Don't Forget The Feather Duster


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Scene Title Don't Forget The Feather Duster
Synopsis Jane comes to her pal in DHS for some answers. Sadly, there aren't many to find.
Date January 13, 2011

DHS Building: Audrey Hanson's Office

The life of a Homesec Agent is never a dull one or a slow one. Someone is always committing some crime, and even though she's on the Sylar/Samson cases which decorate the two free walls in her office, there's other cases that she gets tossed onto. The door to her humble home open here on the 22nd floor of the Homeland Building in Battery Park City, she's got a phone pinched between her ear and shoulder, talking with someone somewhere else and for once it seems a civil conversation as she flips pages, yes, no, no, yes coming from her mouth this later afternoon, pausing to take a sip from a plain mug of coffee.

Jane announces her arrival with a sharp knock on the open door just as she head pops in. And seeing Audrey on the phone, she just slips herself in, taking up a chair on this side of the desk, her feet propping up on the edge. And she's chewing gum, which is a habit she picked up when she tried to quit smoking the third or fourth time. Eventually it stuck! But she doesn't interrupt the call, instead she just makes herself comfy as she waits.

"Listen, I gotta go, I'll call you back when I'm done, I have a meeting and the person just showed up" Audrey's eyes go to Jane's feet on her desk then to Jane herself with raised brows. Get your feet off my desk bitch, goes unspoken. "Yeah. Yeah, no, we'll discuss it further. Thanks Jermane. You too"

The reciever hung up on it's hook, Audrey's flippingg closed the file and sliding it off to the side with others. "Don't recall having a meeting at the court today. They have you in the building for something?"

"Nah, I guess you could say I stopped by of my own volition. Missed you," Jane says with the crack of a crooked grin. But at least she does remove her feet! They go nicely back to the floor as Jane leans her arms on the desk instead. "You got a few free moments to spare?"

"If you came to show me that peacock song again, I'm going to kick your ass all the way down to the lobby" Audrey flicks her thumb and forefinger at her DoEA friend before leaning back in her desk, coffee cup coming with her so she can tilt her chair back and listen to Jane. "Speak, or forever hold your peace and be sentenced back to the DoEA buidling"

"I still stand by my words, Armond looks like a guy who could appreciate an office dance team." Jane lifts her hands in surrender at the threat and she lets out a bit of a sigh. Uhoh, she's got a serious face on. "I need your help. I had a witness staying at the Suresh Center. A couple days ago, some black suits came in, grabbed him. They said they had a warrant, but didn't so much as mention where they came from to me. Reports say they were flashing DHS when they came into the building, though. Think you can find out where they put my guy? Aric Gibbs is his name."

"Armond does ballroom dancing in his spare time. He's passed out tickets before. I'll snag one for you next time." Game face changes everything and Audrey goes from leaning back to upright, putting on her own game face, putting the coffee cup down. "Aric Gibbs, hasn't come by attention, haven't heard the name." But then, the DHS is big, and she deals with her own little corner. "They say why they wanted him? What was the case about?" Audrey's rattling off important questions, already turning to her computer so she can let her fingers fly across the keyboard, toss in passwords and start searching. For anything.

"You see? I had a feeling about that guy." Jane shakes her head at the questions, though. "They basically told me it was none of my business. No one's told me that since I was a PFC, you know what I mean? The case is… a giant mess trying to figure out what the link is between a rogue technopath messing with government property, the FRONTLINE officer who higher her, the security company she usually works for and a guy who decided to let through a bunch of falsified registration. I've got a bunch of people covering their tracks, covering each others' tracks and now disappearing witnesses. Aric was registered non-evolved by this guy, but comes out later he's got something. He was claiming an ability manipulator attacked him."

"Jesus Pak, full plate much?" The amount of work the woman has, it's amazing that she's even here but then, she needs some information. "Ability manipulator?" Audrey looks over at Jane. "There was… god, what was his name. It was everywhere in the NYPD. Some evolved asshole who… switched around an ability. What was his name.. Tyler Case. Red lightening or something. I was never on the case. But he was up NYPD's ass and that's all I heard about. I can ask Cooper what he knows, but it's happened."

