Dorchester Towers Suicide

MANHATTAN, Upper West Side — Officers from the Police and Fire departments in Manhattan this evening responded to the report of fatal fall. The body of an unidentified black female was found in the parking lot outside of Dorchester Towers in Manhattan's upper west side before 5pm yesterday. Those on-scene believe that the woman was on the roof of Dorchester Towers as the guest of a penthouse resident.

The investigation into this death continues, but NYPD Captain Blake Chow said that the department is investigating the incident as a jumper. If the death is classified as a suicide, it would be that neighborhood's seventh of the year.

Sources inside the NYPD state that the penthouse owner, Linderman Group public relations director Kain Zarek, was brought in for questioning about the death, but claims he was not present on the property at the time of the woman's death. Additional sources at the New York County morgue stated that the woman tested positive for the illegal psychotropic drug Refrain. It was not confirmed if the woman was Evolved, but it is speculated due to the presence of Refrain in her system that she was.

The offices of Mr.Zarek offered a statement this morning offering their concern over the tragic death, and that the Linderman Group would be cooperating with authorities during their investigation of the suicide.

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