Dogs And Cats


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Scene Title Dogs and Cats
Synopsis Kurt meets Sandra
Date November 08, 2009

Greenwich Village

In a time that seems long ago, Greenwich Village was known for its bohemian vibe and culture, the supposed origin of the Beat movement, filled with apartment buildings, corner stores, pathways and even trees. There was a mix of upper class and lower, commercialism meeting a rich culture, and practically speaking, it was largely residential.

Now, it's a pale imitation of what it used to be. There is a sense of territory and foreboding, as if the streets aren't entirely safe to walk. It isn't taken care of, trash from past times and present littering the streets, cars that had been caught in the explosion lie like broken shells on the streets nearest the ground zero. Similarly, the buildings that took the brunt of the explosion are left in varying degrees of disarray. Some are entirely unusable, some have missing walls and partial roofs, and all of the abandoned complexes have been looted, home to squatters and poorer refugees.

As one walks through the Village, the damage becomes less and less obvious. There are stores and bars in service, and apartment buildings legitimately owned and run by landlords. People walk the streets a little freer, but like many places in this scarred city… anything can happen. Some of the damage done to buildings aren't all caused by the explosion from the past - bullet holes and bomb debris can be seen in some surfaces, and there is the distinct impression that Greenwich Village runs itself… whether people like it that way or not.

Already done work for the day Kurt Campbell has left his bike at the couriers and disagreeing with anyone else's opinion of Joy's and his new kitten Inger he's got it in his head that cats ought to be outside, just not running free. "No, no…oh come on you little bugger. I'll declaw you." He threatens the ball of fur that can't be more then four months old. Out front of the Village Rensaissance Kurt just seems to be milling about the sidewalk trying to convince the kitten to let go of his shirt, this guy has never had a pet before.

Sandra is currently out and about, walking her fluffy Pomeranian dog, Mr. Muggles. She just can't keep herself cooped up at the Hanger all day long. She's just grateful that she has a dog for an excuse, otherwise she might go crazy milling about there all the time. "I think it's about time to get you a couple of jackets, don't you think so, Mr. Muggles?" She asks the dog, who is donned in a pair of sunglasses. However, the little Pomeranian has caught sight of a little kitten in the arms someone nearby. While Muggles is a good dog, he does start tugging on the leash, barking once or twice. "Mr. Muggles…what has gotten into you?"

Claw, small but piercing claws! Inger digs her claws deep into Kurt's arm and tries to hide up the sleeve of his jacket of all places. Scrambling Kurt gives out a yelp and then looking at the dog the man bursts into a half chuckle, half giggle. "You're afraid of that!? We really gotta work on your backbone little lady." Her chimes to the kitten like he would any human and gives up trying to extract the furball from his jacket, it only means more bleeding.

Sandra reels Mr. Muggles in. "Really." She says to the dog, before realizing that there's a kitten nearby. She smiles to Kurt lightly. "That's a mighty cute little thing, you've got there. I hope my Mr. Muggles didn't scare 'er too much." She says kindly to him. "He's generally well behaved, but sometimes he can get a bit carried away."

Inger gets up the courage to peek an oversized head out of Kurt's jacket and hiss weakly down at the pom dog, "Oh behave." Kurt scratches the little cat's head and then smiles to the mysterious dog walking lady, "Oh he's fine, she's just wimping out is all." He tries to assure the woman and gives his overtly friendly smile before actually waving to the dog as well.

Mr. Muggles barks at the kitten as it hisses at him. "Mr. Muggles! That is enough! I'll not let you watch any more dog shows today!" And that's final! "She's just a cute little kitten. It's understandable that she'd be scared." She says with a little smile.

Kurt can't help but chuckle, "He likes watching the dog shows?" Of course Kurt would pick up on that. Inger doesn't scamper away this time but settles in for a nap half hanging from the man's collar. "Oh sorry where are my manners, "Kurt Campbell." He extends a hand to the unknown woman, "A pleasure to meet you, you new to our little neighborhood?" He can always envision his mother's scolding if he doesn't mind his manners.

Sandra nods a little. "Oh yes…don't all dogs?" She asks, as if it should be normal. She smiles kindly, extending her free hand to shake Kurt's. "Sandra Butler. It's a pleasure to meet you." She greets the man. "I've just moved to New York, yes." She tells Kurt. "And I do so love Greenwich Village. It has been a favourite of mine in the past."

