Domestic Bliss


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Scene Title Domestic Bliss
Synopsis Brian (Agent Winters) and Veronica settle into their new apartment at Dorchester Towers.
Date February 27, 2009

Dorchester Towers, Veronica's Apartment

In the manila folder Veronica gave to Brian the first (and last) time they met were various documents needed for their new life — badges for their Biomere "jobs" and keys for their new lodging at Dorchester Towers. As Brian walks up to the door of the spacious apartment, he can most likely hear music playing within — The Cure's High is blaring from what sounds like very nice speakers. The door is open and unlocked, leading into a stark white apartment with white and black modern furniture — The Company's furniture, of course. Very modern, very stark, very sleek. Veronica is at the entertainment center organizing DVDs. She glances up at the door's opening, one hand dropping to her lower back quickly, no doubt to a hidden gun holster — better safe than sorry. Of course, she could have just locked the deadbolt.

Nudging his way through the door, Brian pushes the door closed behind him. "Honey I'm hooome.~" The young man calls out moving into the new apartment. He has two bags, stuff supplied to him by the Company. He only has supplies given to him by the Company. His life literally is The Company.

"Baby." He says rather sweetly as he looks down at her reaching for her gun. A smile curls up his lips. "You're so glad to see me."

Veronica cocks an eyebrow but not the gun, bringing an empty hand back to the shelves to continue her organization. Apparently by theme and alphabetical order, rather than alphabet. Strange girl. Currently she's on Sci Fi, from the looks of it. "Hello," she says a bit more properly, giving him a nod. "So the couch pulls out, and there's only one bed. I already claimed the bedroom, and I require that you be at least in shorts at all times, except the bathroom if you have the door closed." Well, how's that for a greeting?

"Ah—." Hm. His mouth shuts close at the commands given. She claimed the bedroom and he has to wear shorts. Well that's no problem. But what is she… "They're not in alphabetical order." Brian complains, eyeing the DVDs, that seems to bother him. "And if we're giving requirements, I require that you only be in underwear, except the bathroom if you have the door open." Haaah.

She lets out a little snort. "'We' don't get to give requirements. /I/ do," she says with a toss of her dark hair. She's in more casual clothing today — low-slung jeans, a black snugly fitting T-shirt, with bare feet. She looks younger and a bit more 'girl next door' than agent chic in the surroundings of the apartment. "And they're in alphabetical order, within their own theme," she says, tapping the top shelf. "See, Action/Adventure… then Comedy…" her hand drops to the second shelf, "then Drama… then Horror…" and then to the last shelf, "SciFi, and finally Miscellaneous." She looks pleased. She should have been a librarian. "Do you need me to give you a chart? Maybe use the Dewey Decimal System? Little color coded dots, perhaps?"

"Well fine. I still say the bathroom door be kept open. What if there's an emergency and I need to help you?" A little grin. But then his attention returns to the DVD situation and it is very serious. "But they're not all alphabetical. And some movies are more than one theme." He protests with a little frown. "What's a Dew—" Best not give her something to make fun of him for. "So, is this how we're going to spend our new life together. Watching movies?" His bags are dropped over by the couch. "I should put my clothes and stuff in with you right, in case someone comes over for some reason."

Veronica glances at the bags and sighs. "Yeah, I suppose that's a good idea." She doesn't look thrilled — after all, there's only so much closet space in a Manhattan apartment! She shrugs at the movies. "I doubt it. We'll be busy working. But they make it look more realistic. If we have people over… We can't look like Stepford people." She sets the last of the movies into place and steps back to eye her handiwork. "It's how you look them up in the store or rental places, isn't it? Besides, maybe I don't know what movie, but I know I'm in the mood to laugh. Then I don't have to look at every movie. I just have to look at one shelf."

Suddenly she turns to him, getting a little closer. She leans and kisses him lightly, brushing his lips with hers, then leaning back on her heels, arms crossing her chest as she surveys his reaction.

"Of course it's a good idea." Brian affirms, going to sit down on the couch, making himself comfortable. "We should find Tyler's friends. And make friends with them, invite them over without making it clear we're looking for Tyler. See if we can pull information out of them that way." Brian suggests, finding that he's bored in the couch and gets up quickly, walking over towards her and the movies.

"This isn't a rental place." Brian, eyes her then suddenly she's turning. "Wha-" And then he's being kissed. A soft murmur is let out from his lips as he almost instantly leans in his eyes closing. But then she's leaning away and his eyes pop open as he takes a tiny step forward as if to go in for more. But he pauses, arching his brows. Then it occurs to him she might not suddenly be attracted to him… balls.

She tilts her head. "Not too bad. You didn't scream and blush like a teenybopper, anyway," she says, giving a slight nod of satisfaction. "That's part of the looking realistic thing, for the record," she says. "We need to look natural. If I do this," she says, and leans close, hair that smells of jasmine and lemons brushing his cheek, her body pressed against his shoulder and side, she whispers the rest into his ear, "you can't look like it's out of the ordinary." Her fingers trail over his lips as her lips brush his neck. She's back on her heels again. "All right. Case's friends." She plops on the couch, one leg going over the arm, looking a bit out of place in her jeans and t-shirt against the plush white microfiber material. She picks up the file from the coffee table and begins flipping through it.

