Doesn't Work That Way


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Scene Title Doesn't Work That Way
Synopsis Magnes comes up with an idea after comedy night. Yana explains why it isn't realistic.
Date February 26

Yana's Apartment


With his suit jacket and hat hung in the appropriate area, Magnes is sitting at the kitchen table with a glass of wine, speaking privately with Yana. "All things aside, Doctor Blite, I've been giving real thought to our situation. The rumors about me, this environment that Keagan has to grow up in, all of the violence in the city, things like the dome that keep happening… would you say you'd do anything to stop it? I've been reflecting, a lot, and my life is… not the greatest thing in this city. The constant threat of more than one of my friends a year dying is always looming, so I have an idea that might sound rather extreme…"

No wine for Yana this evening. It sorta goes along with that mood of hers that she isn't prepared to accept any outside interference. Whatever it is that has her so preoccupied is something that she has decided to internalize. "By the sound of your words, I am gathering that you aren't really going to a good place with this. Though I am curious to hear you out at least."

"You know how rabies makes people violent and enraged, right? Like, it makes them rabid. Well… what if we somehow made a harmless rabies virus?" Magnes suggests before taking a light sip of his drink, always careful not to mess up his suit. "Like, a virus that induces a sense of peace in people, that spreads through the whole city, maybe the world eventually. Imagine, a vaccine for war."

"Magnes. There are a few things wrong with that plan." Yana begins plainly enough, keeping any type of amusement or belittlement from her voice. "For one thing, there is no harmless rabies virus. Rabies causes inflammation, a swelling of the brain which is a delicate organ to be sure. The reason it causes those violent actions, paralysis, anxiety, confusion, hallucinations is because.. the brain swells. There is physical damage being done to the mind, so death eventually follows." her head shakes from one side to the other, conveying her opinion on the subject, "I'm not saying that it is beyond the scope of my power, it just wouldn't happen how you are imagining."

"The virus would have to affect certain parts of the brain and probably destroy some others in order to achieve that effect." she sets one hand upon the counter, scooting into a stool. "The brain does not heal itself, so those parts would be gone completely, which could likely affect other things like motor skill or memory or something. And the mortality rate would still be a problem." she sighs, "Besides, I don't believe in world peace. If everyone were peaceful and pacifistic, you will likely have your mutations. It would take 1 psychotic person in the bunch to conquer a world of peace loving people. No, that isn't a very good idea."

"Yeah, I guess you're right, on all fronts…" Magnes slumps slightly, looking a bit disappointed as he stares at his reflection in the wine. "It was a good idea in my head, sorry. And I still haven't found anyone to work with us. But I've been reflecting a lot, being very introspective, and well… when Keagan is better, I want you to try and find out who said those things about me."

"Well, a suggestion I might have to avoid hearing those types of things would be to completely consider an idea such as the one you just gave me, before presenting it. Something such as that you might want to keep in the range of science fiction rather than making it a reality. Even if your idea did work, what is to say that these peace infected people wouldn't simply lose interest in living as a whole. Losing the instincts for aggression could also obliterate the instincts for general survival, such as eating or drinking. This is—" she flits a hand back and forth through the air, "Just one possibility I'm pitching. But really, I'm just saying to avoid those types of things in order to keep people from making those accusations about you. I'll see if Keagan is up to discussing it later."

"I'll keep that in mind, Doctor Blite. I'm sorry for making such a rass suggestion, I was possibly counting on you to point out what was wrong with the plan, but it's wrong of me to put such a responsibility on to you when I could have done the research myself." Magnes sounds sincerely apologetic, nodding a few times. "But as I was saying, I gave it some real thought, those rumors. If I let people simply spread things about me, then it could damage future interactions with people, or make others gain misconceptions about me and ruin first impressions. I can't let those things just spread unhindered."

"Well, you did have a flair for making a spectacle of yourself in the past. You already have a few strikes against you, so it is difficult to not have people slandering your name." Her hand raises to her face, and a single index finger rubs up the bridge of her nose. "Which is where my suggestion to put a stop to them came in. Through harsh response if necessary. Though I suspect you'll handle it in your own manner."

"What would you call harsh?" Magnes wonders as if there's some wisdom to be gained from the knowledge. "I was going to talk to them all and get these misconceptions cleared up, but if that doesn't work then I'm not sure what to do."

"Magnes, I thought we decided that we wouldn't go through this subject again. I understand your desire to right the wrongs that others have done unto you, though there really isn't anything I am willing to suggest in this situation." she shakes her head, "This is going to be something that you'll have to figure out on your own."

"Alright, Doctor Blite…" Magnes goes a bit quiet, allowing his thoughts to take over so he can savor the drink without speaking inbetween sips. But finally he seems to have something else to address. "Would you be offended if I called you Elvira, in private? I really like your name…"

"Offended? No, not at all. It is my first name after all. My father is the one who started calling me Yana. It just stuck with everyone else. Though I don't really mind being called by my first name." Even if there is a bit of reputation surrounding the name. "It is a Russian name."

"I think it fits you. Elvira… I call you Doctor Blite out of respect, I didn't want to seem presumptuous by calling you Elvira without asking." Magnes slowly swirls his finger above the glass, not actually touching it, just moving gravity through his drink with a bit of a frown on his face. "I've been trying very hard to be introspective lately, to work hard…" There's an unsaid 'but' after that, though it's left up in the air as he seems to trail off back into his thoughts.

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