Don't Say The F Word


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Scene Title Don't Say The F Word
Synopsis Izzy's settling into Abby's place, and finding out a bit more about her former employee. She's also not allowed to say "I can't believe I'm in the future" in front of the children.
Date April 8, 2019

Abigail's Brownstone

A couple people make the trek in the minivan across the city to Abby's place. A three story brownstone, wedged between others, white painted face and pots of flowers on the front steps. A newspaper on the steps, tricycle in the front hall, toys in the livingroom, a well lived and well loved place. She'd gotten people set up with rooms, pointed to the two bathrooms and the showers, towels. She set about to making food in the kitchen, quick thing like sandwhiches, coffee, milk, goldfish crackers. She's still got to sleep and then pick up the kids.

Which Abigail does, getting a few hours of needed sleep before she's gone for a half hour. She comes back in though, with Joseph walking in on his own, talking quietly about the paper pig faces they made and carting one in his hand. Natalie is up in Abby's arm, sucking on her thumb swinging feet back and forth on her perch on Abby's hip. "Mhh hmm, Maybe we'll give that to Aunty Eileen for her fridge Joe? Shoes off, in the bucket. We need to be quiet, there are people visiting okay. So I want best manners, do you understand? They're guests. Now, off to the kitchen" While she deals with getting Natalie's jacket and shoes shed.

A slightly damp Isa walks through Abby's home, the pictures of Abby and a man, the kids.. it's too much. It's then that a recently showered Izzy walks into the room and stops. "Oh my.. Abby, I missed the birth of your kids?" The pyro is shocked and she looks at the healer's children. Not sure what to say, they most likely have never heard of her. Isabelle steps forward slightly. "I've missed so much." Her damp hair hanging loose and pass her shoulders. She looks closely at Abby's hand. "Whose the lucky guy?"

"Isabelle" One is up and around. That's good, and seems to be adjusting okay. "Isabelle, meet Natalie. Joseph just went barreling into the kitchen for his afternoon snack. There uh.. shit. Oops, Momma said a bad word, ignore that Natalie. She's sorry hmmm?" Off goes the toddler's jacket and shoes before the young blonde is barreling towards the kitchen. "I suppose i'll have to cancel going to the party. I can't have the babysitter come over and see you guys" and the people who came, are not exactly childcare type people.

Abby's thumb caresses the band of gold on her left hand and a glance to one of the pictures that hangs in the wall as she puts jackets up. "His name was Johan. He passed away just before Natalie was born. I'm Abigail Baker now" There's a gesture for the firey woman to join her. "You were gone, before I met him, gone before a lot of stuff. A lot of stuff has changed" Down the hall Abby goes, listening to the giggles in the kitchen.

"Hello Natalie." The little girl is given a warm smile and she comes forward to walk next to Abby. "I'm sorry for your loss, hun." She says softly and Izzy tilts her head, "Oh you're going out to parties now as well?" Hmm. Isabelle looks at Abby, "What else did I miss? How's.. Old Lucy's?" The fear that her bar has been shut down is great and she wonders if Abby kept it open. "You got the letter and stuff then didn't you?"

"When I have time, yes. Policemans ball, fundraiser. I go every year" I'm sorry for your loss. It used to nearly double her over, but it's gotten easier with time. "Thank you Izzy. He was a good man. You would have scared him good and proper, but he woulda stuck around. He was a paramedic and we both went to the Guiding Light services. Who wants…. ants on a log!" The latter spoken as she enters into the kitchen, making straight for the fridge. She's long since out of scrubs, into a long khaki skirt and plain cotton long sleeved shirt. Celery, raisins, peanut butter, it's all gathered by her and the children, a knife to cut and everyone settles at the large oak kitchen table. A hands on mother. Peanut butter spread in the U of the celery after it's been cut into manageable pieces for the kids, letting them put the raisins on the PB.

