Dome Appeal By DoEA Interrupted

Broadcast live on the morning news, on the 5th, and then replayed throughout the day on the more current news programs, Bradley Russo speaks on behalf of the DoEA in an attempt to appeal to the sympathy of those responsible for the Dome. His words are nearly cut short when angry protest began to erupt. This, however, was interrupted by what is believed to be a terrorist attack on one of the rescue vessels on the river. The environment is grey and dreary, a winter morning with sleet falling icy. Russo is a solemn figure as he speaks to camera, standing just beside where the Dome bisect Roosevelt Island. Loved ones are reunited through the wall as overseen by DoEA social workers as he makes his heartfelt appeal.

"Good morning. I'm Bradley Russo. I'm here, on location, at the Dome. On behalf of the DoEA, myself, and the families of those trapped inside, I'd like to speak to whoever is responsible. And so here I am."

Now there's a flicker of a smile, a three second soft appeal to his watchers. "In case you don't know, I manifested a few weeks ago. Like many people who first manifest I have little control over what I can do." His tongue rolls over his lips while the seriousness overtakes his face again, "If this is what's going on with you, please there are people that can help. They want to help you. I promise there is a way to control your ability, you just need to come forward.

"There are so many lives being effected by this phenomenon. Imagine a life where you're physically separated from the people you care about— " he motions towards the families who are off to the side. "— please. Please reunite these people with their families. Children and parents have been separated on both sides. These kids need their parents to look out for them. Imagine being eight years old without your mother's touch. Not because she's gone, but because you're physically blocked from it, destined to see her as an image on another side of a wall.

"Too many lives have been lost so far. Please. Please come forward so we can make sure more aren't effected. Contact us. Contact me if you want. We can straighten this out without more people getting hurt."

Vaguely off-camera, a piece of paper is handed to him. The footage is mostly raw, due to it being live, no attempts at editing as he stares over the words, some shock settling on his features, a sharp glance backwards, before he soldiers on. "Many families have lost loved ones. Among those we know have been lost are Charlotte Perkins. Gregory Gilman. Nancy Forthwrigh. Robyn Ascott. Henry Martin. Wren Bates. Libby Peterson. Mildred Henry…"

As the names go on, violence on the other side begins to pick up after some footage of the outer-side crowd pushing up towards the barrier demonstrates calm sympathy. Blue flashes where hands touch the wall glimmer and shimmer across the invisible barrier, even as the crowd on the other side begins to protest. The footage jostles as the cameraman attempts to get in a wider shot of what's going on, a blurred depiction of Russo turning back to hiss unheard words, before he gets one last chance to appeal to the Dome's creator: "Just… please. People are scared, please let them out… Please…"

And then madness.

There's an echoing boom, and the camera swivels just in time to see fire going up off the water where a boat had detonated into a golden, red and black plume of flame and smoke. The megaphone of the PMCs trying to get control is heard rattling above the shock of the crowd, and one last skewed shot of people on the other side of the barrier stampeding away is the last thing seen before the footage is cut.

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