Screwing up his features, he gives a little smirk. "Whatever you tell yourself." He murmurs to when she says the part that's on the record. When she presses against him, his arm instinctively goes to snake around her waist. He makes a soft whimpering noise when she brushes her lips against his neck. Though as she quickly makes her retreat from him he gives a rather unhappy look. "Right." He affirms, slowly going to take a seat next to her. "You have to remember that just having sex in public is acceptable these days, and I expect you not to look like it's out of the ordinary." He says, strictly proffessional. Looking down at the file he nods. "Right. Friends."

Veronica gives an eye roll that makes her look less than a trained weapon and more like a teenage girl. She flips through the file. "We should start hanging out in Chinatown, I guess, see what we see." She taps the photo of the man in question. "At least he's pretty memorable looking." The man is handsome enough to stand out, even in New York City. "Maybe check out the places he used to hang around and see if anyone's seen him… In a low-key, under cover way. Pretend we're old friends, or something."

A smile rolls up his lips as she rolls her eyes. Leaning forward, Winters studies the picture. Though his attention flicks over to her. "What do you mean memorable looking?" He asks with an arch of his brow. A light teasing smile hangs on his lips though as he looks at her. Looking back at the picture he tilts his head at it. "So this is the type of guy, you think is memorable." A light hum is given before he goes back to work as it were. "Maybe we could say he's a relative of mine. Brother or cousin, we just moved in wanted to surprise him, but he changed his address and I lost the paper.. or something." He gives a shrug.

"That works. Depends on who answers the door," she says, her eyes narrowing a bit as she ignores for the moment his teasing comments. "We don't want to be telling his aunt that we're his relatives, but an obvious landlord that's no relation, that could work." She glances at him. "He's empirically attractive. Whether or not he's my type or not is not the point. He has certain features that qualify him as traditionally handsome," she says, with a cool shrug and flip of her hair. "Jealous?" she adds with a little bit of a smirk that reveals dimples in either cheek.

"Well, yeah I know that. " He swiftly says to defend his ego. Though he gives a little grin, "Empirically. Wow. Points for good vocabulary, honey bunny." Brian returns his gaze to the picture. Peering over at her he smirks. "Why would I be jealous, I'm the one you've given your life and heart to, remember? Besides, I'm empirically attractive too. Probably."

Veronica turns to look at him with dark eyes narrowed in appraisal. "Mm," she says with a slight shrug of one shoulder. "You're empirically attractive I suppose, but more on the cute side than 'handsome,' I think," she says. "And I was going to be a doctor at one point. Empirical is hardly a big word for a scientist." She shrugs. "Wanna go scout out Chinatown? I haven't been yet, been busy organizing ways to annoy you," she says with a nod at the DVD collection that's not in merely alphabetical order.

Brian shies a little bit away from the appraising look, as if shamed a bit by her open studying. "Please, Veronica. I am not a piece of meat." He murmurs with a little wave of his hand. He gives a little grin. "Well it doesn't matter. You love me. And that's that." He says with a feigned smug smile. Then he visibly perks as she asks about scouting out Chinatown. "Date night!" He says cheerily as if he were a kid, going to stand he straightens his jacket. "I'll bring the guns."

She laughs a little at his reactions, shaking her dark head of waves. "All right. Want dim sum?" she says with a laugh, standing and heading into the bedroom for a moment, returning with a black sweater pulled over and a black trenchcoat in hand. She sits on the couch and reaches for her black boots, pulling them onto her feet. "I'm not a native. You know your way around? Easiest way there? Cab?" she asks, glancing at him as she stands.

Brian looks at her blankly. "Remember? The no remembering, thing?" He goes to tap tap tap at his skull, giving her a questioning glance. "My memory isn't all that reliable. We might end up in Canada." Brian gives a look which suggests he really does not want to end up in Canada. "But I'm sure the taximan we get will know how to get us there. And we can study maps!" He makes the prospect of looking at maps like a whole exciting adventure on its own. Straightening his jacket he goes to the door to open it for her.

"Ah, right. Sorry. I didn't know how much your memory was affected. Some people remember how to get around when they have amnesia, they just don't have memories, you know?" she says with a shrug, as she heads out of the apartment, holding the door for him. The door clicks locked as it shuts, so no need to lock it with a key. "We'll figure it out," she says, pulling out a little pocket-sized map from her purse and glancing at it. "So weird to be in such a small area and so packed in. Very different from California," she says, heading to the elevator.

As soon as they're out of the room, his arm climbs up and drapes itself around her shoulders. "I know. I'm from California, too." He notes with a little smile. "Norcal. What town you from?" The young agent asks as they head for the elevator. Once they arrive, Brian moves to push the button, without separating from his post on Veronica's shoulders. He gives a little grin. "It would be funny if we found this guy, and we had to chase him down but.. like we had to stop every few blocks to check a map."

"I thought you didn't remember anything," she says with a glance at him. "I'm originally from Southern California. Laguna Niguel. But I went to Berkeley, and then was at the Primatech in San Jose, so I did my stint in Northern California too," she says with a shrug, "So, we're supposed to take him alive," she says, once they're in the privacy of the elevator. "Make sure if you have to shoot, aim for a leg or something. And remember, he's dangerous, especially if anyone else is around that's Evolved." The bell chimes and they get out in the lobby. Veronica nods to the doorman who holds the door for them. "Grab us a cab, Franco?" she asks cheerfully.

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