Don't Fly With Strange Men


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Scene Title Don't Fly With Strange Men
Synopsis Magnes calls Claire and she comes to visit him at the hospital… it doesn't go exactly as he plans.
Date January 30, 2010

St. Luke's Hospital

It's a little later in the morning when Magnes calls Claire to come over to the hospital, and when she walks into the room she gets lightly bumped into when the nurse passes. He's sitting on the bed, wearing a black denim jacket over a red t-shirt with a black Spider-Man symbol on the front, with some blue jeans and black sneakers on. "Ow, ow…" he grunts lightly, touching the white bandages wrapped around his head. He seems to be getting ready to leave. "A guy stops a fire and gets a bat to the head. Why does karma always work in the opposite direction with me?" he asks himself, shaking his head.

"Because.. normally, the good guy finishes last?" Claire offers a touch blandly, watching him. Stepping out of the door, the tiny regenerator moves out of the way watching them prep him for leaving. Wearing more normal clothes then she did on the carrier in the form of a pair of jeans and a dark blue sweater, "Good to see your alright at least and looks like your going to be getting out of here soon." Claire glances around with a bit of unease, she doesn't understand exactly why, but she doesn't like being there.

"At least this isn't as bad as the last time you met me at a hospital. It was right after me and Cardinal landed that chopper. I tore a bunch of muscles, and I got shot in the thigh. Only narrowly missed an artery." Magnes shivers as the rest of the doctors leave, then motions for her to come closer. "I missed you, you're the first person I thought of calling… well, after the police to try and say no one did anything wrong except for those racist guys. But, I've been trying to give you some space, hell, I've been trying to get over you, which I guess has left me feeling unbelievably guilty. But I finally decided I had to see you, just once, y'know? Like, a light at the end of the bat to my head." he laughs a bit weakly before wincing and grabbing his head again.

There is a small nod of her head and a bit of a sheepish smile. "I guess I can't blame you there… especially, if we had been together for that long." She crosses her arms and moves to lean against a blank section of wall. "I just.. wish I could tell you I felt the same way." Her head drops a bit and her eyes go to the floor.

"I guess you could say I'm damaged goods Magnes." Claire says firmly, no sorrow over it. "I haven't been dwelling too much on what I lost. I've been focusing on what is in front of me.. Mainly…. well… important stuff." A glance goes to the nurse in with them.

"You're not damaged goods, don't talk about yourself that way." Magnes frowns when she does, but then just takes a deep breath and slowly floats over to her, which oddly doesn't seem to startle the nurse much. He lands about a foot in front of Claire, staring down with a soft smile. "I can deal with the pain of the breakup, the lost memories, even knowing that I'm probably not your type anymore, but it's the fact that I miss you so much. I just… I wish that would stop. It's not even that I miss you, really, you're right here. I just, I like you even how you are now, but I wish I could have just said goodbye to the old Claire, y'know? There's nothing wrong with you, I don't want you to ever think that, you're still, well, you, I just feel like I don't have closure, and truthfully, I don't think there's a way to get it."

He raises a hand to lightly touch her cheek, but it's more of a distant touch, as if he were searching for something. "I don't want anything from you, that's why I broke up, I don't wanna be a burden on all your other problems. But, I just wanna be selfish this one time, and ask that if nothing else, can I give you all the pictures I took while we were together? You don't have to look at them, but, it'd make me feel a lot better knowing that it's at least 'real' for you, that 'we' existed, even if you can't feel it." He removes his hand, taking another deep breath. "I'm not even sure what I'm asking, but this is the last thing I'm gonna ask you involving your old life, then I think I can move on and try to be your friend in this new life."

Straightening a bit, Claire watches him approach with a bit of unease, not fear… just he is still something of a stranger to her. The young woman doesn't move at the touch on her cheek, but there is uncertainty, eyes moving over his face as she studies him. Blinking Claire gives a hesitant nod, "Um… yeah. Sure. I can do that at least." A part of her can't help but be a bit curious… but at the same time, to know she had a life with this young man, bothers her in the fact she doesn't remember.

"If anything we'll see each other at school.. that is if your still planning to go." Claire eases herself to the side so that she's not trapped between him and the wall… blame her time overseas on that one. Being trapped like that makes her uneasy. "I… I think I'll be going into genetics… I mean… I've got a very long life ahead of me, might as well go for something important, hmm?"

"Well if you're gonna be immortal, science is the way to go. I was originally gonna be a physicist, well, that's what my parents raised me for. Home school, no other kids around, just lots and lots of studying most of the time. Comics and video games and things like that, they were my escape. I hid comics like most guys hid porn." Magnes starts to walk away from her, casually heading in the direction of the window. "See, usually every generation of scientists are both picking up the last generation's unfinished research, or starting on some research that'll be finished by the next generation. If you live as long as you're supposed to, you could have a pretty unique perspective."

He holds a hand out to her, while raising his other hand to mentally raise the window. "They said I can go. Let's fly to my place and I'll give you the pictures. I may as well give you the clothes and stuff you leave there too."

A glance to the window and then to Manges, Claire bites her lip and gives a little shake of her head and takes a step back. "No.. I… uh… I can meet you at your place for those things." There is a glance at the door where the nurse just left, starting to move that way, "Where do you live?" She glances over her shoulder at him and arches a brow, as she waits for the address.

"You think I'm gonna drop you? Y'know, the girl die to save?" Magnes sounds more amused than anything, smiling and shaking his head. He pulls out his iPhone, the one that had the pictures and such he tried to show her before, but this time he pulls up an app, setting up the map with the directions and public transportation, then hands it over. "Here, you can give it back when you get there. Panucci's Pizza in Brooklyn, go in from the back door and then walk up the stairs to my apartment door. Or, y'know, we could fly, but I can see how you might not wanna be up in the air with a strange guy."

"It's not about you dropping me, despite the fact I jumped out of a crashing military airplane." Moving to take the cellphone, Claire continues. "But I just don't choose to fly out of a hospital window, with all those people below, with a well known guy that told all of New York classified information… especially what I told you." She doesn't exactly meet his eyes as she holds up the phone and turns to walk for the door. "I'll see you at your place Magnes." Her tone a touch bland.

"I didn't tell them, I stated it in a referentially hypothetical… ah screw it." Magnes shrugs, spirits apparently shot down pretty low again as he steps into the window and crouches down slightly. "Avoiding my recent bouts of self-loathing are pretty hard when I keep shooting myself in the foot. But like I keep telling everyone else, I wasn't cut out for this life. Sorry if I upset you though, I know it's not hard to dislike a stranger." For whatever reason, her words impact him pretty hard, and he doesn't wait for her to respond, he simply drops out of the window.

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