Dodge My Dad


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Scene Title Dodge My Dad
Synopsis Cat has a visitor.
Date March 30, 2010

East 4th Street in Greenwich Village, The Verb lobby and penthouse.

Coming up on 12:30, Cat reaches Greenwich Village and has parked her vehicle. She moves on foot from the parking garage next to the Verb to the building proper. Winter gear is the order of the day, actually the entire month, given the manipulated weather which has so much white stuff deposited. A few newspapers are carried in gloved hands, she not yet having had time to read them given her morning agenda. As she nears the Rock Cellar entrance, the woman stops and pulls out a phone.

Standing just in the alley, Claire watches quietly as Cat moves to the door. The regenerator, duffel and all, steps out of the spot where she is hiding. At least she doesn't have to worry about cameras, Rebel promised her that; of course, he promised he had her back at Lemay's as well.

"Hey Cat." The young blonde's voice sounds strained and tired, even the immortals need sleep now and then. "Can we get off the street?" She asks, glancing around, cautiously, hand lifting to clutch closed the only out protection she's wearing for the cold, a sports jacket, which has been thrown over a pair of gray overalls like janitors wear. Her hair is still a bit of a mess, though it's apparent that she tried to comb at it with her fingers, to make it lay down better.

"I need a place till I can get a hold of Eileen."

There are cameras all around the Verb, for the entire perimeter, and even some which take in the opposite side of the street Cat added when Peter pointed out she was under watch by Humanis First. Being able to pull up and view footage of all areas around the clock is one of the things she very much wanted, after having been kidnapped from her place in Dorchester Towers by Ethan and Odessa. This, of course, doesn't mean Rebel hasn't acted on Claire's behalf to keep her image from being in that footage.

She pauses in the alley entrance on hearing first the sound of the text going through, then the voice of Claire herself. Nothing is done or said for some seconds as Cat takes time to think. Then a hand slips into her pocket and pulls out a key/keycard combo. "Keep your head down, stay near me so your face isn't so easily seen and we look natural, just talking. I'll take you in." It's going to be tricky, with people possibly at the Cellar for lunch and maybe in the lobby of the Verb too. But it's doable.

She starts walking for the row of glass doors and opens one.

"Thank you." There is a short nod of Claire's head, the weariness there. "I wouldn't put you in this position, but I'm not exactly able to just up and get a hotel room, besides." The regenerator says with some amusement, "you've been texting me like crazy." A glance to the side and Claire lowers her head, hair falling into her face some.

Fingers curl tighter into the jacket, closer inspection would show a spot or two of dried blood where the gray fabric. Who knows how bad it is under the jacket? Even her face shows hints of the blood that was there before it was wiped away. Seems she hasn't even had time to relax.

In she goes, head kept tilted to suggest listening to the woman at her side as they move, which helps shield Claire's face from the sight of cameras between the entrance and where they're going as well as against being recognized by staff and occupants of the building. The first elevator is taken, the one in the corridor to the left of the security desk. Inside Cat uses that key/keycard combo to open the panel and press the button marked six.

It's a trip of less than twenty seconds, the doors open and Cat leads over toward the residence entry doors to open them after securing the elevator access panel. "It was more like four times," she replies dryly, "but yes, I've been seeking contact." Doors open, in they go.

"I know, but I couldn't risk contacting you." Claire explains as they get off the lift, the duffel bag shifted on her back. Whoever thought that the former cheerleader's possessions one day would one day fit into a single bag? "You're not exactly in good standing with Rebel." There is a small apologetic smile sent the lawyer's direction.

"And I figured me in person was better then sending texts over the phone." A matter of fact statement. "And this way there is less chance of Rebel eavesdropping on it too."

Now the entry doors to the residence area are closed and locked after they've gone inside. Cat is quiet until she finishes that task, only then turning to face Claire. She quietly scoffs. "Rebel aren't in good standing with me, and they won't be until they grow some sense and find a clue. What they asked of me would've been done already were it not for their decision to make threats."

