Don't Give Up


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Scene Title Don't Give Up
Synopsis Eve pays a visit
Date Jan 10, 2011

Elisabeth's Apartment, Dorchester Towers

Knock knock.

Can be heard echoing through Elizabeth's apartment, the cool afternoon sun fills the living room of the place. It's been a quiet afternoon so far. From the sound of the knocking, not for much longer.

Pacing back and forth in the hallway, eyes cast downward is the figure of Eve Mas. Sipping from a straw, some liquid from a white cup. Her eyes close in momentarily pleasure as she makes a 'mmmm' sound and stomps her booted feet on the floor. A dark green dress that falls to just after her ankles is the only thing that the singer wears, along with her boots and on her shoulder the black messenger bag she's been carrying around.

The woman scratches the back of her head, today her thick raven black hair is put into a messy bun. Strands of hair falling into her face whenever she moves it. With back turned towards Elizabeth's closed door, she peeks up at the ceiling.. "Oh well, hello there." She says to the sky with a serene smile on her face.

Elisabeth is generally spending almost all her time at the base right now, but sometimes …. sometimes, when it's slow enough, the woman needs a bath in the worst way. She hasn't been sleeping well. There are anniversaries at this time of year that are … difficult. Two years and change later, being tortured still has lasting repercussions. Occasional nightmares, some amount of agoraphobia that is at least controllable. Anxiety sometimes, and the one thing that will likely haunt her through her lifetime — that fear of the absolute dark. But it is not those nightmares that plague her this week. No. This week it has been memories of a mushroom cloud of darkness and the scream of a man borne on the wind itself. It's an image she's been seeing every time she closes her eyes lately, and so she retreated here to her haven to hide behind locked doors and remember all of the terror and the grief alone where no one would see.

Except that some people have that incredible knack. When she looks out the peephole, Elisabeth's brows shoot to her hairline. The door is wrenched open, and the blonde — dressed in a burgundy pullover sweater and a pair of snug jeans — says, "Eve?? Woman, don't you even have a coat??" It's freezing out there!

"Oh uh, is this the residence of Elizabeth Harrison, she's a blonde and very nice. Queenie." Eve pipes up as the door opens.. behind her. With a jerk, she spins around and blinks. "Oh, Liz! It's so good to see you." Eve waves her hands around as she sips more of the liquid in the cup. Looking down at herself.. she nods her head slowly. "Oh yeah, it's the elevator. I'll get it on my way out."

Knocking her boots on the wall beside her, she just walks right into the apartment and looks around. "Did you know the diner three blocks down has the best vanilla milkshakes? Terrific!" Eve nods her head at Liz and then collapses into a nearby chair and grins at the blonde.

"What are you doing here?" she tilts her head and rubs her forehead with a clear hand and then placing the messenger bag on her lap. More sips of the milkshake. "Oh! You're suppose to be, right right." As she says this, she pulls out a notebook and pen and begins to make notes in it. "What day is it?" she looks up at Liz with a serious expression.

Elisabeth looks perplexed. She's supposed to be? Lord…. precogs and their visions. Her tone gentles. "I did know about the milkshakes, Eve. Though it's a bit chilly to be having one, thank you." She locks the door behind the girl and trails after her to the living room. "It's Monday, January 10. 2011." In case the year matters a whit to the girl.

"Aha! The morning." Eve scribbles something down and drinks the milkshake some more, it's almost empty. The infamous sound is coming. "Well, Cardinal hasn't been by to see you yet then.. I knew I was early." She mentally scolds herself and shakes her head. Muttering, she looks back up at Elizabeth.

"How are you?" She asks with a wide grin and she crosses her legs, placing the notebook on her lap on top of the messenger bag.

When the milkshake finally is empty, Eve looks down at the cup and shakes it with a frown on her face. "Damn." She shakes the cup again and gets up, trailing to Liz's kitchen. "You wouldn't happen to have ice cream would you? Preferably Dreyers." It's an honest request.

