Don't Freak Out


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Scene Title Don't Freak Out
Synopsis Mortimer calls Cassidy to tell her he was broken out of the hospital.
Date May 20, 2009

On Cellphones

It's very late, or very early, depending on how you see things, almost 4am, Wednesday morning. It wasn't too hard for Mortimer to get Cassidy's number, apparently his men still take some orders, but took him to a safe location to call from on a disposable phone. And so, a strange number appears on Cassie's phone, before anything about the breakout has made it to the news.

The ring tone turned down, it takes Cassidy a couple of long moments for her brain to pull out of sleep and realize it's ringing. With a sharp intake of breath, her head comes up off the pillow and she glares at the cellphone. She groans and gropes around until she slides the cellphone off the nightstand. Letting her head drop back on the pillow she hits the talk button and says wearily. "Whoever this is.. it better be damn good."

"It's me, Mortimer, don't freak out." Mortimer tries to speak in a reassuring way, wind blowing against the phone as if he's on a roof or something. "I didn't break out, they broke me out, I didn't know they were going to. They won't let me leave and they're not taking orders, they're saying they need to 'fix' me first."

Well, that wipes away any thoughts of sleep. There is a rustle of fabric as she sits up, leaning against pillows. "Mortimer?…..But how?" She sounds confused, as if she can't believe what she's hearing. "What do you mean your out?" Well, it's 4am, can't expect her to be wide awake yet.

"My men took me, I was asleep when they came in. I swear I had nothing to do with it." Mortimer sighs and takes a seat in a steel chair brought up to the roof with him, a few of his men standing guard. "We're in Staten again, not sure which part, they abandoned all of our original hideouts, since 12 got arrested. Please don't be afraid, I'm still me, I haven't changed even though they're gonna try. No matter what happens, remember our promise."

"Your okay for now though?" Cassidy can't help the fact her heart skips a beat with a twinge of fear. She is quiet for a moment as she combs fingers through her hair. "No way at all you can get away.. though… I imagine you wouldn't want to go back anyhow.." He had seemed so depressed. "You really swear that you had nothing to do with it?" It's obvious she desperately wants to believe.

"I swear, I had no idea. God, one of my men works for the president, it's not a stretch that they could find me." Well, that man works for Tracy, but, same thing. Mortimer is definitely telling the truth, if she can tell such a thing through the phone. Someone in the background says, "Hey, watch what you're saying. We're only letting you call out of respect for you being our leader, but we have a lot of work to do if we're gonna fix your head."

Closing her eyes, Cassidy draws up her knees under the blankets and rests her forehead on it. Always something… "Dammit Mortimer." Her voice seems almost pained and a little sad. She's silent for a long time as she tries to organize her thoughts, only thing telling him she's still there is the sound of her breathing. "How bad is it at the hospital?" She finally had to ask it.

"I think the guards are dead, some Evolved woman did something. I don't have any women in my group, but I have a fe—" He's suddenly interrupted again, "Careful with your words, Mortimer." There's another sigh from Mortimer, and he continues, "I heard two explosions, but they had a blanket over my head, so I couldn't see anything. If they were using my grenades, the explosions may have been harmless…"

"Shit.. okay. I won't ask anymore. I don't want them hurting you.. or anything." Cassidy continues to sound a bit depressed. "I'm sorry to see you go Mortimer." She adds softly. It's hard to know if she means his escape, or what's going to happen to him. "You'll keep your promise as best you can?"

"I will Cassidy, and we'll see each other again, just," Mortimer stares down at the ground, sounding a mixture of depressed, but with an air of liberation about his tone. Of course he's happy about being out, but there seems to be something else bothering him. "Promise that you'll remember, you don't have to be afraid of me, no matter what, I'd never hurt you."

Cassidy wraps her free arm around her knees and hugs them to her chest as if suddenly needing the comfort. "I want to say I'm not afraid.. but the fact my hearts is trying to beat it's way out of my chest tells me I am a little bit." She takes a deep breath and let's it out slowly. "But don't worry. I'll remember Mortimer. And I know you won't hurt me. I still believe that." But she's still nervous, a natural reaction. "Just… be careful. Okay? And don't let them completely take away the man I've been enjoying talking to the past few days."

"I won't, I promise. I'll always be me, I always have been me, I won't forget anything you've told me, anything I've learned from you." One of the men starts speaking up, and Mortimer suddenly glares back and says, "Shut up! You're scaring her, just shut up and leave me alone!" Which prompts the man to say, "Y-yes Sir…" He takes a deep breath, quite obviously stressed out, then continues. "I'm sorry, I just don't want you to worry about them, you don't deserve to have to worry. But, I was saying, you've changed something in me, something I won't lose. Cassidy, I'll protect you, even if you come to Staten, I'll be protecting you."

"I believe you." Cassidy reassures him again. "I think, however, your making them nervous talking to me. And I'm sure I've got a call and a nervous partner coming my way. So.." And she sounds almost reluctant to say it. "We should probably say goodbye." She pauses for a moment before saying, her voice sad. "Goodbye Mortimer. Be safe."

"Goodbye Cassidy. I'll still be me, but, in case you don't get to talk to me exactly how I am now… I… really care about you." Mortimer says quite truthfully, as she's been his only connection to humanity and the world for days, the only thing truly keeping him sane in that hospital. "Goodbye."

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