Don't Weaken



Scene Title Don't Weaken
Synopsis Proceeding on a need to know. Minea doesn't know about Primatech, and it's destruction is casting doubts on her and her current path.
Date January 27, 2009

Manhattan, New York City

A good handful of newspapers, all different were spread across the table, different days as well. Minea's fingers deftly working the keyboard of the laptop as she search enginged everything she could about the primatech explosion. The only time she'd left so far had been an odd occaional coffee run around the block, The fetching of the ID's and the blueprints and meeting Teo.

She'd not heard about this before she left. There had been nothing in the pipeline about it. The former company agent had been blindsided by the news. The pictures. The lack of information that was coming out. Was Len safe? Veronica, Curt, Cassidy, Rupert down in payroll. Magnes. Fuck. I hope the kid is alright.

The next half hour had been her heading out of the safehouse in her hat and sun glasses, arms covered. Her tattoo's were distinctive, numerous and the only way to not have them be seen was to either have them removed, or cover them. Having them removed was not an option. Maybe she could risk heading to chinatown but then again, she couldn't. Xiulan Song was a friend of Magnes and one of the once cleared for him to talk to. She might tell him that she was around.

One pay as you go cellphone later, plucked from it's wrapping and a ten buck card inputted, she was calling home. She already knew that her family would be freaking out after getting no word from her and hearing about Primatech going up. She's no dummy. Through central park she walked, talked, assured her mother and subsequently, her brother that she was fine. No, she hadn't been in the building. She'd been out having.. a meal, and come back. Yes, she was fine, no she wasn't hurt. Over and over the conversation went, concern for her as to whether she would have a job still. Was she going to go back to the military, surely they'd take her. Her brother had joked about her moving back home and joining the force. Help them crack down on teeney boppers with fake ID's.

She kept moving in case someone might be trying to triangulate her location. There was one person she knew who likely doing it and moving around wouldn't stop them. Fucking Gitleman.

Eventually she hung up, a promise to call when she had any more news for them. She even offered a blind hello to the Technopath after her brother had hung up. Just in case the woman was listening. She wouldn't put it past her. Not after everything that had happened. The little disposable cell phone was tossed in the garbage and she swiftly moved along the edges of the park, hands sunk into her back pockets and brown hair flipping this way and that in the summer air.

She was shot at. Someone had tried to actually kill her. Now Primatech was in rubble.

She had though that maybe, just maybe it might have been Len. The order to potshot at her and make it all more believable. But if it had been Len, he would have used Lawrence and Lawrence wouldn't have needed how many shots? 4? 5? No, Lawrence would have done it the first time. No unnecessary bullets. No missing.

The temptation to go back to the trashcan and get the phone is strong, strong enough that she starts to turn but then things better of it. No. She can't. The danger to him and to her. Someone got wind of her bringing the files. Sabra maybe. Or Pinehearst. They did it once, she wouldn't put it past them to try again if they found out she was alive and well.

Head down, Minea keeps walking, pulling a smoke out of her jacket and going through laborious process, or at least making it seem laborious, of lighting up. She'd started in on it again. She'd given up smoking when she left France and had been relegated to the jungles of South America. Embers and papers were not a good combination. Though the sunny park she goes, emerging out on a street and hanging a right. Start the round about process of getting back to Greenwich.

She was suddenly feeling alone again. Like she was when Laudani had informed her unknowingly, that Christian was cutting her out and was abandoning her.

There was a tightness in her chest that had nothing to do with the Marlboro clutched between her forefinger and thumb as she takes another drag. She's going through this one much faster than she normally does. Is she sacrificed again? Did she fuck up, should she have listened to April, the future incarnation and sat on everything. Just bided her time and made plans to leave, hide out, get out before the ship sunk. Minea works her jaw back and forth before expelling a curl of smoke, still walking at a normal gait.

If she was, if she had been cut off, what now? What would Phoenix do. Would there still be the offer to get her out of the country, get her face changed, and smuggle her out? Could she still do it. Bring down Pinehearst? Be the agent that the future foretells.

One last drag on the smoke, Minea stopped at a garbage can. The tip ground out on the meal side and flicked into the garbage proper. She feels much like that smoke. Tossed away, once it was all used up.

But she can't weaken. Play it through Dahl. Straight through to the end. Gotta bring em down.

But she's allowed her doubts. She'll always have her doubts.

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