Doctor's Referral


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Scene Title Doctor's Referral
Synopsis "Evelyn Wozniak" and Brian seek out the healer that Abby referred them to on Elle's behalf.
Date May 29, 2009

Scraped Knees Clinic - Office

A room with a slow turning ceiling fan and a window high up near the ceiling. A file cabinet sits in the corner and each drawer is embossed with brail bumps. While a big light colored oak desk sits in the middle of the this office surrounded by the red brick walls of the room. Sitting next to the great desk was a brushed steel trash can. With two chairs facing the large desk. On the other side of the desk facing the two chairs sits a HermanMiller Aeron Chair. The desk is nice and neat with little to no clutter on it. A LCD monitor, some speakers and a keyboard with Brail embossed letters are the only thing on his desk. Along the left wall when entering is a small black leather couch. Above it is a Giclee of Katsushika Hokusai's, "The Great Wave."

Chuck is sitting in his office behind his computer with Gus his service animal laying at the end of his desk. Speaking to his computer as it is verbally speaking back to him what he is saying as to confirm what he wants it to type. As he is speaking he is mindlessly playing with a pin in his hand. His front desk assistant pages him letting him know someone will be arriving in his office in a moment. Completely forgetting that his dragon speak program was still running instead of pausing it like he always did. Realizing this and pulling off his head phones with the boom mic and giving it a toss on the desk and as he stops the program, before the visitors enter. Shifting the few things he now has on his desk and piling it up.

Helena has become more cautious these days, though perhaps not by much. Summer is now in full swing, so the order of the day is jeans and a tank top, though a trucker's cap bearing the slogan 'Keep On The Grass' is pulled down on her head, the rim low and obscuring part of her face. She asked Brian to be her wingman, so if he deems it necessary to enter first, or loom, or just be casual, she's open to whatever. Regardless, once they're inside she offers companionably, "Dr. Pepper? My name is Evelyn Wozniak. My friend Abby referred me and said you might be able to assist with a problem of a delicate nature."

If he wore glasses, he would have that red rimmed eye thingy going on. As it is, bags under his eyes will suffice. Whatever eye problems he has, it's obvious that Brian is drained. He's been busy, very busy. And while being busy, he's been out of the loop. Matters of top secret prison breakouts, and stopping evil terrorists and whatever have taken the backburner. Logistics have nearly consumed his entire life. Even the multiple man is having a difficult time keeping up with the raising and paperwork that goes along with having a place such as the Lighthouse. Interviews, scouting, so many different things going into it.

So the call to take his face out of paperwork for a bit was more than welcome. The replicator is dressed as if it weren't jummer. A brown sweatshirt draping on his shoulders, most likely to conceal the gun he keeps on his person. It's been a while that he's actually done something with Phoenix. But he hasn't forgotten to bring his firearm. Hopefully he didn't forget to load it.

The young man enters quietly, pulling down his blue cap, his features remain locked as his gray eyes take in the man opposite Helena. Nothing is said yet, though a little smirk and a half suppressed giggle slides through his lips at the name Dr.Pepper. Haaaah.

Chuck turning in the direction of the voice, "Yes, I suppose if it has something to do with the medical field, I think I could assist you in that matter. Please have a seat." Extending his arm at the two seats in front of the desk as he stands up. "How may I help you Miss Wozniak?" Giving her assistant a brief look, though his eyes were unfocusing at the moment. Almost giving off that blind glare to the pair that walked in.

Gus, also raising his head up off the floor as the two enters but doesn't move and just lays there and watches the two approach the desk and then setting his head back down on the floor.

"Normally I'd be going to Abby for this," Helena - no, 'Evelyn' begins. "But she's not presently available, but she said you're able to offer the same standard of care she does. I'm trying to help someone - a woman around my age, who has had some fairly traumatic experiences as a child which in some brain damage that has effected her memory. Since the damage is so old it might not be repairable, but Abby was initially willing to try, but circumstances have changed, which is why she pointed me your way."

A brow flickers at the repetition of the name. 'Wozniak' a brief dip of his lips into a frown before his focus returns to Dr.Pepper.-hahahaaa… Anyway, the replicator glances over to Helena. Lifting a brow again, he's really out of the loop. But that won't make him interrupt, not yet anyway. His gaze flickers back to Dr..haah and then over to Gus, which brings a smiles to Brian's lips. His fingers tuck into his belt, as he moves to stand behind the chair. He makes no word to decline the offer of the seat, yet he simply remains standing.

Chuck, nodding at the woman. "Brain damage, hmm well, I honestly, I can just help her regrow her brain tissue back, I can not do anything the memories. Unless some how her memories are in her genetic code. But I would be more then happy to help your friend out. How is Miss Abigail doing, I haven't seen her since last week when we woke me up and dragged me across town to help two friends of her. Wonderful woman. Though, it seems she has a lot of friends, but then again New York is a big city too." Sensing the man wasn't to comfortable yet. "I don't bite and nor will Gus rest assured he is well trained. So Miss Wozniak, tell me about your friend who needs some assistance?"

