DoEA Under Fire

The Department of Evolved Affairs faces critical backlash for a lapse in judgment regarding a series of "faulty" SLC test kits that may have resulted in any number of SLC-expressive citizens going undetected. On the 23rd of January, a debate panel host manifested on live television, having previously been identified as a Non-Evolved upon registration in August, 2010.

Russo is not being charged with failing to Register as an Evolved or undermining the Registry, and instead, the blame is being put to a batch of test kits that have been deemed to be potentially unreliable.

The DoEA Secretary Raymond Praeger was available for comment.

"It is my belief that this was a terrible mistake, and it's incredibly unfortunate to have come out as it did," Praeger told The Times. "In defense of the Registry, however, I must point out that had those test kits gone out fully functional, then Mr. Russo would have been identified as someone who needed our assistance before he could hurt anyone. If anything good could come out of this incident, it would be to highlight the importance of accurate testing for any individual to prevent anything like this from happening again."

In the wake of the Registration changes, including the addition of a Non-Evolved listing, a series of incidents revolving around the undermining of the Registry have come to surface. A total of ten policemen in New York and New Jersey have been fired since August 2010 and are serving jailtime for submitting false Registry reports.

The Department of Evolved Affairs has confirmed that the police officer responsible for Russo's Registration is being investigated. "We are taking great pains into investigating cops who think they're above the law, for reasons of sympathy or even financial gain," DoEA agent Katie Sebastian told The Times. "So far, we have no reason to suspect deliberate Registry subversion in this case, but we'll continue our investigation."

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