stethoscope hanging around his neck, he's taking off in the wake of the other Ferryman, tearing off nitrile gloves and exchanging them for fresh purple ones. How many boxes had they gone through down here so far? Thank god they weren't a regulated item.

When he rounds the corner to one of the smaller open area's that serves as a supply area and place for the volunteers to go to access smaller rooms for them to nap and sleep in, there's Kaylee on the ground, twitching, legs jerking around. Little whimpers and other sounds coming from her that make him raise his brows. "Anyone know what happened here?" He comes to a halt beside her, already crouching and then falling to his knee's. Someone's already getting one of the emergency kits, stocked with things one might find in an ambulance. He's already taking her pulse for himself even though someone starts rattling off vitals.

"Did she take any of the drugs?" He asks, hoping that might be the answer even as he's digging out a little penlight from his pocket and lifting eyelids to flash the light. Reactive and … moving? "She's sleeping?" But sleep doesn't burst blood vessels in your eyes like it has in her right, partially coloring the white of her eye red with the leaked platelets. It wasn't life-threatening but it was an indicator.

"That's not sleeping" Someone fires off at him, the medical duffel thumping down beside him and immediately being unzipped and pulled open. "Then what the hell is it?" The Doctor fires back as the young blonde continues doing what she's been doing. "How long has she been like this?"

"I don't know. We came around the corner and saw her like this"

"Fuck" What the hell was happening here? "Kaylee" He flicks her cheek, high on the bone. No flinch. No blink of closed eyes, twitch of the muscle where he did it. What the hell. It's repeated on the other side with the same result. "Not funny Kaylee, come on and stop playing" He form a fist and rubbing his knuckles quickly and sharply up and down her sternum while pressing down. Nothing. Not a flinch or anything, despite her eye movement dictating a different state of consciousness that wasn't unconscious. Some sort of altered mental state. "Kayle. Come on, wake up. Can you hear me? Wake up Kaylee" Brennan scrapes his teeth across is lower lip.

Could it be something with her ability? She was reacting, she wasn't unconscious. Could one of the other evolveds here be doing something without knowing? Her wrist is grasped quickly, lifted with one hand while the other passes and hovers between face and hand and drops the first. No more than two seconds passing. Down her hand goes and hits his own hand, elbow caught by the physician. Confusing. Why the hell…

"You" He points to a woman. "Check on the patients, all of them. Check and see if anyone else is doing this." She nods and runs off at his direction to check in on the others. He doesn't think it's the others doing this, no ones ability gave off warning bells in his head. Was it Kaylee's ability? Had she been pushing herself too much. Signs said she wasn't stroking out, despite the blood that dripped from nose and the twitches. Those indicated possibly a overuse of ability, something she was sure the young woman had been doing to help keep folks calm. But the movement of her eyes when they were closed and open, said REM. But She didn't wake from pain.

Knuckles to sternum again, nothing, no waking but there's the flinching again. Brennan frowns, nothing making sense and turns on his own ability, negating the woman on the floor even as someone's returning with pillows and blankets. "Get a room cleared, I don't care if you have to move some volunteers and have them triple up in one of the others, I need a room for her that's close by" For now though, he wasn't moving her. Pillows were slid under legs, elevating them, a blanket spread over her to keep her warm. There seems to be no change for the first little bit of the negation, no more than fifteen seconds till…

Pain. Not in him but on her features. Not the usual reaction when he does that, and certainly not one he's seen when he negated her. Something hurts but what? Delayed reaction to the sternum rub? He keeps it up till finally, Brennan drops the negation. A few seconds later the pained look fades. No more than a minute and some negated. "Christ. what the fuck is happening here?" Had to be her ability. Telepaths, susceptible to a great many things. Too many people couple with exhaustion? But why was she not waking up? His hands cling to the stethoscope around his neck, thinking. Various people start running back, spurred on to help the woman who was checking on other patients, reporting back that no one else is having anything similar.

Smelling salts? Wouldn't hurt to try right? He leans over the prone blonde, searching through the bag before finding the ampule that he needs. Green and white box, one of the ampules fetched from inside with it's sturdy plastic. "Someone get ready to catch her, keep her down gently" the twitching and such still carrying on. "Fuck, did she take something? Anything?" Inquired even as he kneels over, positioning the white package an inch away and snapping it.

Which only has partial success. Kaylee's eyes fluttering and violently jerking her head to the side before… nothing. She doesn't wake up, no swim upwards to consciousness "God damnit Kaylee, come on. I need Michelle. Someone get Michelle, I don't know what's wrong, we may need to move her topside to a hospital" He could try seizure medications but… she wasn't having a seizure. Not a proper one, which was really what was confusing the hell out of him. "This is getting beyond what I can deal with without…" Without the proper equipment. Does he just move her to a bed, give a sedative to try and ease the twitching and shaking? Was it hurting her? Try more methods to rouse her with chemicals?

It's the trickle of blood really that makes him decide, combined with her elevated heart rate and beads of sweat that gather on her forehead. It's with that, that he's issuing orders to get the equiptment for the IV line, people to hold her as still as possibly and within a few minutes, get the catheter in place, secured and a bag running. Someone plays IV pole and holds it up while someone else gets one of the emergency defibrillators for him, just in case. This could go so horribly wrong…

Or it could work. It's a weighing in the mind of the risk vrs result and trying wins out over waiting. One more attempt, medicinal this time. Through the duffel he goes, searching and pulling out a few vials. A syringe dipping in, carefully pulling liquid into it's chamber then eventually into the port on the IV close to her inner arm. One push of his thumb is all it takes for the liquid to exit and hit Kaylee's veins."Come on Kid. Wake up. I don't wanna cart your ass to the hospital. You'd only yell at me for that and I don't need more women mad at me than there already are. You don't know what it's like to live in a house full of estrogen" The button on the defibrillator pressed in preparation for use, but everyone vainly hoping it won't and praying that the blonde will just -

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