Don't Be So Short Sighted


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Scene Title Don't Be So Short Sighted
Synopsis After doing some of her morning errands and dropping off a few things, Quinn stops by Magnes' to have a quick discussion with him.
Date June 28, 2010

Gun Hill: Magnes' Apartment

Magnes is laying in bed, weak and exhausted for a number of reasons. He has a tall bottle of cold water with ice and a straw in it, and a bowl of fruit next to him while he watches Kick-Ass for the… who knows how many times, having taken it from the internet. He's not bugging Elaine much, he's not even entirely sure if she's still home, so he's lounging and relaxing.

There’s a knock at the bed room door, before the door slides open just a bit, enough to let a voice carry through. “Magnes, y’ decent?” It’s hard to mistake Quinn’s Irish accent. Despite the question, the door creaks open and the woman slips in quietly, a nonplussed expression on her face. Hands are in her pockets, and a shrug is given. “Not that I care much.”

"You'd have cared a few hours ago. Elaine is the best nurse ever." Magnes picks up a mango slice, taking a bite out of it as he stares up at her, the blanket covering most of him since he's only in a pair of boxers.

Quinn wrinkles her nose at that, chuckling as she shakes her head. “It’s good she let me in, then. I’d have hated t’ walk on anything that awkward.” A few cautious steps into the room are taken, a hand reaching up to run the back of her next as she eyes Magnes. “You busy at the moment? I wanted t’ talk about something.”

"I'm not busy, just watching this movie and eating fruit." Magnes lightly pats the side of the bed next to him, and grabs the bowl to hold it out to her. "I think after that healing, it might not take me an entire week to recover."

“I- ew.” She remarks, having jokingly as she makes her way to the head of the bed. A giggle, and she shakes her head, trying to regain a more serious expression. Hands move to her hips after a moment, gaze centred squarely on Magnes. “You’re kinda lucky you’re bedridden right now, otherwise I’d be smacking the crap out of you,” She remarks, and it seems like a lot of her usual mirth is nowhere to be found.

"What did I do?" Magnes' eyes are a little wide, though as much as he wants to, he doesn't sit up, he instead reaches for another piece of fruit and lays there watching her. "Whatever it is, I'm sure I didn't do it…"

A chuckle escapes Quinn’s lips, rolling her eyes at Magnes. “Comin’ to the opening the other night,” she clarifies with a point of her finger. “I heard what you did t’ be there after the fact. Are you daft?” She sounds stern, but she does wear a half smile – it’s not a total inquisition.

"I had to, I couldn't let Sable down, this is her dream." Magnes explains in all seriousness, as if Sable's dream carried a great deal of weight with it. "If I have to trade a few days of my life to make one of her concerts, I will."

Quinn nods in agreement, smirking. “I can see that fine. I’d do a lot too, but-“ And finally, she plops down on the bed in the spot Magnes had indicated earlier, reaching to snatch a piece of fruit. “At the very least, I think I’ve seen enough dramatic TV t’ know that a few years of your life was the best outcome of that.” Her lips quirk, and her gaze moves downwards a bit. “That could have gone horribly wrong. Like, real bad, and then we wouldn’t even have a bassist.”

“I trust the people involved. I didn't just go to some back alley dealer in a red fedora." Magnes laughs lightly, shaking his head, then just smiles up at her. "I've been healed in a lot of ways. Regular touch healing, some weird herb that heals whatever's wrong with your body, and I've even had life transferred from a tree to myself. Hell, I might not have even needed those days I lost."

“Herb healing? Really?” There’s a very distinct tone of disbelief in Quinn’s voice, followed by a chuckle. “What I mean, Magnes- I know Sable appreciated the effort, and it was good to have you there. But that was pretty thoughtless, don’t you think? Short sighted and all that.”

"How? Even if I have lost a few days of my life, it's not magic. People who smoke have lost more days than me." Magnes explains, possibly not getting the point, who knows. "And yes, herb healing, though I can't go into detail, it's a bit of a secret."

“I mean-“ A hand reaches up rubbing her cheek as she shakes her head. “You are so thick headed sometimes,” Quinn says, chuckling. “You just worried me a lot the other day. Somethin’ like that could go wrong a lot faster than you’re hoping, and I’d have hated it if you passed out while we were playing. Or had some kinda complication. Or something.”

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to like… worry you. I wasn't really thinking about anything other than making Sable happy." Magnes sighs, and moves a hand to gently place it on her shoulder. "I promise, next time I'll talk to the band before doing something crazy like that."

Progress! Quinn cracks a smile, reaching up with her opposite hand and patting Magnes’. “Thanks. I… wasn’t trying to be hard on your anything. Sorry if it seemed that way. I’ve just wanted to say something since the show.” She visibly relaxes a bit, as the stern moment has seemingly passed well enough. “You don’t necessarily have to run things by us. Just consider a bit more before doin’ it. That’s all I ask.”

"I will, I promise. You're one of my best friends, even though I've never told you that. The whole band, Elaine… you guys are my life, I'd never let you down." Magnes finally strains to sit up, laying against the headboard so he can see the movie clearer. "You know, I don't think we've ever really just gotten together and talked, I mean, without me walking in on you and Elaine talking."

That makes Quinn pause, a thoughtful look on her face. “You know, I think you’re right. How terrible of me, considering how much I tease you when you’re not around.” And then she points a finger, eyes narrow. “Just remember. No health sacrifice for the band unless you ask. Or we’re all drunk.”

"It's a promise." Magnes points to the door, then looks at her. "Can you tell Elaine I'm ready for the steak, I don't feel like waiting for lunch." he requests, having finished the fruit.

When Magnes first points to the door, Quinn’s immediate reaction is disappointment – but really, she can’t help but laugh. “And here I thought you were about t’ send me away in a huff.” Hopping off the bed, she nods. “I’ll let her know. I’m all moved in, room 403. Feel free t’ stop by if you’re feelin’ up to it. We should hang out sometime soon.”

"We should, but after I give Elaine her first date. I don't want her thinking I'll go out with other girls and not her." Magnes gives one last wave, then just slides back down into the bed in a puddle of exhaustion.

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