Feet carry her to the entertainment area where she opens the small refrigerator. "Food? Drink?" she offers. There's sandwiches, cola, and stout inside. "They contacted me again while I was watching the news report about you, face and all, saying they can help you but I know what they need in return. So I replied you were doing their work, they need to cover your back regardless of what I do."

"Well… I think it's been established that Rebel is… odd." Claire murmurs, shaking her head at the offer of food and drink. She shrugs the duffel of her shoulder and it drops to the floor at her feet. The jacket released, that black mess of dried blood is revealed. The jacket is shrugged off and tossed on top of the duffel back and Claire takes a moment to stick a finger in the hole created by the bullet.

"Rebel set me up to take a fall, bastard. I mean. I know when I agreed to leave EndGame for his little band of rebels that I'd forfeit my pardon, but…" She glances up at the dark haired woman, "… he couldn't give me a bit more time? Now I have to go to dad's group for shelter." Which is the last thing she wanted, cause Noah was going to be livid about it. The overalls are unzipped, a white — or was white — tank top underneath, the hole just beneath her breast, and a bigger one on her back.

"There's clothing here," Cat states as she observes the condition of garments and woman, "you can ask Helena about that. She's speculative, then, pondering what she was told. "None of that was necessary, Claire. You could've come to me, or Helena, Elisabeth, Mr. Clemens… quite a few people to explain the objective and accomplish it without things coming to this. And being shot. You've got entry and exit wounds. Rifle round, or high caliber handgun." She takes a pint of stout for herself and another for Claire, offering it. "It seems your twenty-first birthday party is a moot point now."

"I have my reasons Cat," Claire states firmly, "I had to prove myself… Just looks like Rebel took it a step further." A sideways glance goes to the Lawyer. "Your looking at the newest member of MESSIAH. Populated with the likes as Knox and West." She doesn't sound overly excited, there is not real inflection in her voice.

Fingers plucks at the frayed threads. "Handgun… and despite what the reports said, he shot me first. I shot him after… in the leg, so I could get away." Her tone bland, followed by a sigh. "Obviously, what I was seeing was important enough to kill me, rather then trying to detain me or call the cops."

"You've never needed to prove yourself to us, Claire," Cat replies quietly. "That they said you needed to prove anything suggests maybe you don't need to be around them at all. It's your decision, I respect it, but I won't pretend to agree. It's been a while since I saw Fort Knox, he went walkabout and never returned. Allen Rickham left when Mother started her campaign and rejoined the Company, haven't seen him since. Not even when she was assassinated. And West…" A slight smile forms, something of mild amusement coming into her eyes.

"Last time I spoke with him was unproductive. I tried to get him to say what he thought that mushroom cloud Rebel put on their site was, to act like a real reporter, and he just dodged the question. Chose instead to lecture me about being registered and having a clean record. It was hilarious." It's also hilarious because Cat knows she's his boss now and West hasn't a clue, but she's keeping that to herself.

"Howard Lemay," she utters, moving along from the topic of people they both know, "is a liasion between DHS and CDC. My guess, since Rebel and others wanted his home invaded, he's got data on the 510 virus and the institute where Jean Luis and Mohinder Suresh work for the Defense Department. The place where people are kept asleep in tanks."

"And I know that, Cat, but this had to be done." There is something in the regenerator's face that says there is way more to the story than is being said out loud. She moves to the small fridge once inspection of her tanktop is done, crouching down to retrieve a water bottle. "He works for the CDC… and seems to be in with the Commonwealth Institute. In fact, the biggest reason I'm here is to pass an image…"

Straightening, Claire pulls a cellphone from her thigh pocket. A couple of button taps, a bit of blood flaked off a part of it, and it's handed over. The image of a document with a time table. The logo of the Commonweath Institute on it.

3/29/10 - 3/30/10: Appointment of Site 17 Infected containment.

