Don't Stay In A Place You Don't Believe In


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Scene Title Don't Stay In A Place You Don't Believe In.
Synopsis Late Morning
Date August 16, 2010

Brennan Medical Group, Financial District

It started out with Michelle stopping by her husbands office on her way to another patient when she heard that Megan was here. One appointment had been canceled already, due to the woman being busy with something, something that Michelle would and was understanding about. Emergencies arose. That didn't stop her from taking ten minutes to see if the nurse wanted something to drink, chitter chatter it up real quick and see if she couldn't clear a exam room later after whatever she came here for was over.

So by the time Brennan came into the office with it's desk and patient files on it, a stack of pink notes from the secretary and a cup of coffee with #1 dad on it complete with coffee ring where the liquid level used to be and the wail of kids in the background as he and Michelle trade spots with kisses and promises. "Megan, to what do I owe this honor"

He unbuttons the sleeves of his dress shirt, loosening the tie so he can push the sleeves up and sit down beside her instead of opposite her. "Geeze, I swear Michelle's getting bigger this time around. As big as she got with the twins, you sure there's not two in there? Because let me tell you, the midnight runs to burger king, they are killing me Megan"

The pleasant visit with Michelle eases Megan in ways she can't really express — she finds the Frenchwoman soothing in a variety of ways. And assuredly she'll be happy to check the woman out while she's here! It is Harve's arrival in his office, though, that has the redhead laughing. "Not that I saw on the confirmation ultrasound, no. You know the more children a woman has, the quicker she pops out. She's cute! And very healthy." In spite of the fatigue, which is primarily what Megan is keeping such a close eye on.

"Burger King, huh? That's hysterical," Meg opines mildly. "At least she's eating. She's just making up for the last couple of months, that's all." She grins at him.

"Girls love it. Always touching her. Her mothers going to visit soon, stay for a bit, go back home and then come back for the birth. Hopefully, all will work out this time" No riots or stampedes. Given his moment to relax, he runs a hand through his short shorn hair, the silver here and there at temples. "What brings you around to my front door Megan" getting down to business. He really doesn't have too long, takign advantage of a lull.

Megan nods, having not meant to skip over the question. The idea of Michelle and Burger King just amused her greatly. "Sorry — I was actually hoping you might be able to lend a hand. Nothing major. I have a couple of patients who are off the books who could use antibiotic scrips that I can't sign for," she admits quietly. "If you can't help out, that's fine. It's just always…. simpler… for the ones who can use the system to do so."

Ferry business. "Antibiotic scripts, anytime. Do you need some of the liquids too?" Shopping time again it seems, like so long ago. He leans back in his chair, one elbow resting on the arm, the other just resting lengthwise along the other. "This have anything to do with what went down on Staten Island?" A 15 million dollar question, but Brennan's never been the kind to rat out the ferry on such a thing. The have an understanding. He does, Eileen will kill him. It's a pretty clear understanding.

"It does," Megan admits. "The Institute was holding some of ours…. doing grotesque medical tests. Bad enough that one of the women apparently tried to kill herself." Her tone is quiet, cautious. "They were retrieved. Some folks are in pretty bad shape, but it's mostly the infection threat that I'm concerned with."

Lips thin, brennan looks away while his thumbs strokes across his lower lip in thought. What were the odds. "How bad off are the bad ones?" Drugs were easy, he could 'donate' from his practice's private supply easy enough. Brennan glances to the door, a silent hope that Michelle wasn't outside of it and actually with a patient.

Megan glances at the door as well, moving to close it since she never sat down. Leaning back against it, she says quietly, "I've got one person who was gutted trying to get them out. Several gunshot wounds. Some have been handled by a healer we had on site, but …. his ability has a pretty big flaw, so we only used it in the worst cases. We were able to get our hands on a shipment, but for the ones that I'd consider outpatient, I'd feel better going ahead and just sending them home with a Z-pac." Which is what she couldn't get hold of. "Mostly it's the mental and emotional trauma that will be difficult.

