Don't Call Me Kitty


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Scene Title Don't Call Me Kitty
Synopsis Kitty visit Minnie, to talk shop, bring flowers and otherwise pick each others brain.
Date March 10, 2009

St. Lukes

Hospital food is the pits. Seriously. The meatloaf is suspect, as are the mashed potatoes which must certainly at some point, come from a real potatoe. Only thing really edible is the juice which has been devoured, as well as the rubbery Jello. Maybe.. four? Five times that Minea's been privy to that fine delicacy. Katherine was by in the morning, leaving Minea with the people's court on TV. Hooked up to machines, IV's, she seems to be the picture of the impatient patient. The news is on TV right now, discussing this and that, that has been going on in the city. No purple spiders thank god.

Yeah, Felix's job is fucked up enough without giant purple spiders. He's let in by the nurse on duty, dressed in his usual suit and overcoat. His smile is a little bitter, but he's brought flowers. Purple ones, of course, because Felix Ivanov is a fucker, gold badge or not.

"You fucker, Kitty" Those are the first words out of her mouth at seeing the purple flowers. "I'm surprised Marks didn't bring some. God, could you look like more shit right now?" Minea's sitting up in bed and the remnants of her jello WOULD have been thrown at him, if what they pumping into her didn't keep her mellow yellow right now. "Pull up a seat. Wanna share my IV?"

Felix offers her a positively dulcet smile, as he does pull up a crappy orange plastic chair. "That depends. Do you have morrrrrphine in it?" he wonders with a purr in his voice. "I had a terrible day. Homeland Security came in like a bunch of retarded elephants and wiped the memory right out of my suspect. It was so Gestapo my teeth still hurt," he says, putting the flowers down on the nightstand.

"No Felix, no morphine, i'm not in pain. Muscle relaxers, anti-psychotics, get whatever it is that evolved hit me with" A twitch rocks her left hand, but she's used to it by now. "out of my system. Sorry, bout that. Spiders and all that" But oh boy! Felix had a bad day. Unbeknowst to him, it's probably going to get worse before the night is over. It's by sheer will that what he says doesn't spark an 'oh shit' look on her face. Yeah… yeah, she knows who did it. Marks told her this morning. "Pulled jurisdiction? Why'd they wipe him?"

Felix flings up his hands in more than slightly theatrical despair. 'I don't know. The high and mighty Homeland Security answers not to a mere flatfoot like myself," he says, with a sneer. "Any possible criminal case is gone, but the little bastards will no doubt ship his ass off to mutant Gitmo. He doesn't deserve this, much as I want to curbstomp him until any future dental plan is wishful thinking. Most of what he's wanted for is a frame job, but they aren't out for justice, they just want another guinea pig. I'll bet you good money the only reason they haven't grabbed me yet is because I have a badge."

'Or your not a threat" Minea points out. "Shipping him off to Moab" Minea nods, pushing the tray of hospital food away, adjusting herself in the bed, plankets pushed back and swinging her legs over the side, a gesture to the wheelchair in the corner. "Grab that will you, I need out of here, at last, out of this room. I'm going to assume we're talking about Deckard now?"

Felix eyes her. "Are you in any condition to go anywhere? And yes, how did you know?" His tone is….a little less friendly.

"If they want to complain they can come look at my shiny HomeSec badge and shove it up their ass. Just don't ask me to stand. Unless your going ot make me stay in bed kitty" But there that's suspicious look and she sighs. "You told me, yesterday, that you caught Flint Deckard. He would seem to be about the only one that Homeland would have interest in considering the time I almost caught him and they descended like flies on a piece of shit to where he'd been almost caught" Mine sits there, legs dangling over the side, ready to unclip the monitors is Felix doesn't object.

Felix eyes. "I wasn't aware you'd joined the jackboots brigade. Try and talk some sense into them?" he says, pursing his lips. "Feeeelix. Fil, if you must. Nick or Niko, if you wanna use my middle name. But not Kitty. I don't even like Marvel comics," he laments.

"I thought I told you already. Harrison knows. Homeland decided to take me. Lemme guess, i'm the enemy now, and after this I won't see you again?" There's pursed lips from Minea. "Felix" She nods though it's derailed by a jerk of her head to the side and a roll of her eyes. " I can try, do you know who it was?"