4/1/10: Sweep of Site 17 of Infected for removal.

Goal Outline: Establish checkpoints into Site 17, mobilize National Guard and Stillwater PMC.

"Richard seems to think it might be Summer Meadows they are talking about." Claire says, nodding to the phone, "It's why I came here first before going to Eileen, he sent me here."

"When we discover just what the Institute is up to and expose it all to the public," Cat opines, "we will get you cleared again." Of this she exhibits no doubt. "Now… site 17. Summer Meadows." She moves away from the phone and woman holding it, to turn off the computer screen saver and bring up the full measure of exhibits mined from Rebel's site onto the immense HD set.

"Have you seen any of this before? I did research into the three locations mentioned in the latest version. I didn't find any claims of a wall being built at Ledgwood Terrace, but there was recently a fence set up, ostensibly to make it a gated community for protection against local crime. It could be a smokescreen. It's also been suggested to me that Summer Meadows isn't being turned into a camp. The camp would instead be the hospital and military base on Staten Island. I reported all this to the Ferry, they wanted proof it's not all just conspiracy theory." Quiet next, as she moves back to Claire and camera.

"Can you email me the documents you got from Lemay's home?"

"I can't… I only have the photo of the timetable that I took with my phone." Claire had left the digital camera with Cardinal, since she's now — technically — not a member of Endgame. "Rebel asked me to photograph it. The hard copies of what I went for, I handed over to MESSIAH. They were of two evolved, I'm guessing people Rebel wants for his Army. Some guy called 'The German' and another guy named Ashley something or another." There is a small shrug as the phone is dropped into her pocket again.

A sharp twist of the bottle cap and Claire takes a long drink, breaking and entering is hard work. She steps closer to the screen. "Alia opened the last one for us.. so I remember his last message." Another sip is taken of the water as she eyes the screen. "So it could be either place?"

Silence, as Cat takes a moment to think. "Nothing else you collected is still accessible for sharing? If you would, email me that timetable document. I think maybe it's both, Claire. Site 17 being Summer Meadows, to be swept, and the place people grabbed in the sweep being those sites on Staten Island. That maybe the checkpoints are intended to keep people inside after the sweep; anyone not found infected and taken away then would be prevented from leaving the site."

"Not currently, no." Claire states, with a small shake of her head, glancing back at Cat. The phone is pulled out of her pocket so she can forward the image of the timetable. Once that's done she starts another one. "Speaking of which…" She murmurs softly, thumbs working the keys, the water bottle tucked against her body with an arm.

Eileen, sure you saw the news. I am out of Endgame. Need Ferry's help. I need shelter from the backlash. I can explain more when I see you.

With Rebel monitoring her phone, she can't tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. That can wait for an in person meeting.

As she starts to put away the phone, it chimes again. "That was fast." A glance goes to her phone. "Um.. Site 17 doesn't seem to be where we were thinking…"

"Do tell," Cat replies to the matter of site 17 being somewhere else than expected.

"Seems…" Claire is tapping away at her phone, forwarding the information to Cardinal. Then she does so for Cat.

After reviewing the information you delivered we have made proper arrangements. Further investigation of the files you photographed with your phone have led us to investigate "Site 17" as a title. According to the database of geographical information we were able to obtain, Site 17 is categorized as southern Staten Island in detailing with a location known as "Outer District".

It would seem that the Institute has plans for a sweep of Staten Island's southern neighborhoods for the infected. We warn against presence on Staten Island during this time. Please inform Richard Cardinal of this.

Glancing up once it has been, it's important enough that Rebel can be pissed at her later. "It's the Outer District of Staten Island." A glance to her phone and Claire is forwarding it to another person as she moves towards Cat. "Sending this to Eileen too. Along with the image."

Eileen I don't know if you all have people on Staten, but the following image and text says that there will be sweeps of Staten. Pass the word!

