Doea Press Conference
Date April 4, 2010
Relevant Logs A Change is Going to Come

Thanks to weather-related delays, the press conference scheduled at the Suresh Centre on the 3rd was rescheduled to the 4th, though this may have been an effort to lose the crowd of protesters threatening to picket out front the facility, never mind the snow. This didn't work, evidently, but the show went on. Both Secretary Raymond Praeger and Doctor Harve Brennan spoke out about the H5N10 or "Evo flu" regarding safety precautions for Evolved. Word on intentions to create Summer Meadows into a "flu-free zone" was also mentioned, with the offer of living space to Evolved who are recovering from the virus.

Last on the agenda, Praeger describes future intentions for the Evolved Registry — or rather, the Registry of Evolved and Non-Evolved.

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