Helena's eyes go sidelong to Brian, she gives him a faint grin before turning back to Chuck. "I would hope that the regrowth of her brain tissue will stimulate her memories. Abby said you could do what she does, and as I understand it, it's in her purview. The woman you'd be helping does understand that there's a chance this isn't work. I'm afraid that there's not much I can tell you about her, save that she's Evolved and that she's been subject to the authority of others for a long time. She was tested to discover the limits of her ability as a child, and the process of doing so was torturous. Her memories were removed to she'd be unaware of what was done to her. She's recently seen evidence of it however, and wants her memory back if at all possible." She leans forward. "This would require an extreme amount of discretion, Dr. Pepper. We would very much prefer it be off the record. If that's a problem, or might require a certain amount of reimbursement, we can work out those details."

A confused expression answers the grin, as Brian is growing increasingly interested in who mystery girl is. He frowns as the rather sad situation is described until, Helena pauses to say the man's name.

This time he can't hold it back, he laughs.

A sharp bark of a laugh is let out before Brian clamps his mouth shut, getting a very scared and shocked expression. In disbelief he allowed himself to do that. His gaze slides over to Helena as if to say 'sorry' then over to the Dr.Pepper, where he can't help but let out another little chuckle.

Chuck leaning forward to Miss Wozniak. "Ma'am I am a doctor by trade and helping people is what I do. If you do not want any record of this, that is fine with me. Doctors only keep records to help better treat to know what has been done. I have no problem with it as long as no trouble comes to my clinic. Since most of the people I help here are innocents, just don't these people get harmed." Turning to the man and now realizing what his issue was, "Go ahead and laugh, it's alright. Abigail didn't believe my name was Doctor Pepper either." Offering the man a smile. "Besides it always brings a smile to my patients face when I tell them my real name is Doctor Pepper." Turning his attention back to the woman and his eyes focusing again, "Okay, well just let me know when and of course no records so just tell me verbally everything I need to know. Offering the woman a warm smile. Snapping his fingers to tell Gus to come to his side.

"A few other things I need to clear up," says Helena, smiling serenely. "This woman's ability is very dangerous. She's an electrokinetic, so it may be necessary to ground her out in some way in the event that your efforts are painful or traumatic enough for her to lose control. I'll be addressing the matter with her directly, and we will be taking every precaution to make sure that everyone involved is safe. We'd prefer a nighttime arrangement, which can be here if you wish, or a neutral location at your preference. Would that be acceptable?"

When it's clear that it's okay to laugh, Brian lets out another chain of chuckleslashgiggles. Finally he ends in a broad smile. "Man that's funny. It's like you had to become a doctor. I met this kid named Dan Marino once. Told everyone his full name." But then Helena is talking business again, so Brian reigns in the small talk, clamping his mouth quickly shut. He looks over at Helena once again, arching his brows as if asking 'who'?

Chuck leaning back in his hermanmiller chair and letting a broad smile release. It was a reaction from the man's comments, "Well, truth be told both my parents are doctors as well, but they practice in Washington state." Focusing his attention back on the woman again, "Well, yes please make sure she is well grounded I might suggesting putting a grounding strap around her wrist and then securing that strap to something metal in a building or a grounding rod in the ground." Waving off the thought, "Sure, how about my clinic since it wouldn't be suspicious having late night visitors here since this is a medical clinic, If anyone comes snooping around it was a medical emergency. Besides most of the police around here know me and they wouldn't think twice. I run a clean practice, though I do help the few evolved and of course no records are kept of those." Giving Gus a few gentle pets. "So then here is fine, just let me know the times."

Helena nods. "I appreciate your time and your willingness to work with us without question, doctor." She rises. "Someone will call you shortly with the details, and we'll get things moving." Tilting her head in a 'let's go' motion toward Brian, she inquires, "Are you sure there's nothing we can offer for your services? A donation to your clinic, perhaps?"

A grin is given to Chuck. "A buncha Doctor Peppers then. Awesome. So your mom is like Diet, and you can be.." He pauses as he suddenly seems to stall on his knowledge of different Dr.Pepper flavors. "Cherry." He offers before giving Helena a wordless nod. He steps back to the door, going to open it for the girl.

Chuck standing up, so he wasn't rude as they were about to leave, "Well, I will offer what I offer to everyone I treat, give what you can afford or what you feel the service was worth. If you are unable to afford anything then your thanks and gratitude is all I need. I am partially funded by the government so I make enough to survive and to keep afloat. But I am looking forward to helping out your friend." Shaking his head at the man's comment about the doctor pepper flavors. "I don't actually care for the drink, I am a coke drinker." Offering a wave.

Brian makes Helena snicker at last, finally. "Good to meet you, Dr. Pepper. We'll be in touch." With that, out the door they go.

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