Don't Need Human Friends


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Scene Title Don't Need Human Friends
Synopsis Two of Midtown's oddest ladies meet face to face for the first time.
Date November 12, 2009

Ruins of Midtown

It's an late afternoon in the Ruins of Midtown, Eve's playground of sorts and right now Eve is using the Ruins to walk her dogs.. her cat and her.. snake? Wow.

The dark haired singer is dressed in a pair of flowing black pants and boots along with a dark blue top. Her hair is out of it's bun and it spills all the way over to the middle of her back. Rex and Jax, the two huskies run out ahead of her but she knows they won't stray far, they never do. And Tiger is on a lease, a dark red one, while Nanai is currently slithering around Eve's arm. Quite the scene wouldn't you say?

The frantic yapping of a small dog is heard before little Benny comes to a stop at the top of some rubble. Tail and head held high he watches the small parade. The tail vibrates like he can't decide whether to be pissy or excited. "Benny! Don't even think of it you little spaz." Gripes the woman sitting in the shadow of a partially collapsed wall. A german shepard half laying in her lap, lifts his head, ears flipping toward the new arrivals, a soft growl starting deep in his throat.

"Easy Jerry Lee." Kaitlyn's hand moves to wrap around the shotgun leaning against the wall and rest it on her legs, finger resting near the trigger. Her eyes watch the other woman cautiously, jaw tightening as the woman comes close to that invisible line.

Is Eve..

Yep, she's just crossed that invisible line. Especially after Jax went running after the sound of little Benny, damn dog. Swearing softly under her breath, Eve hums a little tune as she sways back and forth and dances to she gets to the point that Jax is standing, his ears up and teeth bared. Until he notices, that it's Benny and he runs forward and instead of biting.. he licks the little dog.

The dark haired seer looks towards the dogs and tilts her head. "Friends of yours, hmm?" she asks with a lift of her eyebrow and her hand goes to pet Nanai softly. Tiger yowls at the woman as if to say, 'CAN WE GET OUT OF HERE, I WANT SOME CATNIP.' Tiger is ignored for now though, except for a gentle nudging with her toe.

Benny is all over that action as Jax shows up, a lot of sniffing and checking out off the other…. and lots of yapping. "Shut the hell up Benny." Comes the shark order from Kaitlyn, as she shotgun comes up to settle on the younger woman, eyes narrowing. Jerry Lee comes to his feet as he feels his master's tension rise. His head is low and the growls grows louder.

"That's close enough little girl." The woman states curtly, moving to slowly rise to her feet, the end of that shotgun leveled at Eve. "Your at least in one piece, but I'd rather you keep your distance"

Didn't Kait ever realize that almost everyone that lives in and around Midtown carries some sort of weapon?

Well that weapon of Eve, which happens to be a powerful looking handgun is pointed in Kaitlyn's direction and she tilts her head. Where the hell did she pull it from? Oh, her waistband. "Yes.. little girl." Her eyes widen slightly and her eyebrows lift. Then another gun is lifted to aim at Kaitlyn, this gun arm the one with Nanai on it, and she's now trying to make her way to Eve's gun. "Wanna dance?" is her question.

Eve's dogs growl lightly and eye Kaitlyn as the two women stand off. "Like your hair.." she says softly.

There is no flinch or anything as the other woman pulls a gun as well, maybe there is deep down a part of Kaitlyn that doesn't see it as a bad thing. Jerry Lee's back hair stands up on end as the other dogs start to growl, Benny is oblivious as he watches it all, tail going a mile a minute, he doesn't see what the big deal is.

"Your hair is great too.." Kait murmurs studying the other woman, eyes lowering to the dogs for brief moments. "But I hate to break it to you, I'm not the dancing type." The words trail off and sudden she states clearly. "You live around these parts too."

Gun still raised, she grins at Kaitlyn and shrugs, "Damn, and I just learned this new dance step." She says softly but nods her head at Kaitlyn. "Before and after the Bomb, you?" she says and blinks at the little Benny dog, "And how would you know I'm in one piece? X-Ray vision?"

Eve looks towards Kait and then her dogs. "My father owned a auto shop around here, you like cars? I love em." Comes Eve's airy voice over to Kaitlyn.

