DoEA Press Conference: Blackouts

Two days after the blackout-visions swept New York City, Secretary Raymond Praeger took a podium within a press conference room, the black lines of his suit sharp and a splash of burgundy making up his tie, glimmering gold thread in natural reflection of the DoEA seal. The stage remained otherwise empty, sporadic camera flashes whitewashing the space.

"We cannot, at this time, say the cause behind the blackout. My staff have been working closely with the Department of Homeland Security in an attempt to discover whether there was an Evolved behind the events that took place on June the tenth and how we can prevent this happening again in the future."

When asked as to the nature of the flashes themselves, Praeger denied knowledge.

"Our official stance is that we cannot confirm where these visions were precognitive, which I know has been a popular theory, but I would press that this is pure theory. The visions were obviously telepathic in nature and there are a great many options that we will be looking into. At this time, I would urge people not to jump to conclusions while there is no evidence in place to confirm or deny the nature of the hallucinations.

"What we do know involves what information voluntary reports from involved citizens have provided for us, and we will be implementing focus groups and interviews so that we can start piecing together the myriad of flashes and better understand their nature. This information will eventually be made public, no later and no sooner."

He went on to emphasize the DoEA's intentions to expand the Registry to encompass all citizens, cited the recent disaster as just one more reason to make the Registry airtight, and confirmed that the government would be moving forward with these intentions this summer.

When asked whether he himself was awarded a vision:

"I feel that is an inappropriate question at this time. Moving right along…"

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