Don't Worry


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Scene Title Don't Worry
Synopsis A sentiment shared when Quinn speaks to Jolene about how she's felt regarding her Adopted Daughter From The FutureTM. Also, Jolene is forced to play Rock Band.
Date May 29, 2011

Village Renaissance Building: Elaine and Quinn's Flat

It’s one of those days, apparently. A quiet day where Robyn Quinn by and large stuck home alone and bored out of her mind. Elaine’s off at work, and then- something having to do with class? Quinn is guilty of not really listening to well. Tutoring? Study group? Something like that. She really should have listened, but it’s too late for that now.

But boredom inspires people to do things. It motivates. And today, it’s motivated Quinn to do a few things. Clean, for one, something that Elaine typically ends up doing. Kill the dead air by pulling out her record player and some of her favourite vinyl. But most importantly, it’s inspired her to put in another call to someone she tried to reach yesterday, without much luck. And of course, she hadn’t been smart enough to leave a message. She always forgets to do that. Oops.

But that leaves her with time to kill until her guest arrives, and she spends most of it listening to music, cleaning up some stuff that’s been sitting on the floor of her room. And singing. Always singing. And one song ends, another starting just in time for the arriving guest to hear Quinn on the other side belting out the lyrics.


I'm gonna have myself A real good time

I feel alive

And the woooooorld I'm turning inside out

I'm floating around in ecstasy

So don't stop me now

Don't stop me

'Cause I'm having a good time

Having a good time!

I'm a shooting star leaping through the sky

Like a tiger defying the laws of gravity

I'm a racing car passing by like Lady Godiva

I'm gonna go go go

There's no stopping me~

Which means that when she finally hears the knock on the door, bringing an abrupt end to her singing, she opens it with a face red with embarrassment and a laugh, offering a wave. “Hey. Thanks for coming by.”

The tall fake-redhead on the other side of the door laughs, and reaches, carefully as her hands each hold a frappuccino, to hug Quinn, before handing her one of the icy sweet coffee drinks. "Don't be embarrassed. It's what you do, right? And if you do something well, no reason to be embarrassed about it. I'd sing all the time if I could carry a tune."

The younger woman is dressed casually for the hot and humid day in a simple tank dress of black and white stripes, feet in flip flops and long limbs bare and pale. "Thanks for having me!" she adds brightly stepping in and dropping her red canvas purse by the door.

"Well, I guess it could've been worse. I could've been singing California Gurls or something by Ke-dollarsign-ha," Quinn jokes as she hugs Lene back, a smile across her face. "Maybe we should get you started on Rock Band. At least it tells you how off you are, right?" She winks as she leans back, taking the offered frappuccino with a bit of a surprise. "Oooh, I haven't had one of these in forever. Thank you, Jolene."

Quinn herself looks a bit like she's done nothing all day, still dressed in the same boring plain green t-shirt she'd thrown on after she'd showered and a pair of affectionately named "boy shorts". The only real sign she's been up to anything at all is that her hair looks a bit harried… but that might be more from how she was near dancing across the floor to the music before Jolene had knocked.

Not that she plans on sharing that little tidbit.

"I'm glad you were able t' come by," Quinn remarks as she peels the plastic covering off the lid of her drink and screws the top of, taking a long gulp. "Can I get you anythin' t' eat. There's actually some somewhat healthy good, for once." She's headed to the kitchen anyway, to get herself something to nibble on.

"Man, you'll give yourself brain freeze…" Lene says, looking impressed at the gulp of icy coffee that Quinn takes. She kicks off her flip flops and follows. "Eh, I'll just steal from whatever you have." There's a sparkle of green eyes that suggests honesty in the words. "Not too hungry."

Once in the kitchen, she hops up to the counter, crossing her ankles to watch Quinn. "Anything up, or we just hanging out?" she asks, a little bluntly though not unkindly, words softened by a bit of a nervous smile.

Ugh. A brain freeze indeed. A minor one is Quinn’s reward, just enough to get her to rub at her temple and wince as she dives into the fridge, pulling out a small bag of baby carrots. One is immediately popped into her mouth, offering a bit of a smile as she chews, bag held towards Lene despite what she jsut said, in case she wants one.

Though her expression becomes just pensive enough to be noticeable as she swallows. "Well, I did want to hang out," she starts, which means yes, there is more. "I enjoy hanging out with you a lot, Jolene, anything… you know. Else aside." As in, she would even if their unique relationship didn't exist. "But… I guess I did want to check up on you. After the other night," she clarifies, bag set down on the counter. "I don't want it t' seem like I'm trying t' play mom or anything," which has double meaning now, "but I was kinda worried. I know we were drinking and all, but…" She shrugs a bit, leaning against the counter. There's more to say, but she'll trail off there for now.

A carrot is extricated from the bag and crunched, Lene's green eyes dropping to examine her bare feet and their metallic-turquoise toenail polish, the middle toe also adorned with a little celtic knot ring. "Yeah, sorry about that," she says with a small shrug, and another crunch of carrot gives her a moment to think and chew.

