Don't You Give Up On Me


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Scene Title Don't You Give Up On Me
Synopsis Felix wakes from yet another gunshot wound.
Date Nov 29, 2009

Hospital Room Somewhere in Russia

The room is quiet, but not silent. As Felix wakes, there's a warmth on the left side of his body, a warmth that is familiar enough. Elisabeth at some point climbed up onto the bed with him to squeeze into the small space and hold him as he whimpered in his sleep and fell asleep there cradling him. As he stirs, so does she; her blue eyes fly open and she murmurs softly, "Felix? you okay?" She's curled up sleeping on one of her arms, which has gone to sleep at this point, and her neck has a crick in it. But it was worth comforting the Feeb.

Thank god for a familiar scent in the dark - he awakes with a frightened shudder, and there's a perilous blankness in the pale gaze. But when real consciousness dawns, he blinks at her. "I hurt," he says, simply, mouth gone all cottony and dry with the painkillers. "Did they kill anyone?"

Shoving herself awkwardly upright with a deadened right arm, her left arm cradled to her body in a sling where she took a bullet to the shoulder, Elisabeth shifts to sit in the small space next to him. "Yeah. Not surprised," she replies wearily. "I don't think Francois's dead but I'm not sure. Everyone else came out of it with grazes. There…. seemed to be some concentrated fire in our direction." She can't get him a drink until her arm comes alive again. The pins and needles haven't hit yet. "You're going to be all right. They took the bullet out and stitched you up."

"Where are we?" Fel asks, and his voice is very small. "We're all fucked up. I want to g-" Go home. But he breaks off short at that, seals his lips with the air of a small child trying to hold in a secret. He looks up at her, and there's fear and unease, and worse yet, something weirdly dead in his face. Something too close kin to despair.

The pins and needles are alive and well, making her elbow and hand burn and tingle unpleasantly. But Elisabeth ignores that and reaches out to soothe him with a hand against his face. "I know," she whispers softly. There is sadness in her eyes though she tries to mask it. "We'll be out of here soon, now that you're awake, I'm sure. The rest?" She shakes her head a little. "I don't know. Clearly we got made. Could have been my fault," she admits quietly. "Don't know where we'll go from here. Ivan's place, I guess."

Felix leans into it, closes his eyes. "What do you think happened?" he asks, finally.

"I don't know," Liz replies, forcing her hand to stroke him gently though she still can't feel anything beyond the tingles. "Either Francois and I blew it when we went to the doctor's office or somewhere along the way we got made is my best guess. She clearly either knew or suspected we would follow her — that's the only way she had shooters in place the way she did." She sighs heavily. "We know the guy who owns the foundry is a high-ranking member. I cannot imagine the foundry itself is a base, Felix — it's too obvious. But then again, hiding in plain sight sometimes is what makes the most sense. In the meantime, it's looking like they'll have the upper hand. As if that is any news at all."

He's utterly limp, exhausted, breath barely stirring his ribs. He grunts understanding, but doesn't ask another question. Not at the moment.

There's a long pause. Long enough for the feeling to return fully to Liz's fingers and for her to watch him quietly. "You just got shot, so I'm gonna cut you some slack, Feeb," she says softly. "When they release you, though, I need you to get on the ball. I realize this is a suicide run, but we're going to give it our best shot, okay? Because if we're going to die, it's damn well gonna mean something — we're gonna die fighting. Don't you give up on me, Felix." Her tone is soft, worried.

"Liz, unless they have a healer, and a good one, on hand…..I can't do shit," he says, bluntly. "I've got hurt enough this last year to feel how bad off I am, and I bet you good money I can't walk. I'm in on this, I'm here 'til it's over….."

Elisabeth ffts quietly. "You may not be able to walk as yet, but I'm pretty goddamn sure the Company's got healers. And since we're in a Company facility, they'll either have someone en route or I'll know fucking why," she snorts. "Get some more sleep, Felix. I need to get off the bed and walk around some. I'll be back, though, okay?"

Felix nods to her, grimly, though he's already drifting off.

Elisabeth slides off the bed, careful of her arm, and leans down to kiss his forehead softly. Then she heads out to see what she can find out about healers or what have you.

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