Doing It On My Own


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Scene Title Doing It On My Own
Synopsis Magnes wants coffee, information, thinks he's passing on news and overall sticks around long enough to be pointed out to that he was not the one who caused Martial Law in Japan.
Date August 24, 2009

Old Lucy's

Bar is not open yet, 10:30 is the time for getting things sorted, make sure that every station has what they need. Abigail is up, active, doing just that in the bar. The door is unlocked, anticipating perhaps a few early stragglers to come through. They always do.

One such early straggler is Magnes J. Varlane, wearing a black t-shirt with the formula for general relativity written in purple letters over the shirt, some comfortably fitting blue jeans, and black sneakers that have a bit of dried blood on them he tried to clean off earlier. He seems extremely exhausted, bags under his eyes, skin still a bit pale from blood loss. But he exhaustion doesn't seem like it just came from one bad night, it seems like possibly days of barely sleeping.

Walking over to the bar to take a seat, when Abby looks at him, the first thing she might notice are the faded nail puncture scars on his face, and the deeper nail punctures on his right arm, with electrical burns around them as he rests his arms on the counter. "Abby?" he asks in a slightly raspy tone. "You got coffee?"

Up comes the blonde's head, recognition at Magnes. "Hey. uhh yeah, Lemme get you a cup" Surprise follows. "Shouldn't you be at work Magnes?"

"Was at the hospital with Thalia, she'll be fine. Deckard healed us, that's why I came here, I wanted you to know he was a healer." Magnes holds his forehead for a moment, yawns, then sits up and moves to pull his iPhone from his pocket. "I'm waiting to get paired up with a partner, so I'm trying to get a lot done before my free time is suddenly cut in half. Can't stay here long." he answers, appearing rather disconnected, his mind clearly not completely focused on the conversation.

Wow, great bomb drop there Magnes. "Say what Magnes?" She pauses on her trip to the coffee pot.

"Deckard is a healer." Magnes answers, assuming that's what she means as he starts looking through various websites talking about Refrain news on his iPhone.

"No I meant.. well, yeah, I knew that. Don't go spreading it Magnes. Thalia's in the hospital?" Abigail looks weirdly at him. "Stay away from her Magnes. Somethings not right with her okay"

"Yeah, I just stayed with her until she woke up. Some Humanis First guys shot her, then shot me when I flew to grab her. I shouldn't have been trying to disable them, I should have just…" Magnes doesn't finish, he just trails off and stares down at his hands. "Trying not to get blood on my hands is gonna get people killed." he darkly muses to himself, opening and closing his eyes a few times in a way that suggests he really needs sleep.

"shot up by Humanis First or not, stay away from her. She's abd news and stop trying to avoid it and just live your life. Who you work for is.. there's no avoiding it okay" She grabs the coffee pot and starts to pour a cup for him, pushing it right under his nose.

"Whoever you think I work for, and I do remember you knowing I work for someone, since I was apparently speaking in code with you for so long, I don't remember anymore. I only work for the NYPD now, but I've got more than that to do before I can just 'live my life'. Those people in Japan I screwed over by creating martial law can't live their life, why should I?" Magnes asks, guilt laced in his tone now. He takes the cup and starts to carefully sip, nodding once in approval. "I'm not gonna just stop talking to her, she's Isabelle's sister. If I find out there's really something bad about her, I'll take care of it, but I've got bigger things to worry about right now, like this new drug and these damned nazis shooting everyone." he says with a growing frown, staring down into his cup.

"Magnes.. you did not implement martial law in Japan…" Abby doeson occasion pay attention to the news. "And she claims she's Isabelle's sister but that birth certificate, has no record. It's a fake. So.. take from that what you will, but right now, she is not Isabelle's sister and there's no record at all of her being her sister"

"I saw it on the news recently, about martial law being declared in Japan." Magnes points out as he pokes around websites on his iPhone more, focused on his Refrain sites again. "I'll have some people look into it. Do you have anything with a piece of Isabelle's hair, and a piece of Thalia's hair? Preferably with the root attached. I know a woman who can test it."

"Heavens Magnes, why don't you do some looking at when martial law was instated in Japan instead of looking up some sort of drug. And if I catch you taking a drug, I will find a baseball bat and hit you over the head with it" Abigail is deftly dancing around Thalia hair and Izzy hair. That's already being taken care of.

"I'm not taking drugs, I'm trying to figure out the source so I can put it all together before it spreads out of control." Magnes listens though, googling, then wikiing, looking up the date on when martial law was actually declared. "I… see…" is the only response he has, apparently speechless… except those two words of course.

"Somehow Magnes, I doubt you do" Abby shakes her head, turning around to go back to stacking things and stocking. "Just be careful of Thalia, don't believe anything that comes out of her mouth"

"I'm surrounded by secrets and lies, Thalia's just gonna be par for the course." Magnes pessimistically decides, sipping his coffee again. "Can I ask you something unrelated before I leave? I'm trying to build a catalog."

"What do you want to know Magnes' The former healer asks, looking at Magnes via the mirror at the back of the bar.

"What abilities have you seen Gabriel use?" Magnes pauses, realizing she might not know realize who he's talking about "I uh, mean Sylar. And don't worry, I'm not intending to do anything crazy, I'm just trying to know what I have to be prepared for in case he decides to go after the girl I'm dating again."

Thunk goes an ashtray and she looks over at him. "You have got to be kidding me Magnes"

"I'm sure someone else has done it by now, unfortunately I don't know who or when they might have done it. Gabriel's abilities need to be logged, as many as possible." Magnes takes an exasperated breath, finishing his coffee as he attempts to keep his tone patient. "Look, Abby, I don't have some organization to depend on, I have to gather information with the few people I have helping me. I don't have all these people watching my back, I have to prepare for these things on my own. Pretend I'm not twelve for five minutes and please do this for me?"

'Any information they gave you is useless Magnes. Gabriel gray lost his abilities. The same as I lost mine. He's… just got one, and it's not a dangerous one on it's own. The man now, is not the man then. So he's not gonna go kill your girlfriend. So ease down there Mags"

"I'm trying to take his word for it, I really am, I'm just being cautious, y'know? I'm trusting him, I could have done anything to him the moment he shook my hand, but I didn't, because I'm really trying." Magnes stands, not commenting on Gabriel anymore as he holds his stomach, stitches tugging. "I've gotta get going, lots of research to do and phone calls to make. Try to live a normal life, Abby, you don't deserve anything less. And if something happens to me, well, just know that no matter how mad or frustrated I get, you're still one of my best friends."

"yeah yeah Magnes" Try and live a normal life. Right. That's never going to happen. "Leave Gabriel alone too. Just, you go live a normal boring life too mags. It's not just me who deserves it" and with that, and a wave of a rag filled hand, the blonde heads into the back so she can grab a few things and ducks out of view

"Won't live long enough at this rate." Magnes says with a shake of his head once she's out of view, then heads right out the door.

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