Frontline officers, technopaths messing with government property, security company and a cop who falsified registration. "Anything I can help you with, other than this Aric Gibbs thing? Cooper and I aren't on anything pressing. The Gray's have been behaving not giving us anything to play with"

"I like a full plate. Not as hungry after." Jane nods, though, as Audrey goes on. "Something like him. There's a police report. Gibbs came forward when all this happened. The whole web is just trying to figure out how everyone's connected that they aren't talking about. Harrison — of FRONTLINE fame, hired Chavez. Chavez works for Redbird. Chaves was registered as a Non-Evolved, and Harrison's story is that she didn't know Chavez was a technopath when she brought her on. Chavez fiddled with some of the toys, got everyone pissed. Nash, who registered her, is Harrison's former partner. And there's… Beauchamp, similar story to Gibbs. Different, but similar. Harrison admits a connection there. And then Redbird also employed, at least for a time, the other of Nash's little hiccups, Dawson. And they all know I'm there, poking around. What would be great is some poking around they don't know about. They're never going to tell me how this all happened, and while I believe in coincidence to a point…"

This one is possibly past that point

"Everyone lies"

Audrey bald faces states, looking to her computer with a wrinkle of her nose. There's her tongue, running over the front of her teeth as she diverts her attention back with a frown. "Aric Gibbs?" Audrey spells out the name, wanting to make sure she didn't screw up the name.

"Harrison you say. Elisabeth Harrison? She's dealt with government, above and beyond FRONTLINE. I can't tell you, the clearance level is so fucking high on it that I pretty much had to sell my first born to get in on it. Wr both know the odds of me ever having a firstborn is next to nothing, But…"

She's typing again, inputting fields and waiting for the computer to run through again.

"So let me get this straight. This Chaves, Dawson, Gibbs and…. was Beauchamp registered by this Nash officer? They all know Harrison, Harrisons the connection to them all, be it through rebird or.. does Gibbs know Harrison?"

"You keep telling me. But I like to hope there someone that doesn't. Somewhere. Somehow," Jane says with a touch of playful melodrama. "Chavez, Dawson and Beauchamp started all this. Falsified registrations. Harrison knows Beauchamp, and knows Chavez on a professional level. Nash and Harrison worked together. Dawson was registered by Nash and also works with Chavez at Redbird. Or did. I haven't talked to them yet about if they've had contact with her her after she slipped custody. So somehow, Harrison, Nash and Redbird all ended up connected to these falsified registries in one way or another.

"Gibbs was a red flag since he was also a Nash boy, but my questioning him about his affiliations to either Harrison or Redbird was cut short. And frankly, he was a little too nice and little too wide-eyed innocent for me." Because as much as she wishes people didn't lie… they certainly do.

"I don't have clearance, or well my clearance isn't clearance enough for Gibbs." She swivels her screen around so that Jane can see the screen and the indication that Audrey isn't cleared to view the file. When Jane's seen it, Audrey swivels the screen back around, going about trying to see who she can talk to, to get clearance to see about Gibbs. "I can see if it's really above my clearance or whether it's just something that they're being hush hush about with regards to something else"

She divides her attention between her friend and the screen. "It's a little too coincidental though, really. I mean. That they all known harrison, all were registered by nash. There's others cops out there who are probably sympathetic to people who are evolved and falsifying them too but Nash got caught. Have you thought about turning tables on them, seeking out a technopath to have a gander and meander through redbird?" Beauchamps not really ringing a bell in Adurey's book though. "Little too nice and little too wide-eyed innocent. No ones innocent these days and no one tells the truth when there's a badge flashed in their face and martial law means the military can blow a head off and there's no one to go crying to" Which to a degree technically works in their favor these days in getting information.