Felix shakes his head. "No, not the enemy, though I remain unimpressed by most of their policies," he says, dryly. "I trust you. Funny that. A Veronica Sawyer came to call. A Veronica Sawyer who's supposed to be in the morgue."

"Her name is just popping up everywhere" Even she'd heard the name. There's protesting bleeps from the equipment as she fishes a hand beneath the hospital johnny, the clips plucked off followed by a gesture to the chair expectantly. "Come on my chauffeur. You can bitch on my shoulder while you putter around the halls with me. Why is she supposed to be in the morgue"

"She left three bodies' worth of remains all over a crime scene," Felix says, dryly. "In the form of some bizarre liquid."

"Bullshit" She's put more emotion into it, but she's fairly flat line thanks to whatever is flooding through the thin tubing. Minea reaches out, hand closing around the pole to bring it closer. "Sawyer.. isn't evolved though"

Felix is perfectly willing to lend a hand. "I know," he says, easily. "So, we're assuming Case or someone else there was. If you're HomeSec, then do you know what the deal is with their obsession with him? Why wipe Deckard? Why take the records of their questioning of him?"

Minea shakes her head, waiting for Felix to park the chair near her so she can slithers down into it, protecting her modesty. "I've been doing something else. I don't frankly even know what others are up to right now. I also think they're shoving me back on paper duty but It's the case Harrison is working on, wiping Deckard. That doesn't seem standard"

"The case I'm working on. And I should hope not. Listen, do they have to be all spooky about shit like this?" Oh, Mr. Pot, the Kettle is on the phone.

Minea just looks up and over her shoulder at him with an 'are you kidding' look. She's not going to dignify that with an answer, not even when there's a nurse walking swiftly into the room about to say something but gets cut off by the Brunette. "He's talking to me, and taking me around the floor, i'll be back, I won't disappear, I need out of the damned bed. You can go complain if you want, but I'm tired of laying down and twitching. Get a move on it felix"

"Yes'm," he says, with mock demureness. "I'm not asking you to get in trouble, but….help me out, if you can. Scratch my back, I scratch yours." He sets off, though not so fast as to dump her out if he has to stop.

Much to the disgruntlement of the nurse, who just glares, off to go tattle. "Felix, I can't tell you what I don't know. I'm fresh meat. I don't know why they're being spooky, maybe they're playing the limelight game. They want to be the ones that bring this Tyler Case in? IT's gotta be big if the Feebs, SCOUT, plain old NYPD and HomeSec are all butting heads, trying to find and catch this guy. What the hell did Deckard have to do with him? This doesn't sound like Flints usual friends"

Felix grunts. "He was there for an incident. Sawyer not being Evolved, we're assuming Case is, and that he caused the apparent multiplication of tissue."

"So Deckard had the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and witnessed an evolved incident. You brought him in somehow, Agent Sawyer bodies, three of them, were left behind at the scene even though she's very much alive. Pass that onto Harrison will you. She was asking me for that information. Sound like maybe HomeSec is trying to catch Mr. Case and slap him in Moab maybe. Till he can get his ability under control?"

He gives her a very amused look. "He's wanted for murder and arson. Do you think they will ever let him go?"

"They have their hands on him now, no, they won't. He's never going to see the light of day Felix." She faces forward again, fingers on her right hand spasm then relax again. "You thought about lodging a complaint, with HomeSec, about what happened?"

"You're damn right I have. I intend to pursue it. They've already mind raped him on this for nothing, for no purpose," Felix says, with a certain stony set to his jaw that doesn't bode well for the rest of HomeSec.

"Lemme know if I need to abandon ship and beg the ISA to not transfer me yet, will you? Before the hammer falls?"

Felix looks down at her. "By all means, transfer. I need every ally there I can get," he says,bluntly.

Except that she was low totem HomeSec, secretly The Company. Not the most ethical group to work for but then, neither was HomeSec. She nods her head though. "Well see. I'm not on the island anymore, cover got blown again. I just can't seem to get back on my game since Flint and his lovely sister"

"I mean, in HS," he explains. "Mostly off Staten myself. My face is too well known, now."

