Dome Violence Erupts

On the evening of the 11th, several buildings went up in flame on Roosevelt Island as the result of three explosions. The south portion of Roosevelt Island has been trapped by a forcefield known as 'the Dome', and has now suffered extensive damage in the wake of crippling fires. It is currently unknown if this is the result of arson, a terrorist attack or if severed gas mains and log-burning efforts to keep warm were the cause, as the private military contractors within the Dome were confirmed to have been massed on Queens during the start of the outbreak. But witnesses from the free side of Roosevelt Island claim to have heard gunfire and rioting, confirming suspicions that the fires may have been an deliberate act of arson or terrorism.

The Suresh Center was also reported to have been attacked during the same evening, with witnesses from Manhattan claiming to have heard explosions and gunfire. The Department of Defense has requested that all media be kept out of the East River and at least one hundred yards from the barrier in all directions, so we cannot provide you with images or first hand accounts. Recently, protest demonstrations have been reported from within the Dome, with graffiti accusing the Department of Homeland Security and the American government for being responsible for the Dome, supporting theory that the attacks of last night may be an anti-government protest.

We will keep you updated as this story develops.

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