Her eyes move up to Quinn's. "I'm fine. I promise you'll get used to it. The moodiness and stuff. You do in the future, anyway." She smiles. Quinn obviously didn't know Claire, so she feels safe to venture more information. "That girl, Claire… her… I guess we're kinda family. She doesn't know, though. Her uncle's my father. That's why what she said took me by surprise. My mom was really careful not to say much about my father, and I guess everyone who knew whose kid I was… I guess they were careful too, because no one had ever said I reminded them of him… maybe because they thought it'd upset me, or her, or … I donno."

Lene swallows, then washes down carrot with frappuccino before wrinkling her nose at that flavor combination. "So anyway. It just… surprised me. I'm sorry I worried you."

"Well, that's kinda silly," Quinn remarks, without really thinking about if it's her place or not - at least not at first. Once she does, well… "I mean, um- I'm sorry, that was… rude? I just… don't really believe in keeping something like that from someone. I'm sure your mother had her reasons, though." A quick bandaid to make her look a bit less like an ass. She reaches back, scratching the back of her neck a bit nervously.

"It's okay. Friends- family-" Inclusive on both, because, well, they blur the line in more than a few ways, "worry each other sometimes. It happens. I just wanted t' make sure everything was alright, since we hadn't really talked since after I saw your mother." She rolls her shoulders a bit, and she lets out a bit of a sigh. "I'm sorry. I'm not trying t' be all…" She waves a hand back and forth in an indecisive motion, the proper word not coming to her. "You know. I just… talked t' someone the other day, an' it made me realise I was more worried than I thought, I guess."

Hopping down, Lene moves to Quinn to hug her, suddenly and tightly, before letting go, and ducking her head a little shyly. "It's nice to be worried over. So there's nothing to be apologetic about, okay? Except for me. I shouldn't be worrying you now — I did enough of that … you know, in the future. It's not fair of us to make you worry about us now — that wasn't the intention, but I know saying 'not to' is like… it's like telling you not to breathe. Caring about people is what makes you you. And I love you for it."

Lene reaches up to tuck a loose strand of hair behind Quinn's ear. "But it's not fair. Except for Cash and …" Oops. She rewords that. "Except for a few of us, most of us aren't even born yet, and most of you aren't ready to think about families, and it's not cool for us to dump worries on you. I'm sorry for that."

When Lene ducks her head, Quinn reaches up and ruffles the other woman's hair, offering a fond smile. "Jolene, you're as much my friend as anything else. I'd be worried about you even if I didn't know who you really are," she admits with a bit a laugh. "Knowing that brings it to the surface more. I know it wasn't your intention, and I imagine it'd be a pain in the ass if I was always up in your business worrying about you while you're tryin' t' save the world. But, I mean… I'm just sayin', don't think that things would be different, alright? Don't worry about me worrying about you. I'd like t' think I'm smart about it, at least!"

She smiles, trying to slide an arm across Lene's shoulder and pointing a finger at her. "To be honest, an' I know this might sound- bad? if it were out of context, but I don't mean it in the horrible way it might sound… but the fact that you haven't been born yet is kinda irrelevant to me. You here now, an' that's what matters. You have a friend and family, if you want it, in me here an' now." That finger taps on Jolene's shoulder, and Quinn steps away, moving out of the kitchen and towards her room. "I have something for you, that I forgot to give you last time you were here."

Eyes fill with tears and Lene studies her turquoise toes again, nodding and smiling, before moving to follow Quinn once again. "It doesn't sound bad. Time… space… whatever all that means… It is irrelevant, to a point. You can take a person out of their time and out of their location and they're still that person," she agrees.

She moves to lean in the doorway to Quinn's room. "You didn't have to do anything for me," she adds. "And for what it's worth, I'd like you, be your friend, even if I weren't… who I am, either."

Quinn's digging around for something or other in her closet, only half visible to Jolene as she waits in the door way, at least until she hears Jolene speak. She leans back into full view, frowning a bit as she catches a glimmer of light against the water in Lene's eyes. Quickly, she turns her attention back to the closet, light filling the area until after another few moments she stands up and turns back to the door, a book in hand.

"I'll admit, when I originally got this, I thought I'd give it as a present at a holiday or something, but as I got t' know you, I thought you'd appreciate it, so I figured I'd give it to you." She doesn't approach just yet, tilting her head at her future adopted daughter. "I didn't say something wrong, did I?" she seeks to clarify," and I know I don't have to do anything for you. I never thought I did!" is added with a smirk and a humorous tone. Finally, she steps forward, offering the book with one hand - Epoch, by Savannah Burton. "I got a few copies, and had them signed at her release party."

A hasty hand brushes the tears from her eyes and Lene shakes her head. "No. I'm… just… you know. Like Claire said… I apparently fluster easily like my father and my mom… Gillian… she's really strong, but feels things very strongly too, from what I remember of her, and what I've heard of her since." She reaches for the gift, turning it in her hands and grinning broadly.

