Dome Down

At noon on February 20, the terrorist crisis known as the "Dome" ended. Authorities have yet to confirm its cause and collapse, and the White House has confirmed on behalf of all departments and agencies involved in its investigation that it's ending was uninitiated. Eye witnesses describe the tons of ice that came crashing down on Queens and Roosevelt Island, as snow had collected atop the barrier throughout February.

Military response was immediate to maintain order and control. Triage centers for the injured both from the fall of the forcefield as well as events that transpired within it were ongoing until victims could be properly situated in local hospitals and clinics. Some buildings and most vehicles suffered extensive damage from the sudden falling ice and snow, and search and rescue continues onto into the night.

"New York knows hard times," Mayor Lockheart told local media on the day of the collapse. "And while we're focusing right now on recovering our people, there will be a time and place to find who did this. They will have to answer for a lot."

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