Jane sits back, clearly disappointed she can't find her witness that easy. Of course it wouldn't be easy. "Thanks for checking. I just didn't like how that whole… day went down. Except the cute doctor at the end." But then she always appreciates a pretty face. "Yeah, I agree it's all too coincidental. Maybe some of it is, maybe none of it, but definitely not all of it. And I'm keeping the technopath idea on a back burner. I'd like to give them the chance to lie to me first." And that comment is downright grumpy. It's not an emotion she wears often, but catch her when a case is getting messed with. "I know with martial law, I've got a lot of leeway. But call me old fashioned, I still like the old ways. Don't want to get sloppy."

"call it prudent thinking because at some point that Martial Law is going to lift and we'll be called to account for our actions if we took any, above and beyond." Audrey agree's. "I'll keep looking Pak, I got the time, see what I can dig up but… Harrison did something big for the government. We're talking global. People like that, they don't just spill the beans, but they also might think they can get away with shit because Uncle Sam needed them at some point"

"Yeah, honestly? I'm hoping Harrison's involvement is the coincidence. But if people are dragging off my witnesses before I'm finished with them, I'm never going to be able to find out what's going on with this crazy web." Jane lets out a bit of a huff, shaking her head. "But if you can find anything at all linking Harrison to Redbird for more than just this Chavez job? Or something connecting either of them to Gibbs… let me know. Like I said, they all have been warned I was coming to check things out, with plenty of time to dust off their tracks. I'm thinking, though… I might search Gibbs' place, see if there's anything there. If the black suits left that alone." Grumble!

"His place, his work, talk with co-workers and friends, see if they knew anything" Audrey offers, grabbing a pen and tapping it along her blotter as she thinks. "That they got heads upped that you were coming, sounds fishy to me. Like, I don't know, they wanted them to clean up and shove skeletons in closets. Have you talked to Beauchamp, I know you said you hadn't to Dawes"

"So far, no one knows where Dawson is, since she disappeared off a prison convoy with several others. Beauchamp, too, poof, thin air. Chavez is in custody, though. And I've talked to Harrison, and some of her underlings. Just trying to get a feel for how her operation runs over there. I'm prepping to talk to the gal whose toy it was that got messed with. That should be fun." Jane waves a hand a little, "It's more that Harrison knew she fucked up when it happened, and she knew we wouldn't let it lie. But what it means for me is, everyone had time to prepare for me."

"Means your job is harder and you have to dig deeper" Audrey wrinkles her nose in disgust. "Well, if you need more for anything else, just call. Or if you just need a back up set of credentials to make people sweat, happy to lend my badge to the collection. I bet you must be happy. Flashing that badge there little miss peacock"

"Damn right that's what it means. These people owe me vacation time." Jane shifts to stand up, giving Audrey a crooked smile. "I do like how fast you get people sweating, Hanson. Don't be surprised when I call you out." There's a laugh from the DoEA agent and a finger point toward Audrey, "Very happy. People call me Agent out there. It's very cool." The little nickname gets a grin as well and she reaches up to fluff her hair. "I've been thinking about the mohawk look. Think Praeger would like it?"

"I think Praeger would look at you funny and hand you the manual on dress codes. But I'm pretty sure you could turn it corporate enough that you can go all out when you're off work." Audrey stands up too, her coffee cup woefully neglected and in dire need of infusion. 'So long as it doens't poke my eye out on the court" Audrey flashes a smile then, looking like she quite possibly is preening a fraction at the compliment just paid her by her friend. "Why Agent Pak. Are you flirting with me?

"Don't worry, I'm all business when it comes to racquetball." Jane can't help a mirthful sound, though, at that question posed her way. "Hanson! I'm surprised you remember what flirting is. Trust me, if I was flirting with you, you'd know it. There'd be an ass slap at least." And with a playful salute sent Audrey's way, Jane turns to head for the door, "I'll see ya around, Blondie!"

"I'm not dead Pak. I'm still alive down there. It's just a little dusty is all!" A witty snappy retort back, she follows her friend out but heads in a different direction towards the break room with it's promise of hot, though crappy, coffee. "I'll send what I find out!" A promise.

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