"Uhm…. no, it's afternoon," Elisabeth says, puzzled. But the news that Richard's supposed to come by and see her is kind of nice news. She smiles faintly, following Eve sort of like a lost puppy to her own kitchen. "I … don't know. Maybe? I like the Edy's better myself, but take a look." Because Eve will get to what brings her here in her own time — Lizzie pushing might make her lose track of it. Or… well, not like Eve's ever really on track. But whatever.

Digging in the freezer. Eve exclaims in excitement as she finds some Ice Cream. Ben & Jerry's. Grinning widely she finds a spoon and dumps some ice cream into her cup. "This will do, fine." She says and stuffs the rest of the ice cream in the freezer again and hops onto the counter, swinging her feet as she eats the ice cream, humming softly to herself it's almost as if she's forgotten Liz is there and then she's looking at Elizabeth closely.

"How's your head, is your ability working okay?" she leans forward, threatening to fall over before she leans back again. "This is amazing. You have to have some." She digs into the ice cream and hops up and down. "Oh oh oh!" She's swooning.

Heh…. Richard's been here, she sees. Elisabeth is amused. "My head's … okay. My ability is recovering." She hasn't yet managed to locate and contact Constantine, much to Richard's annoyance. "No, thanks. Did you just stop in to visit, kiddo?" The blonde is finally starting to get her head on straight and moves to pour herself a cup of coffee from the pot sitting warm on the coffeemaker. She doctors it while glancing at Eve.

"You should.. meditate more." She nods her head and then squints at Liz. "You should do that, every day." A light nod is followed by a furrow of her eyebrows. "You know.. I don't remember," in regards to her reasons for coming by. "But this ice cream is really good."

Eve nods again and eats more ice cream. "Sometimes you come for one thing.. and end up with another. Life." She shrugs softly and stops swinging her legs before she looks back towards Elizabeth. "Kiddo, you're so silly Lizzie." The singer pats Liz on the shoulder and looks down at her feet.

"It's all gonna be better, you think?" her eyebrows raised as she rubs her forehead. "It makes me all fuzzy headed."

There's a faint smile. "Meditate, huh? I'll try that." As for the fact that she doesn't remember what brought her by, Elisabeth gives a faint shrug. "It'll come to you some other time, I'm sure. I'm glad you stopped in, though." She smiles, leaning a hip against the counter to drink her coffee companionably with the precog. "I things are going to get better, yes, Eve." Eventually. Liz doesn't know when. But soon, she hopes.

"We'll see." Eve smiles brightly and looks at Liz. "Just don't get too into the dark, it's all consuming they say." Like she wouldn't know of it. Her eyes flint to the door and then to the clock. Finishing her ice cream, she sets the cup down next to her.

"Doom and gloom. Tomorrow, the sun will shine bright and light. All around." She nods her head as she sings the lyric and brushes a strand of hair out of her face. "All good."

Elisabeth chuckles softly. "From your lips to God's ear, Eve." Now if she could just get Richard to believe that again. She sips from her coffee. "Are you heading anywhere in particular from here?"

"Well of course I have places to be. Don't you?" Eve gives Liz a hard stare. Then the singer shrugs and looks back up at the clock. "He'll be here." She nods and ruffles the back of her hair. The dark haired woman stares around Elizabeth's apartment and swings her feet again, clearly she's not ready to leave.

"When it all happens.. promise me something?" Her light eerie eyes bore into Liz's and she doesn't look away or blink. Her eyebrows raise as she leans closer towards the blonde.

Elisabeth looks curious, and she meets Eve halfway, offering a soft promise. "Anything."

"Don't give up.

Followed by a swift kiss on the cheek and Eve hops up and goes to gather her messenger bag from the chair, boots clicking on the floor of the place. "See you soon." She says absently as if she's no longer checked into this reality, instead somewhere else.

Eyes closing briefly, the younger woman turns the knob on the door and prepares to step out.

Elisabeth watches her go and murmurs after the seer softly, "I can't — he needs me." It's a simple sentiment, but an honest one. "Don't forget your coat, Eve," she reminds gently. "It's in the elevator." Or so the woman has said. She sighs, missing the more lucid person she sees flashes of.

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