Don't Get Hurt


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Scene Title Don't Get Hurt
Synopsis Two new members of FRONTLINE meet.
Date November 15, 2010

Textile Factory 17: Rec Room

It had been a long morning for Hannah Emerson. Perhaps being back home in the city had caused some of her habits learned from her tour of duty to wane a bit, but the early wake up had felt like more of a strain than usual, though thankfully she had been awake enough to prepare herself for her Orientation. Now, it was simply a matter of finding a way to pass the time until her flight back to Annapolis, only a short time from now.

It may be almost noon, but that isn’t preventing from her from having a rather large cup of coffee as she leans over a pool table, pool cue in her opposite hand. It’s something to do, at least, considering how little she had brought to pack into her room in the facility. Setting down the cup of coffee, she leans down and draws back the cue, striking forward at an angle a bit higher than she’d intended, sending the cue ball bouncing up and off the table, rolling towards the door.

She never had been any good at pool.

"I feel like I have walked into Charlie and the Chocolate factory, whenever I step outside." The southern drawl of one of FRONTLINEs newest members echoes in the rec room. "And I don't mean that new one with the weirdo, Johnny Depot… or whatever —" there is a flick of her wrist in dismissal " — I'm talkin' the old fashion Gene Wilder one." Of course, what she says is stopped by the fact there wasn't anyone she actually knew in there.

Kaitlyn Dooley has never been much of a talker… or at least she wasn't when she was homeless all those years, but she was trying to be friendly. With a towel over her shoulder and his skin glowing from a bit of a work out, it looks like the team medic has been working out. Running shoes squeeze on the linolum as she moves in deeper into the rec room, while dark brown eyes study the woman at the pool table, "I don't think I met you yet. You new?" Of course, Kait is pretty new herself.

She doesn't offer her hand or anything yet, both of them gripping the ends of the towel. No smile either, just a slightly suspicious look. Old habits die hard, no matter how the Institute tried to wean her of it.

The sound of an approaching voice has Hannah looking up from the pool table, where she had simply been staring at where her gaff had occurred. The pool cue is set down against the pool table, the woman talking a sip of her coffee as Kaitlyn addresses her, a bit of a smirk on her face. “I am new,” she responds, making her way form around the pool table and towards the other woman.

She stops a bit short of Kaitlyn, giving a more relaxed salute than the ones she had been giving the previous day. “Sergeant Hannah Emerson, a pleasure to meet you.” The saluting hand falls down about half way, offered out to the medic with a smile. “Newest recruit to FRONTLINE.”

Oh dear, a salute. Kaitlyn gives one of her own, but it's nothing to write home about, kinda sloppy. "Ex-canine officer Kaitlyn Dooley… only a few days older at this gig, then you." Eyes are on the hand for a moment, before slowly she lets go of the towel and takes the other's hand in her own. It's a brief contact, before she lefts go, and takes a step back.

"Well, newer as in bein' here. I was trainin' on that armor before I was tugged down this here way." Kaitlyn takes a moment to wipe at the sweat that still forms on her brow. "They had to toss me to the wolves a little sooner then they wanted, I think. Then, of course, those riots and all them other FRONTLINE people dyin'…" She trails off and studies Emerson again. "S'nice ta meetcha though."

“You’re still further along that I am,” Hannah replies with a widening grin, Hands slip into pockets as she moves, stepping around and behind Kaitlyn to where the cue ball had rolled, bending down and scooping it up in hand. “My armour training doesn’t start until a few hours from now.” Standing back upright, the ball is tossed up and down in hand as she turns back to Kaitlyn.

“I wish I had been part of the squad for the riots, truth be told. Being unable to do much during them was agonising.” She turns again, the time starting back towards the pool table. “It’s nice to meet you, Kaitlyn. Being able to meet so many of the squad in two days has been rather pleasant.” A sip of coffee is had, Hannah pausing to look back. “Trial by fire. Always troubling, but always worth the experience, even fi the experience is awful.”

"It weren't any fun, that's for sure." Kaitlyn comments blandly, shoulders shrugs deeply. Then she seems to think about that statement, eyes narrowing. "Well, except for that drone. That was pretty sweet."

She gives another flips of her hand, dismissing the subject. "Anyhow, so you are going to be gettin' your first taste of that armor? Watch what panties you wear, else you'll be uncomfortable " Kaitlyn give Emerson a matter of fact look. "Not a pleasant experience."

“Drone?” It’s a curious tone that the response from Hannah has, the white ball landing back down on the pool table with a loud thunk. Turning back to face Kaitlyn, she leans back against the pool table with a grin on her face. “That’s right, now I remember. That must have certainly been interesting, having something like that at your command.” Arms fold across her chest, the dark blue beret on her head adjusted. “I have to admit, I’ve never been any good with anything like that.”

There’s a bit of a quiet chuckle, Hannah affording Kaitlyn a nod. “They certainly don’t look like the most comfortable pieces of equipment out there. I will keep that in mind, though. I’m just hoping I can get used to it rather quickly.”

"Except for the panty thing, they are alright. Make you stronger and all." Kaitlyn comments thoughtfully. "Protects your ass so there is less I gotta do." The words are clipped and gruff. She may be the medic, but it don't mean she wants to have to do her job. "Less you people get hurt, more I like ya."

Kaitlyn takes a step to the side, watching the other woman, "Now the drone… it works like my dogs, so it ain't too tough. Makes me feel more at home." A few more sideways steps and she lets go of the towel with one hand, sliding it off her shoulders. "You'll do fine, I reckon."

“I was brief on the armour earlier, it sounds very impressive. It makes me wonder if they’ll ever make a move towards making them more available outside of FRONTLINE. I can’t count the times it would have been a boon to have someone with such equipment in my squad.” Hannah grins a bit, taking another sip of her coffee. “For now, I’m looking forward to giving it a workout. I am curious to see how long I can go before I need to remove it.” Which is to say, she’s been thinking about putting it to the test, even if it’s not part of the formal training.

“The drone as well,” she adds, “though I suppose it’s small steps for everything. It’s comforting to hear that someone has taken to something like that so easily, though.”

"Yeah…" Kaitlyn pauses for a moment and glance over her shoulder. "Anyhow, I need a shower." It's a simple statement of truth, with a few steps backwards toward the barracks. "So I'm gonna go do that."

Pausing, she seems to be considering something, brown eyes narrow slightly, but whatever she looks like she was gonna say passes and she turns to leave. "You'll do just fine, I'm sure." Kaitlyn calls over her shoulder, lifting a hand in farewell. Pausing in the doorway, the medic turns around. "Just remember the panties." And for the first time since she stepped into the room, Kaitlyn flashes a grin.

"Don't get hurt Emerson." Kaitlyn offers as her sort of odd farewell.

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