Her review of communications is quick. "Anyone found infected will be put in tanks at the Institute," Cat expresses, "which is also where they'll put you if caught. Kept asleep so they can play games with your blood. Not to mention they could grab up people who aren't infected, just by claiming they are."

"I doubt Rebel with allow that." The blonde gives her screen a final glance before the cellphone is tucked back into a pocket. "Well… for me anyhow." Her lips press together into a fine line, not exactly pleases about it. "Maybe he'll warn them. I sent the stuff to the Ferry, so maybe they can start getting who they can out of there."

She moves to rest her hip against the edge of Cat's decks, fingers toy with her water bottle, eyes cast down to the water inside. "I don't doubt, if they have Gregor, then he'll be salivating to get his hands on me. My memory of my time captured is spotty, but I heard about some of what he did."

There is almost a growl to her voice as she says softly, "I'm sure he'd like his favorite toy back."

"He infected your blood with malaria, which Captain Sanderson also has, for one," Cat informs. "If relations had been better between Mother and I before she was assassinated, I'd have been able to ask if she could remedy that for you." She avoids commenting on what Rebel may or may not allow. She'd like to not believe it, but given recent events she can't dismiss the possibility. "You didn't need to pass it to Eileen," she intones, "though it doesn't hurt. Have you forgotten that by coming here, to me, you also reached the Ferry? I'm the one that's been investigating and sharing information."

After a pause, she tacks on "I still suspect they've got some plan afoot for Summer Meadows. And we can't know what effect you being found at Lemay's home has on their plans. It may stall them, or alter things completely. In any case, along with seeking to have the Institute infiltrated, I intend to investigate Agent Lemay as thoroughly as possible."

"No. I got malaria from the environment." Shaking her head, Claire explains. "I had it well before we got to Rasoul's place and were captured. Everyone else had it too, but the stuff in my blood mutated, thanks to my ability."

At the mention of Cat and the Ferry, Claire sighs. "Sorry Cat, I think it's a Team Bravo thing. She was on my team and I trust her… just as much as the rest of you. I set up a meeting with her too, she'll get me into a safehouse."

There is a pause and Claire gives a soft frustrated huff of air, "After that… I have no idea, wait for orders." Of course, going to the Ferrymen is probably what Rebel would want in hopes she'll run across a wayward girl. "That and dodge my dad. God…" Blue eyes roll skyward. "He's gonna be so pissed, and mom. She's got to be completely freaked out."

"Or so Gregor claimed. He may have lied to you," Cat suggests, "in any case, Mother could have removed it. She had the ability to transmute biological materials. Turn your blood to water, the malaria with it. A moot point now, anyway. There might be other methods to purify you, but that would have been the easiest."

A small smile tugs at the young woman's mouth. "There is no hurry really." Claire says softly, with a shrug. "It's not hurting me to have it, I don't feel any discomfort or pain unless I am negated. Then it will tear me up. And quickly with how bad my immune system is. " Fingers brush back and tuck blonde locks behind her ear.

"There are much more important things going on than me having incurable malaria." Claire points out with a grin, pushing off the desk. "Is there a place I can crash? I want to grab a shower, put on some fresh clothes and maybe catch some shut eye."

True enough, Cat thinks, Claire's got a few million years left, after all. If she wants kids every generation or so, it might become more urgent, but… "This way," she offers, moving toward a guest room of the penthouse. It has a Sleep Number bed with high thread count sheets, private bathroom and shower. "I'll tell Helena you're here, you can have some time with her and handle the clothing thing." The door is opened and held for her.

A small appreciative smile is given to Cat, her duffel bag retrieved and hefted on her shoulder. "Thanks, Cat." The mention of Helena gets a grimace, not cause she doesn't want to see her old friend, but cause she knows the backlash of what happened is coming.

"I better get that shut eye fast then, I'm sure she'll have a lot of questions." Claire slips through the door into the guest room. "If it's not before I have to meet Eileen, I'm sure she'll be able to hunt me down." Her smile turns into something more crooked at the thought.

"Thanks again, Cat."

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