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Scene Title Doctoring
Synopsis Melissa runs into Brennan. They talk about current events, and he gives her a useful present.
Date March 23, 2010

The Garden

Liette is somewhere, likely laying down or harassing and asking questions of others in the cottage that is the Garden. Likely, like Brennan, she is preparing to feel crappy. The reason why will likely be evident enough. Brennan hadn't sent word yet for Melissa. His few inquiry's to how the Den was holding up had either been interrupted or unanswered.

The good doctor himself is sitting in front of the fireplace downstairs, people out getting supplies or just otherwise engaged in various activities. He himself is fresh back from his trek across to the mainland and warming his feet, flipping through the magazine he bought when there as well so he could show it to Liette.

Melissa likes checking other safe houses, meeting people and familiarizing herself with the other places. Which is how she comes to be in the Garden. She walks in after brushing snow off of her clothes, and she takes off her hat, shaking her hair out and showing off the bandage on her forehead.

"Jesus it's cold," she mutters before she moves further in, only to pause when she sees Brennan. "Wow. You surfaced. What's changed?" she asks, heading towards him.

"Hmm?" There's a surprise. Melissa showing up without being called. Like she's stalking. "Place we were staying wasn't safe the longer we stayed. Our host was getting.. alternate idea's and apparently planning to separate us to use Liette to kill people with" Across his lap is the interview with him and pause magazine. "Joseph Sumter offered the garden. No electricity from lines or technology. I'm planning our next place though, just in case someone messes up or Rebel figures it out. And you" There's a gesture for Melissa to come forward. "What happened to you"

Melissa's eyes narrow. "He was planning on using a child to kill people? That bastard," she says with feeling. She does move towards him though, shrugging a little. "Guy tried to kill me. Luckily he didn't succeed. I would've been pretty damn pissed if he had."

"I think quite a few people would have been pissed" Brennan points out, a quiet request if he could look at it. His medical services hadn't been used in.. well a while now and he wanted to make sure for himself that it was fine. "How's the Den. You keeping it upright and functioning? I keep asking but answers keep getting derailed"

Melissa hesitates for a moment, then she shrugs and takes a seat, carefully pulling off the bandage, showing a slowly healing gash across her forehead. "The Den is good. We keep getting new people in. Sick people. We're up to…7 sick right now."

"Seven. Know how bad any of them are right now?" He's prodding for information even as he's touching the skin near but not the actual wound on her head. There's a deep frown, as if he's really unhappy someone did that to her before he's sealing the cut back up with is stitches (?) and leaving Mel be from further poking and prodding.

'Hey. So. I came into possession of something and seeing as you're at the den. With the sick people and you're evolved, I want to give it to you"

"I'm no doctor, but…far as I can tell, they all just seem to have a bad flu. Weak, feverish, feeling like shit…" Melissa shrugs and leans back. "Add on the loss and powers and they're all pretty miserable." She falls quiet for a long moment. "We did have one more, but we lost her. A three old. Her twin sister is still there," she murmurs.

She shakes it off and smiles a little. "You got me a present? I like presents. What is it?"

"Yes, Lila" Brennan remembers. He remembers well, despite not having been there. But it's the evolved flu and he couldn't risk getting it, bringing it to his family, other evolveds and incapacitating himself. "Your logical. You're there, you're evolved. I got my hands on some Vaccine. I'm covered, already had mine, Liette's gotten it too. I have one left and you're there, in the middle of the den with the sick. I want you to have it."

Melissa cocks her head. "You have the vaccine? Really? We were just talking about it." She considers for a moment. "You're sure it's the vaccine? There was some talk about the last vaccine maybe causing the current flu."

"No, this is what they're handing out to government." how he got it, he's not saying and if he had more, maybe he'd be putting it in the hands of the ferry. "Liette thinks the same, that you should get it" Only foe different reasons. Because Melissa is nice and she's a friend and she likes her hair. There is no accounting for the girls thought processes with some things. "Unless you think that there's someone else who needs it more?"

Melissa considers then she shakes her head. "No, not really. I mean, there are few other evolved who come and go at the Den, but I don't think any of them are there are often as I am."

Brennan tips his hand, leaving the choice up to her then it seems, as to whether she wants to take the dose or not. "So, how did you come to have your forehead nearly sliced off? fall through a plate glass window?" Yes, he heard her say someone attacked her.