Hand grip the shotgun tighter, but there is no sign that she's close to shoot. "After that idiot blew the place all to hell." She snaps the word out… "And it's none of your damn business how I know your in one piece." She tries to ignore the dogs, but Benny has taken it on himself to sniff at Eve. Brave dog he is. Finally, Kaitlyn can't stand it anymore. "Benny!" She snaps, the words sharp, making the small dogs head dip down and tail tuck in slightly. "Heel." The order is obeyed quickly, Benny hurrying over to stand at the older woman's side.

"It's my body and so it is very well damn my business." Eve puts one of her firearms away and then goes with the snapping of her fingers. "Ok?" Apparently, she's been hanging out with a.. rougher crowd, most likely some of the bums of Midtown. "And if you only knew how much of an idiot he really is." She says and shakes her head, thinking to her friend. When Benny is yelled out, Eve kisses Nanai's back and looks at Kaitlyn.

"Nanai.. this woman here doesn't like for her dogs to socialize, so on your best behavior!" she says and then a knowing gaze is given to Jax and Dax, both dogs snapping to attention and coming to sit at her side. "Now boys, you must behave or the lady will take your head off with her shiny toy ok?" she kneels down to nuzzle both dogs before standing again and smiling at Kaitlyn. "Wonderful animals, wouldn't you say?"

There is a small tilt of Kaitlyn's head as Eve opens her mouth again, completely confusing the woman. "What….?" The word is uttered softly, brows dropping in confusion. The healer doesn't move, well… at least not forward, she takes a step backwards when the woman starts talking to her animals.

"Dogs? Of course, better then humans that is for sure." The barrel of the gun dips down slightly and then comes up again, Kaitlyn look suspicious, but there is some hints of relaxing. "You get dropped on your head too many times as a baby?"

"More like I see all these futures and they get darker and darker, that and my momma was a stripper, some say that if you swing around that pole while pregnant, you can really fuck that baby up." Evie says and dips her head, eyebrows waggling, so she answered her question, she's crazy.

"Name's Eve." She says and looks down at her pets, her companions. "Ain't that the truth. There is only one human being I find myself to trust as much as these guys.. my wonderful best friend.. Gillian." Eve nods her head and looks at Kaitlyn, "You have a best friend?"

"Ahh.. well that explain the loony act. Cause girl there is no doubt your all kinds of fucked up." Kaitlyn comments blandly, the barrel dipping down slightly again. "Nothin' fixable.." She mutters that to herself mostly.

Kait's jaw shifts side to side as for a moment she tries to decide whether to return the favor. "Kaitlyn." There is caution in her voice as she says the name. "And my best friend is Jerry Lee here." The German Shepard's head lifts to look at his mater, head tilting slightly, ears towards her. "I don't like people… so I don't need any human friends."

"I think the same could be said for you, pointing shotguns and such. We're some crazy.. bitches.. as I heard this rapper say one day on TV." Eve nods sagely and looks down at her pets. "Jax.. Dax.. Tiger and this is my little baby Nanai." She makes kissing motions to the snake, Nanai flicking her tongue out at her.

"I'm a loon, like a loony toon." She says softly and then tilts her head at Kaitlyn, enough with the crazy for now. She squares her shoulders back, "I've been getting better. Handling the dreams.. the darkness.. all the death.." she shrugs lightly and then adds in a soft tone. "You have a human friend now, want some tea?"

"Yeah well… I have my reasons." Kaitlyn takes another step back, she's getting uncomfortable being around a person this long. "I won't be a slave to my ability… so when people hurt…. I don't do so good." another step is taken backwards. "If people want to feel better they have to pay.. I won't be a slave and just do it."

The mention of human friends, the shot gun comes up again to train on the woman. "I don't need any human friends, I got my dogs. Jerry Lee.. Benny.. come." The healer starts moving more steadily away from the woman, not turning her back yet. "You just need to stay away from me."

"We'll be having dinner a week from now, you bring a dish and I'll supply the salad and dessert." Eve says this with so much certainty it's almost as if she really believes for this to happen and maybe she did see it or something to that effect?

With that, "Come on guys." She says softly to her little friends and they follow her as moves back towards where Mas Mechanics is. "Don't be a slave for anyone.." she calls out and turns her head before moving on. "It's not fun." She ends and then her head is bowed as she walks away.

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