"Old Lucy's is very much alive and well. I don't work there, haven't worked there since I became a paramedic. But Brenda runs it and we both own it still. It was a little slow during the one year, but otherwise, it's been prosperous Izzy. If we can't get you back to where you should be, I can see about getting it turned back over to you. At least my half"

"I'm glad you married a good man." Isabelle offers and comes to sit at the table with the Baker family. "Paramedic? Putting your gift to good use. You're making Momma Izzy proud." She grins and then sighs in relief at the news of Old Lucy's. "That's great, I'll have to stop by there and see Brenda." On the subject of her getting back to her own time. "We'll have to see I guess, huh?" Izzy ruffles Joseph's hair, "I'm an old friend of mommy's there. Nice to meet ya." She winks at the little boy and then smiles up at Abby. "Beautiful." She says simply.

"Oh, no, i'm a nurse now. I was taking classes when I was an EMT, and after I had Joseph I went to school full time. I had some generous scholarships to do it. Being registered is something completely different here. I had some offers to move, become a healer for a bunch of hospitals, but I couldn't justify getting paid that much for god's gift" Natalie's giggling, making her ant run across the log, getting peanut butter on it and her fingers. Joseph just ducks his head from the ruffling "watch the haaaaaaiiiir" before taking a big toothy bite of his log.

"This is Aunty Izzy. A long time ago, she gave momma a job when she really needed it. Now it's time for momma to help her since she needs it" Abigial smiles at her kids. "I work at St. Lukes, on the pediatric floor. Though I visit all the floors. Gabriel's helped me to refine my gift better. I don't run so ragged anymore. That and Flint kicks my rear if I do" Away from the table Abby picks herself up, grabbing the milk fromt he fridge and pouring some into a plastic cup and a sippy cup for the two. "But the bar lives. You just up and disappeared, I found out it was Moab, and you got out, eventually and you just… disappeared. Brenda and I tried to find you, but one day, papers came and it said the bar belonged to us. We never saw you again"

"Ahh I see." Isabelle states and snickers at Joseph. "I'll remember next time, k?" At the mention of an unfamiliar name. "Whose Flint?" she wonders and looks at Abigail. "So I just disappeared? I wonder where I am.." Isabelle muses and then tries to stop thinking about it. "I'm sure I'm ok, somewhere in the world." She says with a soft chuckle. "It's good you can heal now, without worrying so much about passing out." Isabelle says and closes her eyes briefly. "This.. is crazy. I'm in the /future/ Abs."

Okay. You said the F word. in front of the children. Who repeat everything. "Okkkay, Joseph, take the plate, and take Natalie and go watch some TV okay?" Because watching TV is a treat. It's enough that the boy will put up with his little sister as he hops down from the chair, carefully holding the bowl of celery and PB with one hand and taking his sisters hand, duck walking towards the family room. It's food AND TV, at the same time. It's like Valhalla to the children. Abby's blue eyes settle on Isabelle's. "They're sponges, they'll say anything. Your going to have to be careful about saying your in the future, or from the past. At least till we have everything sorted out Izzy"

"Oh! I'm sorry." She watches as the kids leave the table. Isabelle waits til she is sure they are out of hearing range. "Are the others that came with me ok?" the time travelers she means. "I should go to Old Lucy's. Give Brenda a scare. She still with that douche bag boyfriend, Tommy? Ya know, the one that gets all angry when he sees guys looking at her?"

"I don't know how the others are. But I can leave you the numbers for where they're staying. Izzy, you need to lay low. I'm not laughing here. You were declared dead after 5 years, and i'm sure the others are going to work on finding a way to get you all back to where and when your supposed to be. I'm sure it's a shock for everyone. I know i'd be if the table were reversed. I don't think I need to worry too much about you. Elle I will. Brenda. Abby grins. "She's still chasing anything with two legs, but not Tommy. So far she's got a Robert and a Jones as her men du jour" Abby pulls away from the table, gathering up the snack stuff. "Flint Deckard comes around often. Just fair warning. He's different now. Don't incite him. He's my boyfriend" More than boyfriend but. "I need to talk to him, he'll likely hide out at his place instead of here" Or he might, what with the kids here.

"Ok, lay low. Got it." Izzy says and nods her head, she'll think about it. "Ahh good ol Brenda." Isabelle chuckles and puts her hands behind her head. "Ok, so don't torch.. your man. Got it. As long as he is nice, I'll be nice. Fair?" Izzy takes a moment to really study Abby. "You're doing good for yourself." She observes and smiles warmly at her 'sister'.

