Dogs, Pilots and Women


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Scene Title Dogs, Pilots and Women
Synopsis Abby drives over a nail and a good Samaritan and his dog, fix it for her.
Date February 5, 2009

Somewhere between St. Lukes and Chinatown.

Just great. Really. It's fabulous. The curfew recently lifted for the night and escaping from the hospital, the blonde healer stands beside her scooter, looking at it forlornly. The back tire flat, her helmet on the seat and she's kneeling, looking at it. Not like she carries a spare around. "No good deed goes unpunished" She's running on caffine, that's for sure and trying to not get the hem of her jacket dirty.

Its cold, in that sort've pre-dawn darkness. There really aren't many cars on the street right now, except after a moment or two there is -one. Its exhaust note is aggressive, but its lines are all class. Its a Triumph GT6, painted in a rich dark maroon that could almost pass for black if it wasnt washed so carefully. Lights wash over Abby as the car slips past, slowing to a stop shortly thereafter. Then, it draws silent and dark as the door opens.

He's not as well dressed as he might normally be, a nomex jumpsuit and a pilot's jacket. "You bre-oh a flat tire?"he steps close, peering up at Abby from underneath an ancient "S&W Performance center" ballcap. "You want a hand with that Miss?"His tone is polite, and judging by the patch on his jacket. Wait, you'd seen that patch before right? It was the same patch pilots who flew all those organ transfers wore, Chicago air!

Her hand closes around the phone in her coat pocket, straightening up. "Flat tire. I was just about to call someone, see if they could come fix it for me" Surely Elvis is somewhere and it would give the woman fodder for no ages that Abigails beloved Lazarus failed her. The uniform he wears eases her wariness a bit. "You were at the hospital" Murmured loud enough for the man to hear. "Sorry, umm.. I don't have a spare actually, so there's not much that you could do, frankly Sir, but I appreciate the offer"

"Oh, yeah me and George were earlier. "and of course, hearing his name there's some rustling in the Triumph before George piles out of the car with an unceremonious half flop. "There's a hidden spare on these old Vespas."He takes a knee to pop open a side cover opposite the motor and TADAAA there's a spare wheel and tire already mounted. "I could change it for you?" George of course, is wearing the latest in doggy fashion. The English bulldog is sporting a rather fetching green doggy parka, with big reflective stripes and safety orange contrast. "It'd be no problem at all, I don't mind helping a damsel in distress?"He'd sort of assumed Abby was a Nurse, but well he wasn't about to really be too terribly curious.

Crap. Lookit that. Spare tire. There's a dumbfounded look on Abigails face and then flushing of her cheeks. "Thank you. If you would? I've a plane to catch today, I have to get to work and pick up my tips, I still have yet to sleep" Abby scratches at her cheek. "That's a beautiful dog" Offered to George. "Abigail Beauchamp" offering her name in introduction. "If you have the tools, I'd be grateful.

Fedor is quick to shake hands, before he gets right to work. "Hey really its no problem, and thanks. George flies with me everywhere I go these days just about."Said Bulldog peers between Fedor, and Abby curiously for a moment before just fwumping down. Meanwhile Fedor doesn't have a hard time of it, using the scooter's stashed little wrench to quickly remove the spare and set it aside. "I'm Fedor Rochinikev, I fly organs and stuff out of most of the local hospitals all day. You'll forgive me of course if I didn't recognize you, I do see like ten billion Nurses a day with my line of work and all."

"I'm not a nurse, so, I doubt you would have recognized me" Abby answers. She hangs back a respectful and safe distance. She's got no weapon save perhaps her nails. "But it's good. That's a very good job. You save so many lives" George is eye'd, kindly. "I don't think I've ever seen anyone dress their dog up before"

"yeah, heh."He laughs as he finally begins unbolting the flat tire. "George gets mighty cold without his jacket, and he's got a pretty important job so we cant afford poor George getting sick."George just sort've stays sprawled, and thusly begins snoring. "I fly a lot of VIPs and executives around when I don't do organ delivery, and you know a lot of them really don't like flying. Some just have never been on a helicopter, so having George around really helps calm them down. Even when people might normally get airsick, George distracts them enough so that they don't go spew chunks all over my whirly bird."Off comes the flat tire, peering across it curiously for a moment before locating a big nail sliced right through the sidewall. "Thank you though, Its pretty rewarding work. What is it you do, what hospital at least?"He pauses, glancing from the tire back up to Abby"Sorry, I'm like twenty questions over here aren't I?"

"I'm used to Twenty questions Sir, I get it alot. George is very comforting I would suppose. More his size and the cuddly.. nature" her drawl deepened from her tiredness. "I'm a healer. Faith healer of a sorts. I was keeping a promise. I don't work for any hospital. I serve alcohol when the curfew's not in effect Sir" even though the guys not looking far too much older than herself.

Fedor waves a hand dismissively before he gets to slipping the spare onto the swing arm. "My name is Fedor, please I'm a pilot not a doctor or anything. No need to be so formal."And on goes the spare with a satisfying sound as it grinds along the bolts. "Yeah he's a very important dog, he's normally a little more lively and comforting I assure you. Its just nap time for bulldogs, well its always nap time but especially now."

"Fedor" Abby smiles, just a little, relief at the sound of the tire slipping on. "He's still, I'm sure, a great distraction. Please, what do I owe you for this? You saved a friend getting dragged out while he's sleeping." SHe watches the wheel, and the small smile turns to undisguised joy."

Fedor begins to gently hand thread on the nuts. "Not a single thing, this is just a kindness between two servants of the greater good. "and then the bolts have all been hand threaded, so he begins to torque them down with the little supplied wrench. "Feel free to say hello next time, I'd be happy to take you on a pickup some time."He pauses, producing a card which he sets on the Vespa's seat before finishing up. Then he starts to slip the flat tire into the spare tire carrier. "Just get this changed when you can, I don't think you can patch a scooter tire with a big nail in the sidewall like that."

"I'll leave a message for a friend to take care of it. But thank you" What goes around comes around. The card is picked up, looked at. "If I'm there. I'm going to try to avoid that Doctor. he's a little… greedy with my talents" She tucks it away, safely. "Beautiful car you have" Trying ot make some small talk while she waits for him to close everything up.

Fedor is all smiles as he begins tucking away the vespa's tools. "Oh thanks, about as old as your Vespa by the looks of it. Classics are getting rare these days."and down goes the cover with an audible snap sufficient to wake up George. "Anywho Abby, greedy doctors not withstanding I hope to see you around. I do hope better luck finds you."He steps back, patting at his thigh to get the bulldog onto his paws and off his side. "Anywho, have a pleasant day Abby."he starts back towards his Triumph, opening the door to let George amble in before he slumps in afterward. Watching in his mirror, to make sure Abby can get the Vespa started before he scoots away himself.

"Be well, take care and god bless" She does, get on the vespa, her helmet squared away as she kicks the tire, watching it for a moment. IT flares to life, easily, everything secured, she nods to the man, and takes off. THe card safely in her pocket and creeping off towards home.

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