"I know you meant HS Felix. I figured that's what you meant" Minea looks over her shoulder again. "Felix. getting the key to the city and the other shit you got, did you think you could walk around and not be known?"

Felix shoots her a sharp look. "I didn't fucking -ask- for that,and if I'd known they intended to do that, I'd've refused it. I got no noticed."

"Put your eyeballs away Felix. I'm not giving you shit. fuck I hate these sedatives" Now there's a scowl. "But you play the hand you were dealt. I could always get a hold of Sonny, if you need it. You know that's always an option"

"And one I may take advantage of again," he says, simply.

The raises a brow and a thoughtful bob of her head. "I'll file that little tidbit away and save it" Minea breathes deep, watching the rooms pass them by, making the circle of the floor. "Harrison got back to me, on Christian's accident. Was an accident. Guys who hit him, had records for DUI's. He really did happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time"

Felix peers at her. "You really are serious," he says, softly.

'About Christian" Minea nods. 'Was a prick at the end, but.. he didn't deserve to die that way. Harrison said they were making arrests in the case soon, if not already. Hope they throw the book at them"

Fel looks….flattened. "If that's really what happened. I almost want it to feed my crazy conspiracy theories," he notes, sheepishly.

"You wish, that perhaps Christian faked his death and is running around somewhere, gunning down people or riding off on his bike, probably in south america and giving us the middle finger while we clean up shit?"

Felix laughs at that. "I wish to god that's true. May it be so," he says, shaking his head.

"We can pretend that's how it went down" Minea murmurs. "So your business on Staten Island is done? Or just really didn't like being made all the time?"

'The latter. I'm fast, but I'm wasting my time if all I can do there is run from a lynch mob," he says, pulling a face.

"That place is a lynch mod to everyone with a badge. There's gonna be a fucking job trying to clean it up. You should probably take me back by my room" She's been rolling something around in her for the last bit and finally speaks up. "Felix. What if Tyler case.. absorbs and reflects, evolved abilities? What if Sawyer, perhaps, have been between Tyler and someone else?"

Felix blinks down at her, as he wheels her along. 'It's possible," he says, easily.

"Maybe something to look into? The other incidents that he's been involved in or suspected of being involved in"

'Certainly. We need more leads. And one of them just got erased." The nurses are all bustling over, now.

"You got to talk to him I assume, before whomever did what they did, yes?"

Felix says, sourly, "I did. He wouldn't talk much to me. He did, however, talk to Harrison a good bit."

"So you have Harrison. Find out from Harrison. If you want to catch him before Homesec, you and Harrison and NYPD likely need to try and work hand in hand. It'll chafe, I'm sure, but I'm sure it can be done" She lets the nurse and Felix help her back up into bed, bearing through the re-attachment to monitors and glare from the nurse. She waits patiently for the brisk woman to be done and gone, flowers miraculously now in a pitcher of water. 'Thanks, for yesterday Felix. Grabbing my gun. You have them someplace safe right?"

"Me? No. I tossed 'em down a storm drain," he says, completely deadpan.

No he wouldn't. Cause she'd be sending him the bill, or at least making him go down in his suits to fetch it. So he's treated to a deadpan look back. "They're at your place or they're locked up at the Precinct aren't they"

Felix grins, real slow, real big. "Yeah. Locked 'em up."

'Fuck, your going to make me come get em" Fine. There's a shooing gesture, the clear tubing waving too and fro. "Scamper away little feeb. Let me stay here, i'll be out by tomorrow. Come pick them up. Minus the purple spiders. You get some rest. Before you fall over hmm?"

Felix offers a mocking salute. "Yes'm," he says, amused. "You take care. Don't let the spiders get you."

"Stinking fifty foot purple spiders. Some day Kitty" It's a parting barb, meant with platonic affection. "Make sure there's some Precinct sludge in a coffee cup waiting for me" She can catch up with Elisabeth too while she's there, hopefully. For now, she can spend the time thinking about this Tyler Case case, and how it seems, she's not the only one screwing up her assignments.

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