"Jesus Christ Megan" Incredulity crosses his face and parks there. "You don't need a doctor, you need a god damned surgeon. Have you got the healer to work on the one who got gutted, the gun shot wounds are they through and through or are they lodged. Jesus Megan"
He's leaning forward now, then standing so he can follow her to the now closed door, one palm coming down on it so he can lean against it. "There's a fifteen million dollar bounty on the heads of anyone in that group. Megan, what is someone decides fifteen million is better than sticking it out with the Ferry and it's been how many days? Sepsis, staph infections, you name it. So much can have gone wrong by now"

His reaction is not unexpected, and Megan doesn't duck away from the door where his hand rests on it. Megan looks up at him and says frankly, "I don't know if you remember the days when Abby was a healer, Harve." He may have heard of her in the hospital, after all. Once she was registered. "The healer we had on site was able to handle all the surgical issues and turn them into nonsurgical ones. Believe me when I tell you that if I'd seen need for a surgeon, I would not have hesitated to call you in." She pauses and says quietly, "You've always trusted my assessments before — are you doubting them now?" It's not a confrontational tone, it is simple curiosity. Has he lost faith in her, after what came down between himself and the Ferry?

"Geeze Megan, no, no" It's just the Doctor in him. He knew of a healer that visited St. Lukes, but when he transferred his stints to the Suresh Center, he's never heard of the healer again. He wasn't the one who even remotely tended to be in the persons vicinity or orbit. "Just habit, and the others. Left over from the flu" When they'd kept Else and Delilah who were two folks in need of medical attention. 'come on, lets see what I can get your from our stores and between Michelle and I, we can get you a dozen z-packs"

Megan relaxes marginally, her weariness showing through. "Thanks," she says softly. "We're still handling a few of the worst cases in the triage center we've got set up, and if I see any signs that what we're doing isn't enough, I'll be in touch with you immediately. I promise." She won't compromise people's health by holding out on medical attention when it's her call — it's not in her nature, and he knows that. "I'm thinking about going back to St. Luke's," she admits quietly, moving to get out of the way so he can open the door. "Certain things about the Suresh Center don't … make me particularly happy these days." Like the fact that people were culled from the herd right under her nose by a doctor on staff there.

"You do what you have to do Megan." The door opened when he stops leaning on it, opening it back up to the hustle and bustle of the large medical office with it's many rooms and few other doctors who handled day to day stuff. "The Suresh Center will loose a good nurse though" He comments, getting out the keys from his pocket so he can flip through to the one to unlock the room with the drugs in them.

"I haven't really decided what to do about it," Meg admits. "It's a difficult call. What they stand for, I'm behind." She sighs heavily and runs her hand through her hair. She offers a bit of a grin. "Besides, I suppose I can't really go anywhere til after the New Year. I mean…. I have to see the newest Brennan into the world."

"Michelle will follow you wherever you end up going Megan, don't stay at a place you don't believe in, for the sake of delivering one child" The door opened, light flicked on, he's digging out more keys to open up the cabinets to start combing through supplies, a gesture for Megan to do the same. "If you feel the need to return to St. Lukes, then you damn well better do so, than stand in the middle and hem and haww."

Surprise crosses her features. Megan hadn't really expected that. Wow. Her brows raise and she bites her lip. "Thank you, Dr. Brennan." It's rare she bestows on him is full, more formal address — it's a mark of respect that she does it in that moment. What he said meant something to her. "I'll keep it in mind," she adds, falling back into more casual mode. "For the moment, I'm staying where I am. I'm merely considering the next phase of my career, I think." She grins at him.

"I think at some point Megan, we all have to consider where the next phase of our career takes us. Whether it's the harrowing streets of New York and running the gamut of being a member of a pro-evolved action group" Also knows as terrorist, but hey. "Or running a family practice, working in a hospital or out in the wilds of a foreign country. You aren't the only one who thinks such things, or is put in a position to do so. Just.. do whats best for you and those you love. What you believe in. Now.."

Another cabinet is unlocked, and a clipboard with sheaves of paper picked up. "Lets get you some antibiotics hmm?"

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