Door Number One


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Scene Title Door Number One
Synopsis When faced with two potential adversaries, should one a) take on both of them at once, b) work with one against the other first (and then finish the job after), or c) wait to take on whomever's left after the dust settles? Cat asks Hana's advice. That should be an easy answer to predict.
Date April 30, 2009

Village Renaissance Building: Cat's Penthouse

She's expecting a visitor, this time, one who didn't just show up in front of the building unexpectedly while purportedly locked up in some deep dark Company hole and turn things sour with his ridiculous agenda. The door to the penthouse is therefore unlocked so Wireless can enter when she arrives, the elevator rigged to take her all the way up.

In awaiting Hana Gitelman, Cat has been making use of the time to practice Krav Maga maneuvers and is clad accordingly. A few last shots are taken at a punching bag, then she steps out potentially just in time to greet her guest.

Hana doesn't make a habit of being late, so when Cat steps out, she is there to greet the younger woman with a nod. The technopath is dressed in her trademark black leather jacket and jeans, the jacket opened enough to show a wine-colored shirt beneath. She is inevitably armed and, also inevitably, makes no remark — favorable or otherwise — on Cat's manner of dress. That would be small talk. "Do you intend to listen to Dr. Ray?" Wireless asks. Her formality isn't a compliment to the absent statistician.

"No more than he makes attention necessary," Cat replies. "He regrettably has some means of compelling it. Tyler Case who switches abilities, Nathan Petrelli who now has the ability to manipulate space and time, and the technopath Robin Hood. I can see no reason to act as he asks and work to ensure the survival of the Company. But my interest is piqued in just what Pinehearst is all about; he alleges my father works for that firm and suggests Adam Monroe has been assigned to eliminate Hiro Nakamura by them. Mr. Case, meanwhile, claims my father is a psychopath. Each of them among Edward, Petrelli, and Case seem to be ten years older than they should be, which along with other evidence suggests a trip from the future. It's also possible his associates may link to a potential assault on someone who appears entirely unconnected."

"Pinehearst." Hana says it with the same disgust as she would say the Company. The woman turns away, paces across the room, expressing tense emotions through movement as she so often does. "Roger Goodman works for Pinehearst, and Jonathan Carmichael worked for him. Goodman intends to take the Company down from the inside. Pinehearst is…" Hana shakes her head, her pacing ending with the Israeli standing across from Cat, dark eyes sharp with ire. "It's the same fucking thing. Manipulation, lies, and secrets. Just hiding behind a different name."

"I recall you advising us to stay away from them," Cat replies with full seriousness. There's nothing about her that's not all business in discussing this. "If it were entirely my decision to make, I would seek to drag both firms out into the public eye, expose all their operations. If either of them have any redeeming value, they can stand that scrutiny." In saying this, she looks and sounds entirely skeptical.

"Arthur Petrelli, allegedly not dead, seems to be at the top of Pinehearst. Would you advise, in this matter, to work against both, against one before the other, or take cover and let them tear each other apart then deal with what remains?"

The Israeli woman doesn't respond immediately, her gaze flicking to one of the windows. "Neither of them will be easily crippled," she remarks. "Their hooks are deep, and spread widely; if one topples the other, it will likely absorb the strengths of the loser and be that much harder to stop." Hana looks back to her companion. "I will not work with either," she informs Cat in a steely tone. "I will not work with anyone who works with either. I will see them both demolished. What you choose to do is up to you."

"The question, then," Cat surmises, "is how to blunt the threat posed by Edward Ray and his associates. The warning he gave me was decidedly vague, both in terms of consequences and what would indeed trigger it. There's no telling what he would consider dangerous. His behavior is unlike himself as well. He brought no compelling evidence, told no concrete stories as to why he believes the Company must be preserved."

"Information is power. I shall see Father soon and learn whatever I can from him, for our own purposes."

Hana inclines her head. "Let me know what you learn," she replies. "Is there anything else?" Since that seems to conclude the matter at hand.

"Not at present," Cat replies, "save to ask for assistance in gathering whatever information you can on both adversaries." After a pause, she corrects herself. "All three adversaries in this matter. You have the police file and photos of Tyler Case, I sent you the prophetic artworks I've come across also. They're seeming to belatedly make some degree of sense."

"Thank you for coming, Hana."

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