"It's not all been roses, but. Johan's death, money came of it. enough to put a down payment on this place. I make a beyond decent salary as a nurse. Becuase of my ability. I won't let them pay me what they want to pay me, but it's enough to keep us comfortable and not to have to scrimp. The bar too. Helps pay for their pre-school and daycare and I'll be able to send them Johan to a private school when the fall comes around. I have Flint, and love him dearly, event when we fight. Things.. thins have worked out. I'm not registered anymore either. It's all gone. There's voluntary registry now. Places you can go to get a handle on your ability without needing to worry about being kidnapped and never see the light of day"

"Who changed this? How was it changed?" Izzy looks down at the table. "It's everything we've been fighting for.. Phoenix.. PARIAH." Isabelle breathes in deeply and smiles at Abby. "You should let them increase your salary a bit." Just a suggestion. "I would have never thought.. you and Deckard." Isabelle chuckles.

"life changed Izzy. The world goes on, and every little thing makes change" IS the blonde's reply as she eases back down at the kitchen table. "They offered me 2.5 million, a year. To do it full time. I can't justify that much, and I wouldn't have the first clue what to do with it" Abby answered. I make right now, double what I should and it leaves me MORE than comfortable and I can easily save for the kids for their education. So no, I won't be asking for more. I like how I am right now" Fliiint Deckard. "He's a good man now. He has nis night, but he's turned over a new leaf. He doesn't drink anywhere near as much, if at all often and he's good with the children. he's been there for me"

The pyro nods. She understands what Abby is saying. "That's good, you have someone to turn too when you need them." Izzy's eyes travel around the kitchen. A look of sadness washes over her, something /nobody/ gets to see. "I missed you Abs." she whispers and bites her lip. "I-." silence, she doesn't know what else to say.

'How could you miss me in just.. two weeks time?" Abby points out. She's done her math. "Buck up Izzy. They'll find some way. We'll find hiro Nakamura, and get things fixed."

That is /exactly/ what Isabelle needed. "We had /just/ rescued you from Logan. So I didn't have to much time catching up with after you got back to work at Old Lucy's." Izzy rolls her eyes mockingly. "So excuse me, /Mother Dearest./" Izzu teases and a raisin goes flying towards Abby's shoulder. No more moping, sad Izzy. "I'm not too worried about getting back. I'm sure we will get there, somehow, some day." Izzy squints her eyes Abby. "Haven't you said God has a plan before? Well, this must be in his plans. I don't know why, but he wanted the eight of us to be here in the.." she looks down the hall, might as well make up a for the 'F' word now. "Twilight" There.. right?

"He has a purpose for everything" Abby grins, ducking the raisin but fetching it from the floor. "But, Logan, Logan went to jail, for what he did. he can't use his abilities Anymore. I testified at his trial, a bunch of people did. He rots in jail. Deckard visits him on occasion, and I know Cardinal does. He's been doing it since I got back from the island. He's determined to drive Logan crazy"

"Serves Logan right, I say." Isabelle chuckles and brushes some hair off her forehead. "How was it? Testifying in the court?" Cardinal, she grins at the mention of that name. "Is he doing alright? Cardinal, I mean." Isabelle raises an eyebrow and tilts her head. "I wonder if he still looks.." HOT. She would have finished, but doesn't.

"It's surprisingly, Isabelle, terrifying, but it was, it was what I needed to put it behind me" She smiles at that, keeping an ear out for the TV in the front room and for the other guests. "How was Moab, I guess, I should ask."

"It was so.. /boring/. I got into one fight, that was the only exciting bit. Until the raid happened." Izzy admits and visibly shudders. "It was so strange.. not being able to use my ability. Like I lost a part of myself." Isabelle smiles softly, "My fire is back to burning hot now though." Something Izzy is oh so glad about.

'No burning my house please. I've got repairs to do, and I'd rather there not burn damage on top of that" Okay, that's pure teasing, and Abby glances at the time. "I should phone Flint. See if he got the message yet. If you want there's the backyard, there's an attic, feel free to play with the children. There's a box in the basement with stuff from Lucy's if you want, to see what's been happening there"

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