Don't Disrespect Mr. Eastwood


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Scene Title Don't Disrespect Mr. Eastwood
Synopsis Veronica gets brought in to the circle of trust.
Date May 8, 2009

Old Haven Theatre

Now, having a meeting inside a movie theatre might be a bit odd. That being the case, rumors are already rampant through the Company agents about the odd new Senior. But that's exactly what the text message reads when he sends it to Veronica Sawyer. "Meet at the Old Haven Theatre. 9pm. Don't be late. Row 18."

The movie has already start, and it's definitely a discount place as they are playing Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven on the big screen. He has a soda and some popcorn as he watches the movie. It's about an hour in when 9PM approached and he, and his big ol' cowboy hat wait for the agent to arrive.

Veronica enters the theater. Of course, she's just a silhouette when she appears down at the bottom of the aisle looking up, but the fact she's alone in this forgotten place means it's probably not a young woman out to catch a film for herself. She walks up the aisle, and slips into the row, sitting beside Len. She cocks her head at the images on the screen and arches a brow. "Interesting location. Don't like the ergonomic comfort of your big black swivel chair?" she asks.

There's a rather intense scene on at the moment, so Veronica's question does not get answered. At least until there is a scene change. He turns to look at you. "A little respect for Mr. Eastwood, hm?" He gives her a grin that she can probably see in this dimly lit movie theatre. "I haven't seen this movie in years. I don't like those dee-vee-dee, thingies everyone's always watching. I can never figure out them contraptions. Always blinking at me." He turns back up to the screen. If anyone objects to their chatting, they don't say anything. Of course, the number of folks in this threatre outside of Len and Veronica can be counted on one hand. It's a wonder they can keep this place open. "Glad you could make it though. I've got something I need you to do for me."

The woman laughs and settles back, crossing her coltish legs as she lets Len watch the movie. She shakes her head at the concept of a senior field agent who can't even handle a DVD player — but of course that doesn't mean he can't do what he needs to for the Company. When he speaks again, she reaches over to steal a couple kernels of the outrageously priced popcorn — that's where these places make their money, of course. "All right," she says, brows rising curiously. This is a new way to get an assignment.

Along with the stolen popcorn, Veronica receives a folder. "I need this man." When she opens the folder she'll see a picture of a man, along with a current bio. "Eric Doyle" is reads. "Puppeteer" it also reads.

"Oh, what that file will not tell you is that there are currently two Eric Doyle's in this timeline. I need the older one." His attention is drawn to the gunfight as it begins on the screen.

"Two?" she asks, tilting her head. Of course she knows time travel is possible, but why is another issue. She flips through the folder, making just a little face as she reads the explanation of his power. It's one of those powers that are just plain "wrong" in her mind — it's one thing to be able to hear or see better than the normal person, but to be able to make someone do something against their will? Scary.

"You might check to see if we have access to any 'power negators' out there, so he doesn't play you like a fiddle. You may not like where he takes you." He adds when the gunfire has died down. "Apparently we have some unknown evolved visiting us from the future. The criminal type. Including some very dangerous ones. That being said, I trust you, Sawyer. That's why I'm telling you what I am telling you. You are to talk to no one, and /if/ you find a negator, you clear him or her through me — or you say nothing about the mission to them or anyone, to include your current partner. I am only bringing in agents that I have complete confidence in for this particular set of missions. There are others we need to track, but I need this one. I will send others after the rest. Do you have any questions of me?"

The female agent raises a brow. "From the future — are these the extra isotopes they found in the Brooklyn area?" she asks, thinking of the outings, questioning and surveillance she's been doing out in Brooklyn. "So except for a negator I'm on my own?" she clarifies, looking a little surprised. It's always been the buddy system except for less dangerous missions in the past.

The answer is simple. "That's right. If you need back up, you call me." Always the cowboy. "The isotopes are still showing as being in Brooklyn, but because they are from the future, they are not in our database." In other words — Good luck with that.

Veronica nods, closing the folder. "Any clues where he is?" she says, tapping the folder on her leg as she glances at the scene a moment, then back to Len. There's doubt in her voice — she never seems to get the cases where the Company actually has a locale for the target. Another wild goose chase. There's a little tension in her posture, her chin raising slightly as if bolstering her own courage.

Len's eyes are glued to the screen. "In the folder are some current favorite hangouts for current Doyle. Might be a good start, if old habits really are hard to break." He crunches some more popcorn.

"The picture his current age and look, not the … future one, I'm assuming? How much older am I looking for, so I don't accidentally bag the wrong one?" Vee asks, glancing at the picture again. "Last question, then I'll let you and Clint be alone together, I promise."

There's a snort as he turns to look at her. "I said, don't be disrepecting Mr. Eastwood." Though he's still grinning at her. "Oh, about 10 years. Anything else you need to know, Agent Sawyer? The best scene is coming up and you have work to do."

She shakes her head and stands. "Nope. I'm out," she says, wrinkling her nose as her shoes stick to the floor beneath them. "Enjoy your manly movie, boss." She grabs another handful of popcorn before heading out of the aisle and out of the theatre.

The movie continues onward, and at the end — this big black cowboy of a man can be seen with a tear rolling down his face as his hero dies on screen. Hey — it's okay to be an emotional male in this day and age.

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