Melissa asks first, "Is the vaccine a shot? I bet it's a shot. I hate shots. But I hate the flu more. And losing my ability right now would suck." She goes quiet for a moment then shakes her head. "No, I didn't go through a window. Guy showed up. Evolved, with several abilities that I saw. Decided to try to do some amateur brain surgery on me."

"Unfortunately it's a shot. Even I don't like shots. BUt, I have to think that I'm pretty good at giving them" he points out. Theres'a gesture to the chair if she wants to take a seat. "God, that sounds horrible. What stopped him? I mean.." There's a sympathetic cluck from Brennan as he digs for the little case in his backpack with the last vaccine. "You use your ability on him?'

Melissa sits down and takes her coat off to bare her arm for Brennan. "It was horrible. One person went flying through a window. Another got pushed over a couch. Pinned under it, I think. Then I got pinned to a wall with telekinesis and he started doing this," she says, tapping an unmarked part of her forehead.

"I did try to use my ability on him. He screamed, so I know it hurt him. But…he seemed to know what my ability was. He told me to help him stop the pain. So there's two abilities there. Add in smoke and making me sleepy and you got two more. Not sure why he stopped either. One minute my head was getting cut open, and the next he was gone."

"Christ" Brennan finds what he's looking for and sets about to doing exactly what he told Melissa he's do, cleaning her upper arm and after plucking away a cap is sinking in the thin needle to let loose it's contents into her body. "You'll get a really mild version of the flu. Don't worry. It'll go away in a day or two but. But you'll be able to work in the Den without worrying about catching it" The doctor informs. "I couldn't get my hands on more. Probably for the best you don't tell the rest because I'll just get pressured to get more and I was lucky enough to get these."

Melissa wrinkles her nose at the sting of the needle. "Will I lose my ability?" she asks, glancing at her arm. "I was gonna try to get some, but got shot down. Hopefully we can manage to get more soon. A lot more."

"I haven't had it happen yet. They say intermittent ability reduction. So, you can't take away pain as good" Brennan offers up. "I doubt you'll notice and yeah, no stealing vaccines. I told them if they ever did that again, I'd walk away" He has hope that Vaccine won't mysteriously appear in the hands of the ferry after there's news of Vaccine being stolen or disappearing. "How are the other people you were with?" An alcohol swab across the site and then a band aid for good measure and just like that.. Mel's one safer person.

Melissa's gaze drops and she doesn't answer for a long moment. "One person wasn't hurt, but has the flu. The other…is in the hospital. I'm going to be visiting him soon. But he was hurt a lot more than I was," she murmurs.

"I"m sorry Melissa. I'm sure the hospital will do the best they can to help him heal and get back on his feet. The body is a remarkable thing and amazing things these days are done. If he went to St. Lukes, maybe the healer there will give him a boost" He suggests, trying to find some comfort for the young woman. "I take it he's a close friend" The used syringe dropped into the case, likely to be discarded somewhere safe.

Melissa looks up, wide-eyed. "St. Lukes has a healer? Really? That's where he went," she says, sounding hopeful. "And he's a friend, yeah. How close is…still up for debate," she says, shrugging her coat back on.

'Was in the news a while back. Manifested. Whether he's there currently, he was going on vacation. But they have a healer" Brennan nods, taking up a seat opposite her, the crackle and warmth from the fire keeping the place good.

"I told Liette if anything happens, she's to go to Joseph or you. That you'd help protect her and get her some place safe"

Melissa nods. "I'll keep her safe, whatever it takes," she promises. After a moment she smiles and rises to her feet. "I should get going. But…is there anything you need? Or she needs?"

"Uhh no. Well, maybe an end to this all so I can get back to my kids" He jokes with a smile. A smile that just doesn't quite reach where it should to be genuine. "I can't think of anything, but you should come around again, when Liette's active. She likes you. She do with learning a few things about the world from you. Life outside a lab and what it's really like"

Melissa smiles and nods. "I'll definitely do that. I owe her a snowball fight, remember? And I like her too."

"Good. Take it easy, take some Tylenol for the next few days, you'll be fine and able to be in the den no worries" He offers his hand out to Melissa to shake. "Maybe some day soon, I’ll actually be in there again"

His hand is taken and Melissa nods. "I hope so. And you, either of you, need anything, let me know." She gives him another smile, then picks up her hat and gloves to head for the door.

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