"That's amazing. Thank you so much! Do you know her? Did you talk to her?" She reaches for another impetuous hug, squeezing the book between the two of them.

"Oof!" The hug is not unexpected, but comes a bit faster than Quinn had expected, the Irishwoman taking a moment to return it, laughing as she does. "I had to wait in line for my autograph like everyone else. We did talk, briefly. She wanted my autograph too. It was a bit surreal. She has my number now, though, maybe I'll see her again." There's a grin on her face as she hugs tightly, eyes closing a bit.

"Mmkay." Fingers scratch at Jolene's back for a moment, before Quinn steps back and around, back into the living room. "I hope your meeting with her went well," she says a bit quietly. She'd been dancing around asking, just in case it didn't. "With Gillian, that is. I admit, I don't really know her that well. But, I want to, now. Not that I wouldn't but…" A hand rubs at her cheek, and she looks back at Jolene. "I don't want her t' think I'm supplanting her or anything. I didn't… exactly tell her why you ended up with us when I saw her."

Lene chuckles. "Of course she'd want your autograph, you're amazing!" the younger woman says, moving to put the book with her purse so she doesn't forget it. "And hitting the big time. I'm so proud of you."

Regarding Gillian, her smile falters a little, and she nods, moving to the sofa, sitting down and curling her bare feet beneath the hem of her striped dress. "She knows. Don't worry about it… I mean… it's awkward, but she won't think you're trying to take her place. I … it's not like… I mean, I'm the same age, pretty much, as you guys, now, anyway, so it's not like anyone needs to take care of me and it's a big custody battle or something, right? Don't worry about it, she's cool about it. We're okay. She's okay. I think I'm pretty blessed that I have three people to care about me. Some people… some people don't really have that many." She glances down, fidgeting with the hem of her skirt.

Finally laughing, she looks up. "Maybe one day we can sit and talk like normal people without it being weird and complicated." Lene scratches her knee, then tips her head as something comes back to her. "What's Rock Band? You said it'd tell me how I screwed up?"

"I would love that," Quinn says happily, moving to plop down on the couch next to Jolene. "I know you don't need anyone to take care of you or anything like that, I hope you didn't think that. I mean, you're probably doing better than I was a few years ago. It's just… a complicated situation. I've been unsure how the other people involved might react, you know? But I won't worry about it." The exhalation that comes from Quinn as she sits down is one of relief, settling a bit into the couch. "I really would like for all of us to get together sometime. Just- you know. To all go out and do something. Well, as best as we can." Considering that Ygraine is presently on the run, such an unfortunate situation. "I think that'd be fun, now that we all know what we need to." She gives a thumbs up, smiling wide.

Oh course, that's until Lene asks what's Rock Band. And Quinn just goes starry eyed with both surprise and amusement. "Oh my God. That's right, you've never… Oh, you're going to love this." Quinn hops up, and makes her way to the white 360 under the TV, turning it off before she walks over to the closet and pulls out a plastic mini guitar. "It's a game. Where you play instruments. And when you sing, it shows you how off your tone and pitch is."

Another reach in, and Quinn produces a microphone, smiling mischievously before she tosses it towards Lene. "Saddle up. You're about t' get a preview of one of the bands we're gonna go see live."

Lene's eyes widen. "I can't sing! You sing… Not that I can play either… What band? What if I don't know the song?" She looks like she's been thrust in front of a crowd of people on a stage in her underwear and asked to sing all of the verses to the Star Spangled Banner (yes, there's more than one).

She thrusts the microphone back to Quinn. "You first! I don't even know what you're talking about!" Her poor deprived childhood has left her without a firm grasp of video games, though a couple of lunches with JJ have given her a vague understanding of their allure.

"The lyrics scroll at the top!" Quinn just cannot keep a straight face, busting into a good natured fit of laughter as the mic is offered back to her. She takes it, and the goes back to the closet, producing a mic stand from within. The mic is set up on it, and then the plastic guitar sling over her shoulders. "I'm a big advocate of just jumping in and learning through doing. Particularly with the few games I play," Quinn notes with a widening smile. "But I'll forgive you this time," she adds, shaking her head, before she gets the game going into Death Cab For Cutie's "I Will Possess Your Heart".

And while she idles and plays her way through the song's intro, she turns back to Lene, still smiling. "Next time, you won't be so lucky." It's clear she's having fun, now. And why not? With the awkwardness past, the worry over, and the gift given, what else is there to do but sit down, relax, and have fun?

After the song is over, Lene claps, biting her lip nervously. "It's not fair. You're a pro. I'm gonna suck but fine. I'll try. You just can't laugh when I sound like I'm a… caterwauling racoon or something."

She stands up and moves closer to the stand. "I guess not being 'weird' is never going to happen as long as I'm in the equation. But maybe it doesn't have to be complicated," she says wryly, wrapping her hand around the mic and exhaling with resignation.

"Let's do it."

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