Kurt ahs and nods his head at this, "Not quite the same Greenwich I'm sure you remember if you were here years ago, but we're getting back there." He smiles at this obviously proud of the neighborhood, "But anyways, welcome to New York, once you live here awhile I think it's hard to leave so make the choice fast." He jests and pets the kittens head who gives a little purr that is half a snore.

Sandra smiles kindly. "Well, it may not be the same, but I still quite enjoy it. It's much more…about the people here than other parts of New York." She replies. "I do hear that it's easy to fall in love with the city." She agrees with Kurt. "But, I don't plan on leaving any time soon, so it all works out in the end, I suppose."

Kurt nods his head at this and smiles back to the woman, "Ah well I just meant the city sort of sucks you in. You can't help but wanna help it thrive. The people here can be pretty good but I guess watch out for some areas." He gives the general all purpose warning with a smile still, "Mr. Muggles right?" He asks and bends down to hold a hand out for the dog to smell while not disturbing the kitten.

Sandra smiles and nods. "That is good to know." She says with a nod. "I've just come from California, so I'm still trying to get used to living in a city like this. Visiting is one thing, living is quite another!" She states. "And I've mostly only scene touristy areas. Though of course friends had always suggested Greenwich Village, for it's Bohemian style."

Kurt grins at this and straightening up after getting a sniff and points to the building behind him, "I just live there. Use to live in the trendy areas myself but when I got back from MIT I couldn't help but like Greenwich and Chelsea." He shrugs his shoulder and lifts the kitten a little since she is fast asleep, "Oh well if you're in the area long you'll have to check out the Nite Owl. It's a little dinner just in Chelsea but it's truly this neighborhood."

Mr. Muggles isn't quite sure what to make of Kurt. On the one hand, he's the man who has the cat. But on the other hand…maybe it's the cat who has him? Mr. Muggles just doesn't know what to make of the situation! Sandra nods a little. "The Nite Owl? It sounds positively quaint. I might just have to check it out." She says with a small smile. "I don't live too far away, so everything around here is an easy enough walk, I suppose."

A smile keeps beaming from the friendly man's face, "Oh it's been open for sixty years or something liek that, ought to be a historical monument or something." He chuckles and winks down towards the dog as if guessing his thoughts but really only Kurt just enjoys animals in general.

Sandra scoops down and picks Mr. Muggles up, as if she herself sensed that the dog was thinking his next move. "Well, that's quite the accomplishment, isn't it? Especially in this day and age." She says thoughtfully. "Well, I'm definitely going to check it out. What kind of food is it that they serve?"

"Oh it's a diner so the normal fare but ten times better. But don't just order a salad, it looks weird." Kurt grins to the woman and looks towards the dog who seems under control even before he could bite Kurt's ankle or whatever other nasty plan Mr. Muggles had in store.

Sandra pets Mr. Muggles absentmindedly while she talks to Kurt. "Well, if I do go to a diner, I suppose I'd expect to get something more like a burger and fries, hmm?" She smiles. "No salads at a diner." She agrees. "Is there anything you would suggest from the diner?"

Kurt grins at this, "Well honestly it's not really diner fare but they make a brilliant French onion soup." He says and smiles brighter, "But yeah normally just burgers and fries."

Sandra nods a little bit. "Well, I'm glad for the suggestion. I can use as many as I can get if I'm going to make it through the adjustment." She smiles and nods. "French Onion soup? Goodness, I haven't had that in a long time. I'll have to give it a try!"

Kurt grins wider if possible, it's always good to find another friendly person around New York, "One of the best food inventions ever." He adds to the french onion praise. "And really don't worry you look like a New Yorker already."

Of course, it helps Sandra that she lived in New York once upon a time, but she's not really going to mention that right now. The whole 'changing of identities' thing in her life. "Why thank you. I am trying. so it's sweet of you to say so." She says in regard to looking like a New Yorker.

Kurt grins and nods his head again, "Well I better get this little sleepy gal back inside before I get in trouble for giving her a cold or something." He chuckles lightly and pets the kitten's head with one finger. "It was nice to meet you Mrs. Butler and if you need anything I'm just in the old building behind us here, three eleven." It's just Kurt to give out his address to a basic stranger.

Sandra smiles a little bit, nodding. "Yes, of course. It was a pleasure meeting you as well, Mr. Campbell." She says kindly to him. "Good day." She says, finally putting Mr. Muggles down when there isn't a chance of him going chasing after someone.

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